Theo Pinson has people talking

Posted by Andy Durham on May 2, 2010 at 5:36 pm under Amateur, High School | 34 Comments to Read

Got two phone calls yesterday from basketball people that said they were watching Theo Pinson play on Saturday and the word was WOW!!!!! They said this kid can really play….

Much more advanced now in the spring, than he was back during the school year, for Southeast Middle School. The word is, he is a keeper and that he will end up at Dudley, Westchester, ORMA or at Southeast High School and maybe in that order, with a 1-4 listing of who has the best chance of landing Theo Pinson…

He is in the 6′4 to 6′5 range and he played for the SEG Middle School Falcons this past winter…..

4)Southeast Guilford…..And the race is on for next fall….The private schools can come after him and at Westchester they are already loaded with Deuce, Ike and Quincy Miller…….

This is the AAU State Tournament time and Theo Pinson is right there in the middle of the action….

Another group that I have been hearing a lot about, although they are younger, is the team with Jordan Perkins, Brian Seagraves’ son and Reggie Dillard’s younger brother…..I hear this team can get it done and that Reggie Dillard’s younger brother can shoot like Reggie Miller……

  • dale fulton said,

    My money says GDS or Dudley will be his school for the next four years. They are the only two schools with programs that could attract and maintain a player with the ceiling he has.

  • mo said,

    To use your words, “who has the best chance of landing Theo Pinson”. And they say recruiting doesn’t go on. I ‘m happy the kid can play and wish him well but whatever happened to going to school where you live? Unless of course you accept a private school opportunity.

  • Recruiting police said,

    If he plays at any PUBLIC SCHOOL other than Southeast. I will sure as hell turn them in for recruiting. We do not need another “Northern Guilford Controversey” around here. In fact I will get Leigh Hebbard involved right away and to quote Barney Fife “Nip it in the bud”.

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Andy, this is ridiculous. How can he “end up at Dudley”. Yo uare startign recruitign rumnors again.

  • Tom said,

    Listing 4 schools sounds like he is a college recruit. Maybe a miracle will happen and he will play at his local school!

  • Andy said,

    If the kid has talent there is going to be talk…..There are programs at the above mentioned schools that would be interesting to a student-athlete and we will just have to wait and see…

    What we are doing here is merely all talk and it is not mean-spirited talk….

    If I had a Academy there would be interest from many families in our area and we would be talking in even more detail….

    I get inquiries, but we don’t have time to start up anything like that right now….

    With sports and athletics continuing to become more and more selective, we will have more discussions such as this as the talent is uncovered….

  • Saw It said,

    Andy is not starting recruiting rumors as I saw the battle for this kid with my own eyes. How you may ask? A middle school game at Eastern Guilford Middle and about 3-4 Dudley coaches not disguised but geared out in Dudley basketball stuff sitting in the stands watching intently as Theo played. I would imagine this is not the only time they caught one of his games. I wonder if they have made a home visit yet. I wonder if they have exceeded their contact limit (Remember Dudley coaches text messages count too!). Oh wait I forgot this is HIGH SCHOOL you can’t recruit! This is ridiculous made me sick when I seen them there. What has it come too. Its really sad! The next Kevin Swinton I guess.

  • John Wall said,

    Is this guy going to upstatge my recruiting saga?
    I should have gone to Dudley instead of Kentucky.

  • Andy said,

    The crazy thing is John, you did go to Dudley and that was the night that Dudley beat Word of God with JW and CJ Leslie….

  • dale fulton said,

    if he does not go to gds, then you know it will be dudley—-i guess the academy can provide him with the best local public school option. so be it!!! after reading yesterday’s paper, the dudley recruiting budget will probably take a hit, so there may be some private school options after all.
    dale fulton

  • tee tee said,

    His family will do for is best for him (like any other parent would do). His family could care less about any one high schools fate on the basketball or what any of us have to say about it. Theo will be a high D1 player 4 years from now with a “Carolina” level school. His family will #1 make sure he is in an educational program that will help support his ability to get into the school of his choice, #2 that he is playing with players and a team that can utilize and help support his talents, and most importantly #3 make sure he is being coached by a coach that understands his talent and knows how to use his talent.

    I do not know this kid personally but I have seen him play. He may be the smartest kid in guilford co but most colleges will not give him a free ride based on his grades alone. Like most kids he needs a talent that is over and above the books alone. For some kids it’s music, for others it’s art but for this kid it’s the very visible sport of basketball.

    Good luck to Theo and his family in finding the correct opportunity to excelerate his gifted skill set. The people that are upset on this site are just jealous that their kids do not have a special set of skills either in or out of the school that anyone is acknowledging. All kids are special and have something to offer society but we all cannot be at the top of the ladder. Most of us are just role players.

  • Andy said,

    If a kid and his family are going private for basketball these days, then Westchester seems to be where the players are going….With Deuce Bello, Ike Nwamu and now Quincy Miller, Westchester seems to be the school that is getting the bump…..

    We have many good schools both public and private in our area, but Westchester looks like they may be ones that are becoming a National Power that will draw in the college coaches……

    How can you wrong with Westchester right now?????

  • John Wall said,

    You’re right Andy. Dudley beat us. That is why I should have gone there. Their recruiting area does not include Wake County.

  • bball fan said,

    Does it really matter where you go to high school? Scholarships are offered in the summer during live period…some feedback please…I thought Aaron Toomey was a very good high school player, and I thought he could have played in big south or southern conference…Does anyone think he would have benefitted more by going to a tradional “basketball school”, or was he just a shooting guard in a point guard body?

  • Really?? said,

    Is this conversation really taking place? Did we not learn from the mistakes of the past? This kid is talented but come on, this is why so many of our kids get disappointed so early. What if he doesn’t reach his ceiling after all this buildup? Will he really make that much of a difference at some of these schools that don’t play anybody anyway? I mean I am not impressed by you scoring 50 against the Winston Salem School of Breadmakers! This type of attention doesn’t celebrate his accomplishments but puts an unfair spotlight on him. No matter where he goes now it will be scrutinized and picked apart. When some school loses to his team, somebody somewhere will be crying foul and trying to make phone calls. Please let the kid play, earn his accolades positively wherever he plays!

  • Andy said,

    One comparison made and this is all talk and talk is cheap, but the talk does create interest for the fans, who do love their sports including basketball, and the comparison made after some of the AAU games, was that Theo was ahead of guys like Danny Manning and or a Jason Capel when they were at this same stage of their games….

    We are talking about the 8th grade level and entering the 9th grade next year and those that have seen Theo Pinson in his AAU games say that he has a similar body type to a Manning or a Capel when they were at this aame age and that his game is more advanced than both of those players when they were say at the 13-14 year-old level….

    Manning did well, on to high school at Page and then Kansas for the NCAA title with Coach Brown….Manning in the pros was good, but not great….Now an assistant at Kansas, I believe…

    Capel, was very good in high school up around Virginia Beach and did decent at North Carolina and now he is the head coach at Appalachian State…

    Both Manning and Capel came from strong basketball backgrounds and we don’t need to go back and bring up all that, but with fathers, brothers and family members that had a solid basketball pedigree, they had it in their blood….

    From what I hear, Theo has it in his blood too and the biggest strength he has right now is the ability to go to his left and use the left-hand dribble when he is a natural right-hander…..6’4-6’5 at 13-14 years old is a plus and the kid can play….

    We wish him luck and no matter where he goes, let’s hope he has a long and prosperous basketball career and that we hear many things about him after he completes his education and that all is good for him down the road….

    Again, all we are doing is talking basketball and it is not meant to be mean-spirited and let’s keep pulling for the local talent to go all the way to the top one day…..Canty, Hairston, Bello, Dillard, Frye, and many more….I hope they all make it to the highest level in the NBA one day and it is not too early for them to be planning and dreaming. It is important for them to have long-term goals…..

    *****How about that Brandon Jennings kid with the Bucks????? From high school, to one year in Europe and then on to the NBA and he is now a top player in the pros…..He and PJ Hairston went at it one-on-one a few times……Jennings is a talent and maybe a few of our Guilford County corp will be there tying to stop him one day….*****

  • Tom said,

    I hope this kid succeeds at whatever he does. I wish that for all the kids in Guilford County. I just don’t like the idea of moving kids around for basketball. I understand he will be playing better competition and in some cases he will get a better education. It just would be nice to see a group of kids from a given area play rec ball, middle school and high school together. After it is all said and done, the friendships are what you remember. AAU provides the vehicle for playing at the highest level and getting your name out to the college coaches. It is just a different time and this just doesn’t happen anymore. It is just an opinion and I understand and respect a parent and player’s right to do whatever they think is in the best interest of that child.

  • Collegiate Recruiting Only! said,

    I wish him the best but playing for Southeast. The school district in which he resides!

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    You can bet this kid goes to dudley. All he has to do is apply for the academy and he will get in. Sad but true. John Calipari has got to be licking his chops.

  • beware said,

    the school people should keep an eye on is 5 minutes from westchester and they won’t have to recruit to do it.

  • brian said,

    If it’s OK for parents to move kids for better academics then why is not OK to move for better athletics? In the case of public schools, is long as you move in to the district, so be it. If you follow the rules there should not be an issue. However I’m betting this kid somehow becomes a great fit for The Academy at Dudley.

    I have gotten to know a few guys that came through the Academy at Dudley. Everyone swore they were great students. Funny how when I got to know them the kid told a different story. And several were from out of district. The Academy is a huge advantage for Dudley. I didn’t say it isn’t a good thing or that it doesn’t help kids. Academy does some great things.

    I know some kids that work out together and new kids will show up from other schools saying coaches from competing schools wanted them to work out at a certain place so they could evaluate them. And I sat there and watched it.

  • curious said,

    what school are you referring to, and what are you actually trying to say?

  • Andy said,

    Just pontificating or wondering if that applies here, but maybe the five minute word is Wesleyan instead of Westchester, and then maybe not…..Are the two, Westchester and Wesleyan that close?

  • beware said,

    school I am referring to is High Point Christian Academy. They should be very good, some really really good players are telling people thats where they are going.

  • maybe said,

    the school that beware is referring to could also potentially be high point christian

  • Andy said,

    Beware says beware of High Point Christian…..Jordan Weethe and Mitchell Oates are among those due back for the HPCA Cougars next season and you think that Keith Gatlin would jump in with all the hype surrounding this one…..

  • dale fulton said,

    come on, fellows—-weethe is an above average hs player with a limited ceiling at the next level—-he’s a tall josh pittman (that’s not a slam on either)—-let’s be realistic, please—i am hearing more rumors about Pinson—just be aware!!

  • Andy said,

    Knock knock, who’s there? Beware!

    Mr. Beware is causing a stare……

    And the beat goes on.

  • compliance officer said,

    The Guilford County AD read the article and will monitor the situation. Looks like he had better either play for Southeast or a private school.

  • Andy said,

    “We can not be stopped. We must win at all costs”……

    Bobby Knight at WEAL 1510 Radio in 1999



  • Kid said,

    I go to school with theo. He had the biggest round of applause you can imagine from a bunch of middle schoolers ever! Everyone pretty much likes him and as much as we want him to stay at southeast with us, we know he’s gonna go far wherever he goes.

  • 2nd2nunn said,

    Just read that Theo played with Oak Ridge Academy in the 2010 NC State games.ORMA won the championship.Stan K. is a very good coach.Watch out for them[ORMA]

  • Toby williams said,

    this kid devante Harrington that plays for cp3 and greensboro warriors has tremendous ups and has plenty potential to be a very good prospect for the class of 2014