Guilford County Super Seven HS Baseball Power Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on April 29, 2010 at 11:05 am under High School | 14 Comments to Read

Guilford County Super Seven HS Baseball Poll

#1 Southeast Guilford(18-2)
#2 Southwest Guilford(19-4)
#3 Northeast Guilford(17-4)
#4 Western Guilford(15-6)
#5 Dudley(15-6)
#5 Ragsdale(13-6)
#7 Northern Guilford(13-8)

  • reflector said,

    Just wanted to say good job. Your team picks from early in the season were pretty solid as they are holding their places for the most part. I saw an article last week in the April issue of High School MVP magazine that listed your top 5 Guilford County team picks, and here at the end of April you’ve only made 1 change to the top 5 list – moving Ragsdale just outside the top 5 and moving Southwest in as #2. Any idea on how likely it is that one of our Guilford County teams will take home a state championship this year?

  • Andy said,

    A lean toward SWG, SEG, NEG and Western in that order for the best shot at a state title….

    SWG has really come on and NEG is on a tear….It will come down to the pitching and how the coaches set up their rotations….The kid that starts game one of the playoffs is so important and the guy that goes in game is almost equally as important.

    You have to get that past that first game to have a shot in round two and it depends on who you are facing and what you know about their background that leads you to pick your Round One starter….

    SWG, with Brock Hudgens and Matt Orth, has a very solid one-two punch and that can take you a ways in these playoffs, if you can find a slot and roll with these two kids and then use Andrew Madden when necessary…

    NEG with Phillips, Colon and Paula can make matters tough on some 3-A comp too and SEG has a steady one-two with Ty Powell and Adam Kirkpatrick and then it all comes down to how much they have to use Josh Tobias in relief and on what days the other kids are throwing….

    WG has the Marreros, Mark Leake and then Casey Jones in relief and that has worked well for them lately….If WG tops SEG on Friday night, then WG takes the Metro title…. WG would have one loss to SEG and SEG would then have two L’s, one to WG and one loss to Southern Alamance….

    Big game with SEG at WG on Friday night…

    Dudley will have to decide how much then can use Eric Kimber in the playoffs and on what days, as the days fall for Rounds one and two, as E Kimber seems to be their top man right now….

    Ragsdale is so beat up, they may need to hire a new team doctor to get to the playoffs…They will be in and how far can they go with a patched up pitching staff led by DeSean Anderson…If Billy Stone is healthy that would be a plus and the same could be said for Walt Sparks and Ben Fultz….Zach Hodges could be called on to carry a heavy load….

    George Carter will have to carry Northern Guilford…However far his arm can take the Nighthawks, that’s how far they will go, in my opinion…..

    Just a thought or two….

  • mike said,

    Ragsdale is really banged up Sparks has a torn ligament in his elbow stone is playing with a torn labrom fultz has a hamstring injury Anderson has a ligament issue in his knees and Armwood has a bulging disc in his back…If this team can some how over come these injuries I like them to make a playoff run….

  • mo said,

    Sparks and Stone will not get better until after the season. Stone needs surgery and Sparks might. I heard he’s trying rehab. Sparks is trying to DH and Stone is still playing, mostly OF. Fultz needs time to heal as well as Anderson and Armwood. That group of guys has been the core of a lot of Ragsdale teams in football and baseball. You can’t lose some of that group of kids and not expect a drop in play. Losing their captain and catcher hurt. Getting Hodges back from his run-in with the umpire will help. Him being out really hurt them. Anderson helped out big on the mound at Glenn with Hodges out. Someone said in the Glenn game they only had 3 players playing in the same position they started the year. Ragsdale will go as far as their pitching can take them. The top 5 teams in that conference can beat each other on any given night.

  • supreet said,

    George Carter will have to carry Northern Guilford…However far his arm can take the Nighthawks, that’s how far they will go, in my opinion…..

    Just a thought or two….

  • Fat Charlie said,

    No Guilford County School will come close this year. SW does not have enough hitting , and Se plays in one of the worst 4A conferences in the state. Good group of kids that play well, but they have faced one good pitcher all year (Hudgins who beat them 2-0), and have faced no one else. S. Alamance is the worst they have been in a decade, and though their record is good Western is not as good as they have been in the past. That article in the newsless record about Beasley was the biggest piece of crap ever written. The fact that he said he could not believe the way the y hit the pitching they face shows that he has NO CLUE what good high school pitching looks like. He is a beneficiary of Josh Tobias and the work that Lynn Coble and his staff did the past three years. Great bunch of kids and good players at SE, but they are not one of the ten best teams in the state.

  • jackiemoon said,

    Way to encourage the kids of Guilford County High School Baseball programs, Charlie………

  • NighthawkFan said,

    I think it’s unfair to say Northern will only go as far as George Carter’s arm. There are more than one player on the team. It takes nine players to win, not just one. Northern has won many games this season when Carter was not pitching. Give everyone their due, other pitchers are doing well also. Go nighthawks!!

  • Andy said,

    I just think in theory, that they need George on the mound in the big games….

    Even George could have a bad game, you never know, but I would take my chances with him in the big ones come playoff time….

  • politicallyincorrect said,

    who said life was fair?

  • NighthawkFan said,

    As you can see, Northern won Friday night and Austin Hardin was the winning pitcher. Carter started but when it counted Hardin was there to finish and he finished strong. Way to come back Nighthawks. We know life is not fair but everyone should be given their chance to shine, not just a few. All I’m saying is everything should not revolve around Carter, it takes a whole team to win not just one. Congratulations to all the players on the Northern Guilford Team.

  • question said,

    wow nighthawkfan…..

    who,in your mind,isn’t getting their chance to shine?

  • Carterfan said,

    Nighthawkfan, so it only counts in the last couple innings, huh? You are exactly right, George Carter cannot win the game by himself. He needs the team to back him up defensively. He also often seems to make up for runs scored by earning them back himself at the plate (homerun, double). Oh and, if your kid was playing, isn’t that his “chance to shine?”

  • nighthawkfan said,

    Don’t get me wrong, George is a great player, and as far as I know a nice kid, I was just saying there are lots of kids on the team that never get to see the field and the ones that do, deserve credit to. Everybody just makes it sound like George is the only reason Northern is winning. I hope the whole team goes far and continues to win. And I do not have anybody playing on the team, I’m just a fan that enjoys the game.