HS Baseball playoffs set for Friday

Posted by Andy Durham on May 11, 2010 at 12:57 pm under High School | 20 Comments to Read

We know this much so far as we look ahead to Friday and the opening round of the NCHSAA baseball playoffs…

Southeast Guilford(18-5) at Southwest Guilford(23-4)
Dudley(16-7) at East Forsyth(17-7)
Ragsdale(16-7) at Southern Alamance(20-7)
South Johnston at Northern Guilford(17-8)
#5 Mid-State Conference team at Northeast Guilford(20-4)
A #2 Wildcard team at Western Guilford(17-7)

*****That’s what we have so far and we most of these up by last Saturday morning, but there are a few of the games that are still not out in the open…Anyone have anything to add to this list?????*****

  • John Doe said,

    Does anyone know when the full bracket is supposed to come out?

  • Andy said,

    I have been doing some researching on it this morning and the full brackets from the NCHSAA will be out on Wednesday…..


  • NCGrego said,

    How are you able to get any bracket info if the NCHSSA isn’t posting until Wednesday?

  • Andy said,

    From the coaches, they know already and if go to the NCHSAA site they will have what the seedings will look like, you just have to figure out which team is which, such as #1 Piedmont Triad vs. #4 Metro with East Forsyth vs. Dudley and so on….

    You can see the brackets, you just have to know what teams are coming out of each conference….

    Most of this has been on the table since last Thursday and Friday….

  • Joe said,

    Are the page pirates in the playoffs?

  • Andy said,

    Not unless they slip in as a wildcard team and that is the same story for Northwest Guilford….Both Page and NWG are right at (12-12) on the season and it has been looking doubtful that they will get in….

    Many say that NWG is coming out of a much stronger conference with the Piedmont Triad 4-A, but that has been up for debate all season long….

    We will soon have some definite answers for that debate when SEG faces SWG, Dudley meets East Forsyth and Ragsdale visits Southern Alamance….Those are all Metro vs. Piedmont Triad entanglements/contests……..

  • Joe said,

    When will I know if the page prates got in to the playoffs?

  • Andy said,

    We will know in the morning or they may have it at the NCHSAA site sometime after midnight tonight…..

  • Joe said,

    Do they have the brackets completed yet?

  • Andy said,

    Right now they have it blocked so you can’t get through and that must mean they have the system down so they can complete the brackets…

    Everyone keep on trying and let us know if you get through….

    http://www.nchsaa.org and Click on Playoff Brackets in the right hand column….

  • John Doe said,

    The brackets are now up. Click on the link Andy posted above.

  • Defense Defense said,

    Sad to see that Northwest didn’t get a wild card in the States. They had a good case for making the wild card spot. The 12-12 record doesn’t tell the whole story. Look at the records of the teams they lost to and beat.

    They lost to and beat Western Guilford at 17-7 record.
    They lost to N Davidson 2-1 with a 19-4 record.
    They lost to East Forsyth 6-5 and 6-4 with a 17-7 record.
    They lost to and beat Ragsdale with a 16-7 record.
    They lost twice to Southwest Guilford with a 23-4 record.
    They lost 10-6 after being up 5-2 to the #1 team in the state Hoggard with a 19-2 record.
    They ;ost to Northeast with a 19-4 record.
    They lost to Glenn twice with a 14-11 record.
    They beat Laney with a 12-8 record.
    They beat Mt. Tabor with a 15-10 record.

    This was a tough schedule indeed. Defense cost them several games. When the rubber meets the road you have to win the games in order to prevent relying on the Wild Card.

    Good luck to the area teams.

  • dn said,

    No Page (12-12) or NorthWest(12-12) both Wildcards came from Chatlotte area Myers park 13-11 and N Meck 13-8

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Not sure what the beef with NWG not getting into the playoffs is. they lost to teams that were better, beat teams that were worse, , lost to 3-A Northeast and that’s why they are at home. Most teams with a .500 record have a similar story. there is way toomuch mediocrity in the playoffs anyway—why place teams who do not have a chance of winning in them? it just does not make sense.

  • jackiemoon said,

    You might also want to look at the conference’s strength that Northwest plays in! All 7 made the playoffs last year. The only real way for this argument to be legitimate is to see how many PT-4A teams advance to Round 2. I guarantee you it is more than the Metro! Northwest is as good as anybody, don’t care if their record is 12-12.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Won’t really be a good comparison between PT4A and Metro since 1 isn’t playing 1, 2 isn’t playing 2 etc. etc..

  • jackiemoon said,

    My point exactly…….. Let’s see how many of the four from each move on to round 2 and further! The strength of Northwest’s league will be shown in this comparison. HP Central, Parkland, and NW Guilford finish in front of Smith, Page, and Grimsley if they are in the Metro and dare I say maybe Dudley as well! Go RAGSDALE!

  • baseballer said,

    Northwest, their conference was tougher and they did have a very tough schedule.

    But, a season like that(12-12), should never happen at a school with that much talent.

  • HOLD UP said,

    Dudley beat HPC twice this year so you are already wrong on your opinion

  • ????? said,

    Ragsdale and SW Guilford were eliminated by the Metro’s #2 and #3 teams
    East Forsyth defeated Dudley in a #1 vs #4 match up.

    So Head to Head Metro (2) Piedmont/triad (1), this is why NWG was not selected.