Charlotte Swim Meet – Pool vs Greensboro

Posted by Don Moore on May 15, 2010 at 1:06 pm under Amateur, Professional | 2 Comments to Read

All the buzz in Charlotte is either about the political stars in town for the NRA convention or Michael Phelps swimming performance. I don’t do politics here, so here’s some swimming news.

I was thinking, ok, Charlotte’s got a big pool and they brought in Michael Phelps for some competition. I wanted to know more about how their pool stacked up against the pool planned at the coliseum. I “googled” Charlotte pool and came up with CHARLOTTE AQUATIC CENTER. But they weren’t holding the event there. That was is run by the public schools.

So I searched again. This time I found the Charlotte Aquatics Center. But they weren’t running any big swim meet.

Another search turned up the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center. BINGO, that’s where Phelps was swimming.

So when we get our big pool finished, visitors won’t get lost cause we will have one, where as Charlotte has at least three.

  • keith said,

    that was run by public schools in charlotte michigan. Can you imagine if the school system would have had a new high school build a swimming pool of that caliber here in guilford county?

  • mick said,

    Ultra Swim is definitely a big deal. Thanks for a heads up to the “swim community”

    The Guilford County school system swim programs will benefit tremendously from the new GAC. Practices and meets. It is possible/probable more kids will swim for some schools. Still difficult to practice at a facility separate from your school but perhaps practice times will be more condusive to teenagers and a high school life style. We shall see. Of course the ability to have divers will give some schools a shot at a State Championship. Too bad the county or school system couldnt help with construction costs. There will no doubt be regional and state level HS meet at GAC along with numerous practices, dual meets and tri-meets, etc.

    Eugene Godsoe is swimming Ultra Swim along with some Olympians and numerous upper echelon Olympic hopefuls from around the country. Some from round these parts.