Any news on Ragsdale tonight????? Southern Alamance 13, Ragsdale 3

Posted by Andy Durham on May 13, 2010 at 10:37 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Southern Alamance 13
Ragsdale 3

5 innings
Winning pitcher: Freshman AJ Edwards

Anybody have word on how the baseball game with Ragsdale-SA turned out tonight at Southern Alamance?????

  • Andy said,

    It’s right at 11pm, anyone know who won the game yet?????

  • SAPats said,

    SA won 13 to 3 in 5 innings. Winning pitcher: Freshman AJ Edwards

  • Andy said,

    Thanks for your help SAPats and good luck to you guys from the Metro 4-A down the road….Ragsdale, it was a tough, but good season for the Tigers and we appreciate all that the RHS Seniors have done in the past four years at RHS under the leadership of Coach Maness….

    Anderson, Sparks, Stone, Fultz and all the seniors, Good luck to you young men as you move on to college…..

  • mike c said,

    SA hit the ball hard all night. Ragsdale has had a tendency to beat themselves sometimes with errors but other than some passed balls and 1 throwing error that was not the case last night. Ragsdale hit some balls hard but right at them and SA hit it all night. Ragsdale just did not have the pitching this year. Losing Stone on the mound hurt as did losing Sparks behind the plate and on the mound. Anderson pitched well but had not pitched since he was 12. Tough to build around that. Hodges did what he could. SA was just the better team and they showed it last night. Maness loses a lot of good players this year (5 scholarship guys). Will be interesting to see how he develops the younger kids. There is some talent there but they need coaching. Pipeline has run a little dry.

  • Andy said,

    Let me add Mike Whited to that list of Ragsdale seniors that I listed last night…Sorry for the omission and I think the word was Whited to Catawba…And Anderson to South Carolina, Sparks to Richmond, Stone to Campbell and Fultz to East Carolina….

    I hope that’s right…..I was hearing Fultz to ECU, Hudgens to UNC-Charlotte, Sutphin to Liberty, Macon Smith to Western Carolina, Ray Crawford to UNCG, and we’ll hit the juniors another day….

    Mike on the money with Joe Turkson WG to Campbell and Luke Dunlap to UNCW…Casey Jones only a junior, so the rest of league will have to put up with him another year…All very successful players and let’s hope we get some pros out of all of this group and then they can spend some ad money and help sponsor this site….

    I was looking for Nick McBride(Ragsdale HS) this week since the Rangers are in town, but they said he will probably end up in short season summer ball, after extended spring training….

  • mike c said,

    Turkson of WG to Campbell, Jones at WG to Elon, Dunlap at EF to UNC-W

  • lenny said,

    Luke Dunlap is a junior

  • Andy said,

    That will work….We can always bring on some more juniors with Josh Tobias to Florida, George Carter and Luis Paula to North Carolina and there’s got to be some more out there too…

    It looks like one of the next big names will be Mo(Matt Orth) from SWG…He’s only a freshman, but he has really gotten his name out there this year….

  • kirk said,

    Parks Jordan from Glenn to UNC. The boy can flat out hit it.