Guilford County Super Seven HS Baseball Power Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on May 17, 2010 at 12:52 pm under High School | 20 Comments to Read

Guilford County Super Seven HS Baseball Power Poll

#1 Northeast Guilford(21-4)
#2 Southeast Guilford(19-5)
#3 Northern Guilford(18-8
#4 Southwest Guilford(23-5)
#5 Western Guilford(17-8)
#6 Ragsdale(16-8)
#7 Dudley(16-8)

  • dave said,

    I guess it will take Northern to be the last team from Guilford County still playing before we will get any respect. These polls are a joke. Thanks for nothing Andy

  • Andy said,

    Based upon sheer numbers, and that is about all we have left to work with, with only three teams left in the playoffs, how does (18-8) move ahead of (19-5) and (21-4)….

    What else do we have to go by? SEG was a five-run winner in their first game in the playoffs and both NEG and NG just got by with one-run wins….

    Good luck to all, but I do feel that I have been on top of these games more so than anyone else in Guilford County this season….To my discredit and a strong nod toward my honesty, I have not seen either NEG or NG play this season, but I have been there every night to take the scores as Coach Kimrey has sent each and every one my way and I have kept the light burning late on each game night to make sure that all the Northern scores have been posted here at the site and by studying these numbers I feel that I have developed a decent sense of direction for which way the teams have been, and are going….

    As for NEG, I have spent much time researching and digging up their scores also…..From the Asheboro papers to the scores and notes that Mr. Clarke has sent us, it has been a fun challenge and I feel like we have met and conquered the games here at the site….

    The poll is what it is and we will try and keep it going the rest of the way…..

    This site has done quite a bit and we can do more….There has never been a local HS baseball poll here at the site until this season and there are not any others in the local papers or at on-line sites and most polls usually conclude at the end of the regular season, but we march on and will continue to fight the good fight…..

    Has the baseball poll been beneficial and do the readers like it??????? Several hundred hits today would say, “Thank you sir, can we have another”….

    On seeing SEG, the 4-A team still in the top three of our poll…..I have seen them several times this season, but I only live five miles from their school and it is easy to get in and see one of their games and get out and on to the computer to add more HS Baseball Tonight updates and that feature:

    High School Baseball Tonight, it has become our most popular feature over the past two seasons…..It has been unreal how that segement has taken off….Tony Sutphin started sending us some scores last year, then Mike Ellis, Jamestown News, started writing for us, Bill Ahrens-Hornet 77 sent us scores, Walt Sparks sent us scores, Coach Landon Kimrey sent us scores, Greg Johnson at High Point Central sent us scores, Coach Beasley and Todd Frazier sent us scores, Jim Clontz sent us scores…..Mr. Plante sent us scores….Danny Shutt sent us scores…Mr. Clarke sent us scores and the list goes on…..

    We apprecitate your opinions and I have just given you mine with an extra 10 cents worth thrown in for good measure…….I have put your schools up front and thanks for putting up with me and good luck to all your kids and to the teams that are still in playoffs….

    Also it was good to meet Mr. Gary Smith, Mr. Hudgens and others out on the road this season and they along with others, seemed to really enjoy what this site has been able to bring to the community…….

  • NGUILFORD said,

    Good job Andy. You have been very gracious with your coverage of Northern this year. Northern has done well, and will continue to strive to go as far as it can. Your poll is fair. One could make an argument that SW should be ranked above NG and SEG. If Hudgens had brought his A game in the first round SW would be sitting number one in the poll. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  • sefan said,

    I have listened to you for years on the radio. I started listening to you when I moved to GSO around 1989 or so. I have always loved your take on local, state, and national sports news. You do an incredible job of covering sports and I have hit this site many times over the last year. I have stayed up many nights waiting on the scores to roll in.

    The News and Record has nothing on you as far as coverage of especially local sports. Hardin has got to be the worst reporter to ever bang out a story. I have said many times that he should be an obituary writer because he is so negative on Greensboro. He is the main reason I don’t even subscribe to the N&R anymore.

    I also enjoy those that chime in. It is amazing to me the perspectives that two people watching the same game have at times. We all deeply love our kids and their schools but sometimes we do get a bit over the top like Dave above. Dave, to be the man you have to beat the man so I guess we will see what happens in the next few weeks. The poll is just meant as a fun little diversion…get over yourself already.

    In any case, I for one deeply appreciate the work you do here. Keep up the good work!

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Andy…apparantly “Dave” thinks enough of the site to come on here and read it. Everyone has an opinion and certainly Dave is free to express his. But his negativity is what the problem is. Where else can you go to get scores, read about local sports and express your opinion. If Dave doesn’t read what he wants to read…then I guess his opinion is, “it’s not worth a d… In my opinion Dave doesn’t have an opinion, he just wants to complain and contribute nothing.

    Keep up the good work of providing a service and giving local sports an outlet and a place to give local players some publicity and recognition.

  • Gary Smith said,

    Andy…to repeat what I said to you at a WG vs SWG game a few weeks ago, I think your site has done a great job for HS athletics in Guilford Co, and specifically for HS baseball, which can use all the promotional help it can get.

    There are a number of good teams and fine young players in the county whose accomplishments deserve recognition, and you have given them more of it here than they would have had any shot at otherwise.

    And it seems to me you’ve doled out the coverage evenly, especially this season when there have been so many quality teams in the area.

  • ??? said,

    I like the rankings…last three left in order by rankings but can SEG still not get credit for maybe just being a better team that night NGUILFORD?

  • Andy said,

    I like what the people are saying. Everyone has an opinion and we enjoy reading what others have to say….That’s the best part about one of these web sites/blogs or any form of communication…It gives folks a chance to speak out…

    I was just listening to Dan Patrick on the radio and the topic was the immigration laws in Arizona and how this will end up effecting the MLB All-Star game coming to Arizona and how the Phoenix Suns took a stand with their Los Suns uniforms and then that move seems to have backfired in their face….

    The deal up in Virginia is a great topic about the kid who decided to urinate during the anthem…

    Dave, Gary, yankeeclipper8, SEFan, NGuilford Fan, Posted by, Andy and others all have opinions and that is where we can all come together; by sharing those opinions and we may not all agree, but we learn to respect others opinions and to agree to disagree on many occasions….

    Reading and sharing the opinions is FUNdamental……

  • guess said,

    Andy, just for the record how many times have you seen Northern play? Go figure that is why they are down where they are!

  • Andy said,

    As i mentioned above, I haven’t seen Northern or NEG this year…Did see Northern in the neighborhood of five times last year when they were in the same conference with WG, Dudley and NEG….

    NEG, SEG and NG, 1,2, and 3 in the poll based mainly on records with some input on schedule, conference regular season finish and tournament finishes…

    Very good topic for discussion and the playoffs resume for some today and for others on Wednesday…

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Andy one hundred years from now It will not matter what kind of car you drove,or what kind of house you lived in, or how much money you had in your bank account.
    But one hundred years from now the world might be a lille better because you were important in the life of a child.
    I will say this again the kids in our area are very lucky to have you keep doing what you do.
    We love you

  • mark said,

    They must have to lay the sunscreen on real thick up there around Northern to protect all the thin skin in that part of the county

  • Andy said,

    You know what they say. half the crowd came to cheer you and the other half came out to boo you tonight and I am just glad they chose to show up and they can love me or hate me, I just glad they came to see us…

  • Andy said,

    Coach Lee over at N.C. A&T says on the other hand, sometimes it is just best to turn and walk away….

    GREENSBORO – In the wake of the shooting death of one of his players, A&T
    football coach Alonzo Lee had a message for his football team.

    Just walk away.

    His words came in response to an incident outside of a nightclub in Ahoskie
    involving freshman Iv an Coulton, 19, who died Saturday morning. Coulton was
    shot after apparently getting into an altercation with another person near
    the bar, according to a release by Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh.

    “I always talk to my players about those clubs,” Lee said. “If you feel a
    little paranoia in you, that’s not being scared, that’s the spirit telling
    you that’s not the place to be. We have to redefine the words ‘gangster’ and
    ‘thugs.’ ”

    About 12: 26 a.m. Saturday, the Ahoskie Police department responded to a
    complaint of an unruly crowd at B J’s nightclub. The club was subsequently
    shut down because of safety concerns.

    Shortly thereafter, officers responded to a fight and gunshots on Catherine
    Street, located a few blocks away from the nightclub.

    When they arrived, Coulton had been shot. He was rushed to Roanoke-Chowan
    Hospital, where he was stabilized.

    He was then transported to Pit t County Memorial Hospital, where he died at
    6:51 a.m.

  • dave said,

    all the folks up in Northern guilford don’t have thin skin, just the ones assiociated with baseball. LET ME REPEAT, WE beat NE three times last year. We beat Dudley twice. and we split with Western. That the only game weve lost in the last two years in Guilford county. NE is a better team than last year, ask Southern Guilford, Kelly Petrem struck 12 when he pitched against them. Their better than average but just like Northern they had a much easier conf. this year. Andy we do appreciate all you do on the site, I’m just saying the Rankings don’t hold alot of water if you haven’t seen the teams play. (No wonder you have Northern ranked 3rd you haven’t seen them play awh? Now it makes sense? I totally understand now!) Thanks and to all you Northern haters we’ll see who the last team still standing

  • Andy said,

    Some very good points Dave, but I don’t think we can base a lot on what happened last year, for this year’s or even this week’s poll, but I would love to see a NEG-NG game in the playoffs this year and may the best team win…

    The thing I hear about the 3-A Eastern bracket is that Rocky Mount might just be the team to beat….No disrespect meant toward any of our teams, but I have seen the Rocky Mount name showing up quite a bit down East this season…

    Again, this post has created quite a bit of conversation, and thanks to all for the input….

  • KC said,

    The poll looks good to me! The only one that matters is the final state championship. The rest can say they came in third for all that matters. The problem may be, no one still trust Northern. Is it fair, no! People just remember and keep in the back of the minds. Trully, don’t think the players, coaches or teams care only the parents. It does give teams good locker room/dugout stuff to hang up. Sort of makes you play harder. Just play the game and let it do the talking.

  • mike c said,

    Dave, first last year doesn’t matter. 2nd, you’re in 3A and you have that powerhouse Cardinal Gibbons staring you in the face after playing another powerhouse in Southern Wayne.

  • Sefan said,

    Would it be better if more schools within Guilford County played each other during the season orbetter yet set up a county tourney like the Easter Tourney but bigger? Might save some travel money and raise some money for the schools involved. There is quite a bit of parity even though some schools are 4A and some 3A. Play it at Newbridge Park. Play it up as the winner gets the King of Guilford Cup presented by Andy Durham and Mayor Knight. Could be BIG Ange…BIG,BIG!! 🙂

  • mike c said,

    Excellent idea SEfan. Keeps costs down and gets some 3A and 4A teams together. Coaches only beef would be possibly playing their conference opponents again. Everyone gets a game at Newbridge and then have the semi’s and the finals there.