Northern Guilford softball continues to sizzle, set to see SEG Falcons in flight tonight(Falcons over Nighthawks)

Posted by Andy Durham on May 5, 2010 at 2:14 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

SEG 13
Northern Guilford 11

WP: Aryn Laws
LP: Heather Baker

Special to

Northern Guilford 16
Burlington Williams 5

Conference Champs Northern Guilford softball team’s bats caught fire after the third
inning to beat Walter Williams 16 to 5. Leading the charge was Natalie Clemmons who was 4 for 4 , 1 triple,2 doubles,1 single, 5 rbi’s and scored 3 runs. Northern Guilford
takes on Southeast Guilford tonight at 7pm at home .

WP: Heather Baker (Northern Guilford 14-6 overall 12 -2 in the conference)

Last night:
Southeast Guilford 12
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  • Danny Shutt said,

    SEG 13
    Northern 11

    WP: Aryn Laws
    LP: Heather Baker (?)

  • NG Fan said,

    NG was down 13 to 0 going into the 5th…the team has injuries and sickness on the team. Sick and hurt they were able to score 11 runs in 2 innings. NG is an incredible team with a lot of heart. Good luck ladies.

  • ???? said,

    NG Fan why must you throw the excuse out there when your team lost. They were just named Conference Champs on Wednesday, now on Thursday you’re saying they are sick and injuried. No, this is what happens when you play other teams from GUILFORD COUNTY, which you dodge in every sport. Your team was crying about the 10 run rule after 3 innings, after SE replaced their starters, you were able to make a come back.

  • Tom said,

    ???? Do you really think there is a concerted effort to dodge other Guilford County teams? Can we help it if NG is an conference that consists mostly of Alamance and Rockingham county schools? You sound foolish and bitter.

  • NG Fan said,

    Posted by ???? we hammered Southeast Guilford twice this year. You don’t know what your talking about. One of our players hit a homerun in the parking lot on the third pitch against your best pitcher. Every great team has it’s bad day , especially when your sick,hurt and have AP exams all at once. We were down but they got themselves together and scored 11 runs in the last 2 innings…I was very proud of them..and good going into the playoffs…

  • softball fan said,

    What happens to your team now? Your head coach has been fired. Some players allegedly playing more than the allowed number of games for the regular season, among some of the other allegations. Looks like you will need more than good luck going into the playoffs!

  • Andy said,

    Suspension of softball staff is all that we are hearing and re-instatement should be forthcoming…..

  • ????? said,

    NG Fan,
    I just checked the maxprep site. It said you beat SE by 1 run and lost by 2 runs on Wednesday. Please explain to me, how you hammered Southeast Guilford twice this year? Since your not apart of the Guilford County school system, I guess SE, Page, NW, SW and the other schools didn’t have AP exams this week? Look on maxprep and see how your non-conference schedules are all dodging the other county schools.

  • RCHS Cougar said,

    So what is the outcome of the ineligible player. Cause there are a lot of rumors. I would also like to say that SW Guilford is one of the best HS teams I have seen lately, they really have done a great job with their team. My daughter plays for RCHS and we have played several Guilford county teams and by far SW is one of the best we have seen.

  • Andy said,

    I don’t think a total ruling has been handed down yet, but the word was some players were playing too many games per week and possibly pitching too many innings per week, in some cases over 4 games per week or up to 4 games and that was over the limit…..Coach and staff were on suspension, but do back soon on re-instatement…

    SWG over WS Carver today(Friday) 14-0 and the Cowgirls are the real deal……

  • nwhs said,

    you guys are all idiots to sit here and talk crap about NORTHERN! they are a great team with alot of talent and heart, you are just jealous. they are also a fairly young team and they won the conference and beat all of your asses fair and square. its not their fault that the coaches made a stupid mistake they were unaware of. the jv players that were brought up didnt even play in the games they were just on the roster. they just helped warm the pitchers up. its also not their fault that the team they beat for the conference decided to be sore losers and called them on a stupid rule and if you look at all the other highschools the other teams did the same thing, who doesnt do that. its not like they had a strategy, their jv team won like 2 games all season…they are a great team and ill leave it at that. and they are out for vengence.