First Round HS baseball playoff games are coming in…

Posted by Andy Durham on May 12, 2010 at 12:31 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Please note:
Ragsale at Southern Alamance will be played on Thursday @ 7:00pm

Go to for the full bracket listings:(All games Friday at 7pm unless the brackets or schedules below specify otherwise…..NG will start at 6pm)

Southern Wayne(14-13) @ Northern Guilford(17-8)
Friday, 6:00pm
(We had heard earlier that it might be South Johnston, but behold it is; Southern Wayne at Northern Guilford…..)

Southeast Guilford(18-5) at Southwest Guilford(23-4)
Dudley(17-7) at East Forsyth(17-7)
Ragsdale(16-7) at Southern Alamance(20-7)
North Mecklenburg(13-8) at Western Guilford(17-7)
Burlington Williams(12-13) at Northeast Guilford(20-4)
Glenn(14-11) at West Forsyth(21-4)

*****NWG and Page both at (12-12) overall did not get in as wildcard entries.*****

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    The Ragsale at Southern Alamance game will be played on Thursday, 5/13 @ 7:00 at So. Alamance.

  • mike c said,

    Some great games there. Some good teams will go home after the 1st round.

    SEG at SWG. Two good teams. gotta go with SWG since Hudgens should pitch.
    So. Ala. and Ragsdale. May be a good game. Don’t know much on SA.
    WG game is no gimme, nor is EF. Them Dudley boys can hit a fastball.
    Gleen can compete for 1 game. They’re like Ragsdale, short on pitching.

  • John Doe said,

    Why did the Southern Alamance Ragsdale game get rescheduled?

  • John Doe said,

    Why did the Southern Alamance Ragsdale get moved up to Thursday?

  • Andy said,

    There might have been a conflict with something else going on at one of the schools on Friday, either at Ragsdale or Southern Alamance and they put in a request to move the game up to Thursday…..It happens on occasions and has in the past, where a Round One game gets moved to Thursday….It also provides an extra day of rest for a Round One pitcher…

    If your #1 goes on Thursday and say he only has to go five innings, he may be able to help you out again on Tuesday(Round Two) in relief if necessary, or he may be ready to go again(start) on four days rest…..

  • re-schedule said,

    Southern Alamance requested the game be moved up a day. Players were told on Monday this was a possibility and confirmed Tuesday. There was no explanation on why SA wanted to move and nobody asked for one. Could be a school function like prom or academic testing. I know AP testing is going on this week in Guilford County.

  • Make it simple said,

    Maybe just wanted to scout their opponent in the next round. They rescheduled to a thursday game last year also.that way the other two teams can scout also.

  • Maybe said,

    Maybe they wanted the extra day to rest the pitcher.

  • re-schedule said,

    Always a possibility Simple. It gives a pitcher another day’s rest. I would be surprised if NCHSAA would approve the re-schedule for that reason. You’ll have to ask SA.