Guilford County Super Seven HS Baseball Power Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on May 7, 2010 at 11:40 am under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Guilford County Super Seven HS Baseball Power Poll:

#1 Southwest Guilford(22-4)
#2 Northeast Guilford(20-4)
#3 Western Guilford(17-7)
#4 Northern Guilford(17-8
#5 Southeast Guilford(18-5)
#6 Ragsdale(16-7)
#7 Dudley(16-7)

  • mike L said,

    Looks fair although I think you have Northern a little to high. Can’t argue with the rest of them.

  • Mike said,

    How is western ahead of SE when SE beat em twice?

  • Andy said,

    With this being a weekly poll, I see it adding up with SEG losing three of their last four games and WG beat SEG last Friday night to win the Metro 4-A regular season title and thet allowed them to grab the #1 seed in the playoffs over SEG…

    WG played for the tournament title and SEG fell in round one to eventual champ Southern Alamance and now WG is still #1 seed and SEG has fallen to #3 seed in playoffs…

    Not all scientific, but just some of the doctor’s reasoning….

    Always open to discussion, but we will have the final say, otherwise the poll would not roll and the power would go sour….The decisions/derisions of Doctor D….

  • dave said,

    Northern beat NE 3 times last year 10 runned them in the conference tour. Split with Western with no seniors last year. In a one lost and you go home series Northern can beat any team in guilford county ask Dudley we beat them twice last year also.

  • Andy said,

    You are talking in terms of last year/season here and we are diagnosing what the teams did more recently, such as in last night and last week…..

    Northern got a good spot this week and much of that was due to their success in the conference tournament and NG did play solid non-conference schedule with the game at West Forsyth and the Easter games down around Fayetteville….

    I think NG’s conference overall was weaker this year than last year when you guys saw teams like WG, Dudley, and NEG and all three of those squads are much better this year than last…..NG vs. NEG in a three-game series would be interesting…..

  • ?????? said,

    Why are you talking about last year. The question everyone around here keep asking, is why NG didn’t play these teams from guilford county during your non-conference schedule. Your in the same conference with Eastern who played their fair share of guilford county schools. Its hard for you to earn one of the top spots when their is no head to head to judge them by.

  • dave said,

    ??????,after the beating we put on all the schools in county schools we played last year no one had an opening mysteriously,once we were out of conference. We tried. Northwest has never wanted to, we’ve ask every year. By the way we hung 37 runs on Eastern in three games this year. Two slaughter rule games. We did split with Western last year 11-4 us at their place. and 9-8 them at our place. We started 4 jrs 4 soph and 1 fresh last year. I know for a fact we talked to Western,Dudley,and NE and had no takers.

  • mike L said,

    Dave, Eastern is terrible. Hanging 37 on them in 3 games is like hanging 37 on HP Central. Coach Brady has a bare cabinet.

    Nice to hear you beat Dudley twice LAST year. They are much improved this year. What’s all this last year stuff? It’s 2010.

    Frankly, no one is going to jump on your schedule until people stop transferring in from other schools. Time will heal those wounds. Even though you talked to those schools if it doesn’t fit theie schedule without interfereing with their conference games then they will not play you. Plus, some of these coaches play guys they know and respect.

  • eddie willis said,

    yep, and some of them play guys they think they can beat!

  • Food for thought said,

    Your previous coaching staff may have cost this years teams a bunch of games Justin does not have many friends in this county. Plus Technically you guys did not beat anyone becauase your games were forfeited for losing illlegal players last year. Just in case you forgot

  • Think on this said,

    2 of those jrs from last had a real nice season at GDS this year. Why did yall not play them. Maybe the coaches in guilford county were sending a message to the Smithes by not scheduling NG . Schediles were all be made be fore the new coach was announced. HUMMMMMMMMM

  • dave said,

    Jealousy is a terrible thing. You folks complain about everything. If we didn’t play them this year then it doesn’t count in the comparison. People don’t like the coaches blah blah blah. Most of these guys play during the summer and fall and spring and every team in guilford county is getting use too getting a butt whipping when they schedule Northern. We just play who ever ends up on the schedule, and we certainly didn’t avoid any Guilford county schools. We were 11-1 last year and undefeated this year IN THE COUNTY. Give me a break. We don’t like your coach, we don’t like colors, we don’t like your players, What you really don’t like is the loss that is associated with scheduling NORTHERN.We’ll see you in the playoffs and we’ll ask to be on your schedule again next year

  • Jay Holiday said,

    Hey, Dave I just read your comment about some last year crap,about Northern beating Dudley twice, hello, Dave it’s 2010 this year.I think Dudley had a great season in baseball this year.Talking with past players, they say the best thing that happen was adding coach BT,to the staff,not taking anything away from the staff,but with his help we look forward to our Panther’s going pretty far,it’s about the kid,not parents or fans…May the best team win..