Congratulations to Miss McIvor, on her way to Radford University

Posted by Andy Durham on May 17, 2010 at 11:56 am under College, High School | 5 Comments to Read

I still think they may make a movie about this young lady one day. They made one already about that guy MacGruber and here we have McIvor, and she has saved the day on more than one occasion over the past few years for her high school and travel/showcase teams….

Miss Kiera McIvor has saved her best feat for last, as she has secured a full scholarship to play college basketball at Radford University up in Virginia…

We have some of the background on Miss McIvor that we have been saving and since she saved the day for others, let’s look back at what she’s done already and see what she will be doing next, to help the Highlanders up at Radford U….

Kiera McIvor (Dudley High School) has chosen to commit to Radford University (Big South Conference). Kiera had interest early on from a couple of D1 majors schools and several mid-majors.

Kiera has not won all the accolades as many other recruits in her class (2011).
However, she has continued to do the things that don’t show up in stat books, but
helps to get the win. She is fundamental, great defender (caused many 5 sec calls),
a great leader, and has no problem giving the ball to the go to players on the team.
She chose to be a part of something much bigger than herself.

Playing team and individual showcase tournaments allowed many colleges to see her talent outside of high school-College coaches see things differently than awards you have won.

Her freshman year was a transition year for her. Many don’t know this, but her
middle school years Kiera played the 5 position. She had to learn to play facing
the basket.

Her sophomore year proved challenging as she was still searching for her role as a
combo guard on team full of talented guards led by Helen Terry and Breonna
Patterson. She was a key contributor throughout the regular season until her illness
that kept her out of conference and state play.

As a junior she was co-captain. The go to players were Breonna Patterson, Amanda
Hairston, and Desiree Drayton. Kiera’s PPG increased and her assists increased
significantly. Although this year was not without its challenges-mission
accomplished. A full scholarship to a school that offers her major and to play the
game she loves.

Good job Miss McIvor and we will be looking forward to more positive updates as you head on to the next level…..

  • reggie perkins said,

    congrats ! ! ! Chris and Cheryl, I know you are very proud ! !

  • Cheryl said,

    Thank you Reggie. Nice article Andy. We are very proud of her. She has shown much patience and resilience.

    Thanks to all her coaches and trainers past and present who have helped mold and shape her.

    With that being said. One more time to get it done…Ki, Chell, Dez, and Phoenix..Class of 2011

    Panther Pride 🙂

  • Jeff Terry said,

    Congratulations Kiera! I’m very proud of you and your accomplishments. I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow as a player and a person, Radford has definitely gotten themselves a jewel.

    2010-2011 is around the corner and I know you’re going to (as Chris would say) “give them the bizzzz ness”.

    Kiera McIvor in the Big South, “I like that”. (smile)

  • F. Drayton said,

    Congratulations Kiera!

    Chris and Cheryl …what an awesome journey… job well done! Enjoy

  • Dudley Supremacy said,

    GO Kierra!

    Dudley in the house at Radford! Like the song “Mrs.Jones” states:


    Where all the true ballers go!

    Makia Valantine: Wake Forest
    Sierra Little: Old Dominion
    Helen Terry: Charleston Southern
    Breonna Patterson: UNCG
    Kendra Porter: Radford
    Josilynn Williams: Mars Hill
    Desiree Drayton: UNC Charlotte
    Kierra McIver: Radford