High School Baseball Tonight finals for 5/6/2010: Northern Guilford wins Mid-State 3-A Title…

Posted by Andy Durham on May 6, 2010 at 10:00 pm under High School | 23 Comments to Read

Anyone have news on NEG-Asheboro final?????

Northern Guilford 11
Morehead 0

Winning Pitcher: George Carter
Mid State 3A Conference Champions

Metro 4-A Tournament Final:
Southern Alamance 11
Western Guilford 4

WP:Jacob Wolf
LP:Nin Marrero
HR’s:(Southern Alamance) Charles Harris two-run HR…Justin Dunn two-run HR….Eddie Saffelt two-run HR….Justin Crawford two singles, triple and 2RBI’s…Tommy Marshall Double and a single….
(Western Guilford) Casey Jones 2-4…Nin Marrero 1-3 BB RBI…Joe Turkson 2-3 Sac Fly RBI…Patrick Nusdeo RBI…Nino Marrero 1-2 BB….
Southern Alamance(20-7)…..Western Guilford(17-7)

  • sefan said,

    Wow I guess 77 Hornet called it last night.

    Actually I’m sure somehow the umps cost WG 11 runs. Must have smacked in some HRs for SA.

  • pat said,

    sefan who did dudley play tonight? George Carter struck out 12 tonight in 5 innings and three last night in the last inning and didn’t make the All tournament Team. What a Joke! Great job George. There are alot of haters out there. George I hope you know there are alot of Folks at Northern that really appreciate you! You show up every game and compete. Thanks

  • Andy said,

    Anybody have news on the NEG-Asheboro final?????

  • clark said,

    Ash 14
    NEG 15 “Final 9″
    WP:Josiel Colon”scored the winning run”
    Great game, both teams played their hearts out . hats off

    NEG Rams are Champions

  • NGHSBB said,

    Baseball is a team game and George’s contribution at Northern is appreciated like all other team members. The entire Northern team comes to play every night and competes to win. We know how George contributes to this team and hope that winning the conference is more important than any indivdual awards.

  • Brent said,

    NE wins Conference tournament in a slug fest. Great game to watch. The Rams came through and refused to lose. If Paula and Phillips continue to throw it well look for these guys to make a run in the playoffs.

  • straight said,

    Northern Guilford did not win Conference,only Conference Tourney. That was only because The Warriors were eliminated on a fluke.

  • pat said,

    hey nghsbb thanks for the politically correct stuff i love it, and yes i understand the concept of baseball and yes it is a team sport and i don’t know george that well, but i’m sure he values the team win more than individual awards, however when the votes are counted for an individual awards and having seen all three games that northern played and he didn’t make the team, my point is that that all tour. team was a joke! Thanks again GEORGE and thanks NGHSBB for the social justice lesson!

  • Head to Head said,

    Posted To straight:

    While you are pointing out that Northern did not win conference, why not point out that Northern did beat The Warriors head to head!! (TWICE – I might add!!)

  • just a fan said,

    So you have a kid that dominates on the mound in the championship game and he doesn’t make all tourney. What??? It’s not like he came out of nowhere. I think we got some envy going on.

  • got it straight said,

    Western Alamance didn’t win because they didn’t score enough runs. The same thing happened both times they played Northern. Let it go!

  • I Want My Certificate For All Tourney said,

    Hush Pat and go cry a river somewhere else. The chapionship game was an 11-0 blowout. Northerns TEAM scored enough runs that my mother could have pitched that game and won.

  • moreheadfan said,

    I resent that someone would belittle Moreheads team this way. To say that we could be beat by an old woman is very insulting,rude! What is it with Guilford County people? No civility. I am ashamed for our kids.

  • baseballer said,

    People are saying that Carter doesn’t get credit. I disagree,he does. I’m sure there are times that he is not recognized for a good performance but that happens to players all the time. You know what?, life ain’t fair make the best of it. I will say this, Carter is an impact player. There is a difference between an impact player and a role player. That difference is this. Put the impact player on another team and the result of the game, and the season usually will change. Not so with the role player. This is hard for some people to accept, but it is a baseball fact. Some teams do not have an impact player and that is why they are at the bottom of the standings.

  • fan said,

    Baseballer, you forgot one difference . . . all politics aside, impact players are also MVPs.

  • Northern does it again said,

    Hello sports fans,

    Word is that the NG softball team violated games played rules this season. Entire coaching staff dismissed. Will not be eligible for post-season play. It’s my understanding that all team sports in this spring season will also be unable to participate in post-season play. What a disappointing way to end the year. With all the eyes watching high school sports in Guilford county, I guess the new AD forgot to inform the coaching staff about the rules.

    Keep up the great work Northern!

  • just a fan said,

    baseballer, very well said! it still seems odd that carter wasn’t on the tourney team with an outstanding performance on the mound in the championship game. i don’t care who the opponent was, it was still the championship. but i didnt see the whole tourney, so i’ll leave it alone. congratulations to the young men at northern.

  • Andy said,

    I can’t see anything that happened to the Northern Guilford girls softball team effecting the other Northern teams going to the spring playoffs….Whatever took place with the softball would apply to them only and not the other teams….

    Let’s hope they can resolve the issue and the softball team can still participate in post-season play.

    For the others, baseball, track, and the rest should still be on their way.

  • I Want My Certificate For All Tourney said,

    No disrespect to Morehead was intended. My point was that the NORTHERN TEAM put up 11 runs in a shortened game. Anybody that knows the game understands how easy it is to pitch in those types of games and they would also understand that Morehead would begin to press a little more at the plate which would force them to not have as good of at bats. George seems to be a great kid and a VERY GOOD ballplayer.

    Which kid gets booted out and which one is told there contribution to the championship is not as important as George’s??? Is this even fair to the other kids who did make it??? Does George really care if he is a team player……I don’t think he does.

  • werner said,

    Everyone needs to stop debating who should,who should not be all tournament. The players chosen were chosen by THEIR coaches. The coaches have the stats,and are close to the players and the game situations. Let’s respect the coach’s decision. The coach’s opinion is all that matters, much like the umpire. Congrats to all those named!

  • fan said,

    Congratulations to everyone that played the game, unfortunately, it’s always the same ones playing, it’s all about politics, or whether you’re the chosen ones or not. It doesn’t matter if there are others that can play just as good, they never get a chance.

  • just a fan said,


    please tell us your real beef

  • just a fan too said,

    “I Want My Certificate For All Tourney,” I am assuming you are an adult, despite the immaturity and incompetence of your post. With this assumption, would you have made such an accusation to George Carter’s face? I doubt it. Come on, this is a kid you are talking about. Not to mention a kid that has more heart than 99.9% of the players out there on the field. What kind of example are you setting by hiding behind a blog, taking cheap shots? Though many have disagreed in the all tournament picks, not one name has been mentioned concerning who did not deserve it. Have some class and stop hating.