To tase or not to tase? We know the question, what’s the answer?????

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You had the 17-year old kid getting tased with the Taser gun at the Philadelphia Phillies game last night in Philly and you had the kid, KP Parks, from West Rowan High School getting tased with the Taser gun at Mocksville, in Davie County this past Saturday night…..

Where do you draw the line and is it time to tase, as soon as someone steps over that line?

To tase or not to tase? Do you have the answer?????

*****The 17-year kid jumped on the field at the Phillies game and was waving a towel around and the officer chasing the kid used the Taser to get the kid under control while KP Parks was driving down the road and he passed an off-duty police officer(State Highway Patrolman) on a motorcycle and Parks was weaving as he was driving down the road and the off-duty patrolman pulled Parks over and a scuffle ensued and then the Taser gun was used to sudue Parks….*****

The most common reaction is, “when they cross the line tase ’em, but how do you reach that conclusion that they have crossed the line?????

  • Ad4deacs said,

    Really Andy? It’s one thing to armchair quarterback Jake Dellhomme or second guess Ron Wellman but now you’re going to second guess Police Officers? I’m dissappointed.

  • Andy said,

    I’m just interested in different people’s opinions. This seems to be a hot topic and I would like some feedback on it. I really am interested to hear what you all have to say about this one….

    From what I have heard and detected, the kid in Philly had it coming, but I am hearing conflicting reports on the Parks case…In one report that I read, I saw differing notes on what the State Patrolman had said and what the Mocksville/Davie County backup crew was saying about who was fighting who and who was helping who….

    I am in support of our law enforcement officials, I just want to make sure we all get a fair shake and I will do what the officer says when I am stopped….

    I may be crazy, but I’m not going looking for trouble and it is too late in the game to be trying to match with up or test an officer……

    We do need to explore all the details on the Parks case before we make our final decision, but that is where the officers face the hard part, because you have to react on the spot and you don’t have time to go back and see if you made the right call in many instances….

    Tough job and we all need to stay on the right side of the law….

    Any more feedback, we need it and it may help others see the light…..

  • William said,

    Stick them with the Taser. Those out of control kids deserve it.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    if their parents would exercise a little discipline, then this would not even be a problem. Tase ’em @ “The Linc”. yankee Stadium, Ragsdale, or whereever. If they know someone is going to “kick their scrawny little arses” then we’d have less of these issues. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” was what my great-grandfather used to say!!!!

  • Andy said,

    More on the Philly fan from

    Before 17-year-old Steve Consalvi ran onto the field at Citizen’s Bank Park on Monday, where he was Tasered by a police officer, the teenager reportedly called his father for permission to do so.

    “He said, ‘Dad, can I run on the field?’ I said, ‘I don’t think you should, son,'” Wayne Consalvi told the Philadelphia Inquirer of the conversation he had with his son.

    “This would be a once in a lifetime experience!” Steve Consalvi replied to his father, according to the newspaper.

    Wayne Consalvi told the newspaper that his son was not drinking and he wasn’t on drugs. Steve Consalvi is “a real good student, heading to Penn State,” his father told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    The father also told the newspaper that his son didn’t run onto the field as a result of a dare or bet, either.

    “I don’t recommend running on the field, but I don’t think they should have Tased him at all,” he told the newspaper.

    The Phillies and Philadelphia police are investigating whether a police officer’s use of a Taser to apprehend Steve Consalvi was an appropriate use of force.

    Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman, says Commissioner Charles Ramsey reviewed the tape and felt the officer had acted within the department’s guidelines, which allow officers to use Tasers to arrest fleeing suspects. Vanore says internal affairs is still investigating.

    Ramsey told KYW Radio in Philadelphia that he supported the officer’s decision to use a Taser.

    “It was inappropriate for him to be out there on the field,” Ramsey said. “Unless I read something to the contrary, that officer acted appropriately. I support him 100 percent.”

    The department is reviewing whether its officers should be on the field wrangling fans who aren’t threatening anyone, Vanore said.

    “Should we be on the field at all? I think that’s what’s being looked at,” Vanore said. “I’m not sure we should be chasing people around the field.”

  • mark said,

    well I’ve never been tased and I imagine it doesn’t feel too good. But in the case of the Phillies fan – he had to know he was going to get in trouble. So now other than the charges he faces for trespassing and the memory of what that taser felt like, he has a really cool story to tell all his friends forever – “remember that 17 year old kid that got tasered at the Phiilies game? THAT WAS ME!” I bet he can swing an appearance on Oprah and the Today Show – it’s all over the internet – he’s like a celebrity now instead of just the usual run of the mill idiot that gets tackled on the field. He should send the cop a thank you note for all the notoriety he has now.

    As for Parks – just remember one thing – “Yes sir, No sir” That usually keeps the police much more calm. ” I won’t, you can’t” – those words can get you tasered.

  • JC said,

    They need to stop this type of behavior and stop it quick. This can not be tolerated. I heard something like this happened over at one of the High Point or Archdale schools and it is just crazy and somebody is going to get hurt bad.

  • Carl J "Hawkman" Hawk III said,

    Kid got what he deserved. If security had tackled him, he could’ve gotten a bruised ankle, dislocated shoulder, torn ACL, etc. This way he gets zapped, goes to sleep, gets picked up and escorted off the field. But, hey, it was in Philly where they boo Santa Claus and had a courthouse in the bowels of the Vet Stadium. Whaddya expect?!!