The End of an Era: Michael Keller visits with Josh Morehead of Eastern Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on May 4, 2010 at 11:23 am under College, High School | 8 Comments to Read

Special to by Michael Keller, senior at Eastern Guilford High School…..

The End of an Era
By: Michael Keller

As our senior year winds down and the class of 2010 prepares to live their lives after high school, I wondered about a local athlete who’s future is still undetermined. Josh Morehead. A 5’9 185 pound (the same dimensions as his favorite athlete Steve Smith,) super athlete who carried our Eastern Guilford Wildcats football team basically on his back for the past two years, has seen his last snaps in the blue and gold.

I recently sat down with Josh and asked him a couple questions about his future.

When I asked him which school he had committed to play for next year, I got a surprising answer. He really seemed to be undecided. This is confusing because I always expected him to be swimming in offers from schools even as big as ACC schools. Josh was an electrifying player at EGHS. He would play any position that he needed to play to make the team better and was a great leader for the Wildcats. Just another reason why I am so confused. I consider Josh to be as great of an athlete as another local athlete who is taking his game to Berkeley, California next year, Keenan Allen.

He may not be as tall as Keenan (which he pointed out as one of his weaknesses along with his size and strength.) But to me he could make as much of an impact to a college program as Keenan could.

Josh Morehead is quick, extremely tough to tackle on returns, and he is a lock down defender with the hands of a receiver. All of these things make him a very versatile weapon that could very easily be used next year by many programs. I fear however, that he is a victim of a very common part of high school sports, a lack of exposure.

Josh however still has a plan ready to put into action for next year. He plans to attend a local prep college and transfer after a year to NC State University, where he will major in Sports Management. He caught my attention when he told me, ”Even though I’m not sure if I’ll ever play again, I want to stay in football for the rest of my life.” It showed me how much football has meant to Josh.

I admire Josh for how well he is handling the difficult recruiting process and I can’t wait to see him lacing it up on Saturdays and making all of us Wildcats proud.

  • hey kid said,

    Hey kid, I hate to burst your bubble but exposure had noyhing to do with it. You don’t know the recruiting process so don’t pretend to know the reason that Josh hasn’t signed. He is a good kid and good player just give it time.

  • Someone who knows said,

    Josh morehead should have been signed to a division 1 school at least D-2 i think it has to do alot with coaches… Many athletes who have transferred to a different school from eastern have had much success Examples of this are keenan and christian mccain refused to go to eastern because they wanted to go to college zach maynard got no playing time at eastern and left to play for one year at grimsley and now is transferring to CAL to play with his brother. also demetrius phillips who left to northeast, but i wish josh the best. he deserves to play in college he has worked hard and is a great athlete.

  • Coach said,

    To Someone who knows,

    You really dont know. As a matter of fact you have no idea what your talking about. First off, I was not the head coach at Eastern when those guys were at the middle school. I got the job the year that they would have been freshman and never got the chance to coach them. Zach Maynard did get to play at Eastern, he broke his collar bone on the 3rd play of the first game of the year and did not make it back. As for Josh, he is a great player and a great kid and I wish he could have signed with someone. You do not know everything and I cannot go into it but am very tired of people placing blames on coaches when you dont know all the circumstances. I do not know of a coach in Guilford County who does not work extremely hard to help their kids. In defense of myself, I sent out over 50 highlight films and game films to colleges on Josh’s behalf. I was in contact with every D1 and 1aa school from here to Ohio and Pennsylvania.I put over a 1,000 miles on my car driving him to schools for visits and camps. I sent film and called more than once the coaches of the East/West All Star game to help Josh get on the team. Its people like you that are causing all of this transfering around and bashing of coaches who not only do this for very little money but also end up paying more out than they receive. I do this job because I love the sport, I love working with the kids and I have never been more proud than the day the coach from the All Star game called and said they had selected Josh. People who dont know the whole story shouldnt comment until they do.

  • Tom said,

    Good job coach! It is about time somebody set the record straight. Parents have no idea how much time coaches put in. 99% of coaches was to see their kids succeed on the field and in life. Parents just want someone to blame and the coaches are the easy mark. We should be thanking our coaches!

  • WOW said,


    Keenan Allen – 41 offers
    Gabe King – 52 offers
    Chris McCain – 23 offers

    Wow. No wonder Oak Ridge are getting parental visits everyday. Good Luck Guilford county keeping your athletes in public school.

  • Coach Also said,

    Well said coach. These parents have no clue. A good football player will get recruited no matter where he is at, that is a fact. If parents and kids would take responsibility for not only their on the field play but classroom work there is no coach that can really stop them from getting recruited. WOW and SOMEONE WHO KNOWS how about since you think you know so much call a meeting with every GCS head coach and give your opinion and I gaurantee that every one of them can give you concrete proof of many things they do to get kids recruited and succeed in life. Also if you could do such a better job why don’t you come volunteer your time and money and help coach a local team. My guess is you either don’t know enough football, don’t have the ***** or simply don’t care.

  • Also Coach Also said,


  • also coach also coach coach said,

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