J Frye to buy some time: Let the recruiting begin, again….

Posted by Andy Durham on April 27, 2010 at 4:10 pm under College, High School | 11 Comments to Read

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BOONE — Jonathan Frye, one of four recruits who signed national letters of intent to play basketball at Appalachian State during the NCAA’s early signing period last November, said that he was granted a release from his commitment Monday.

Frye said that he requested the release to reopen the recruitment process and explore other possibilities.

“I talked to my family about it and felt that it was the best thing for me to do at this point,” said Frye, a 6-4 wing player from Greensboro. He was the Mid-State 3-A Conference player of the year last season as a senior at Northern Guilford.

His request came after a coaching-staff change at ASU, when Buzz Peterson left April 16 to become the head coach at UNC-Wilmington and assistant Jason Capel was named his successor.

Frye said that he hasn’t decided where he will play next season, and that he wants to see who is interested.

  • hm said,

    my guess and only a guess….preps a year at ORMA. He’s a good player, will be interesting to see where he moves on to.

  • mike L said,

    Not sure what was wrong with the ASU opportunity, even though they changed coaches. It’s late in the year, not sure what opportunities are left. Maybe he does prep. Although I’m sure he thought this out so maybe there is something better for him out there. Good luck to him.

  • BBFan said,

    Jonathan Frye is too old to re-class. He was only eligible to play this year by a few days.

  • appfan said,

    Capel did not recruit him and the coach that did has left. He just wants to make sure he still fits with Capels system. You are supposed to sign with a school not a coach but really you pick a coach first based on your certain skill set. Not all new coaches want other coaches recruits nor do all recruits want new coaches. Since he and Capel have no relationship and Capel has no coaching history I can understand him backing up and looking at the big picture.

  • another appfan said,


    J Frye if u r reading this, it would be GREAT to have you on board @ APP State!

  • bball fan said,

    Does Oak Ridge have a Post Graduate program?

  • BBFan said,

    Evidently, they do have some sort of post graduate program. I understand Chris McCain is going to “gray” shirt for the 1st semester of next school year.

  • mo said,

    Gray-shirting is not a bad thing, especially if you red-shirt after that. You get 5 1/2 years to graduate. Gives the kid a chance to get things in order and the school gets to count him against the next recruiting class for numbers. Kid enrolls in the spring, gets to be a part of spring ball and then can either dress out in the fall or get red-shirted. What he can’t do is play for anyone this fall or even take any college classes. Your 5 years to play 4 starts when you start taking college classes.

  • SeahawkNation said,

    It would be great to see him follow Buzz to UNC Wilmington. He would be a great fit there!

  • Mark J. said,

    Chris McCain “gray shirt”? What happened to him signing on at California to play football? Did I miss something about the football scholarship? I could have sworn he was signing his letter to play along side Keenan Allen and gang…

  • mo said,

    Mark, i hear he still is. If it is true that he is gray-shirting it just pushes it back a semester. You need to understand how a gray-shirt works. It can be a good thing.

    Gray-shirts happen for lots of reasons. Kid may need more time to physically develop. School may have had a chance to sign some other kids but was short on schollys so pushed him back a semester allowing him to count toward the next class. Maybe he needed another HS class to qualify. Could be a lot of things. It’s not a bad thing. Lots of kids wish they could gray-shirt.