HS baseball player in Virginia wins $20.00 bet after urinating on the field during the National Anthem

Posted by Andy Durham on May 17, 2010 at 1:24 pm under High School | 18 Comments to Read

It happened up in Bristol, Virginia and I don’t know what more you can say about this one, but the fact of this matter hurts, especially coming in just two days after our National Military Appreciation Day and here is some kid, pulling his pants down and urinating on the baseball field during the National Anthem, before his game, to win some bet……Baliff…..

You can read all about it and form your own opinions and you may have formed a few already, but get the long and the short of it when you read here by way of the Charlotte Observer and the Bristol Herald….Lord please help us, is all I have to say on this story….

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  • Phil said,

    This kid is a real weenie. What he did was anti-American and it was a tasteless act from a barbarian.

    What has happened to our country? Are these kids not held accountable for their actions these days? There needs to be a very harsh punishment handed down for this crime against our nation and our public values.

  • Sammy G said,

    Don’t tell me Pee Wee Herman got started like this kid in Virginia.

  • RC Jr. said,

    This is very embarassing for all of the parties that are involved. This should have never happened. Where was the coach of this team and what kind of ethics is he teaching his players in addition to the boy’s mom and dad, where were they and what have they taught this kid? This a black eye on the city of Bristol and I am orginally from Bristol, Virginia and would be ashamed to go back there now.

    SAD, SAD, SAD!

  • Why is it! said,

    Why is it that if something like this happens the first person you point the finger at is the coach and blame him! How bout point the finger at the moron kid that did it!

  • Preacher droppjng the truth and it hurts said,

    I know it’s too much to ask for you guys to read the actual story, but it says that the $20 bet is a rumor and the principal of the school denies that it’s true.

    Headlines are fun when they are actually true. This is why people don’t think bloggers are journalists.

  • what? said,

    Who cares whether it was a bet for 20$ or 1million or if there was a bet at all this kid ought to have the crap beat out of him by his parents. I coach at a high school and if one of my kids would have done that I would have been fired after they got my foot out of his butt.

  • GSO City Worker said,

    Wee Wee in me sewer.

  • Preacher droppjng the truth and it hurts said,

    Who cares if the headline actually reflects what happened? Clearly not the people who run this website.

    I’m not OK with the urination, but it would be nice if the folks who run this site wrote a responsible headline rather than run with something sensational to try and get some cheap web hits even though the actual story contradicts it.

  • Andy said,

    Here’s the headline from the Charlotte on-line site and it looks pretty much the same as what we had:

    Baseball player in Virginia urinates on field during national anthem to win $20 bet

    What’s the problem preacher?

  • what? said,

    What actually happened is that the kid pee’ed on the field during the national anthem. Does it matter what did or didn’t cause him to do it? I don’t think you can sensationalize it by adding a 20$ bet.

  • Preacher droppjng the truth and it hurts said,

    So some copy editor in Charlotte was too lazy to read the story so you guys can mail it in too?

    Have you bothered to read the article? In the story there isn’t any doubt that he urinated on the field. What is very much in dispute is whether or not he did it to win a bet.

    However, either because it was more provocative or because you were just lazy, you write a headline that insinuates that he, in fact, did it to win a bet even when the article makes it pretty clear that it’s not really known whether or not that is the case.

    If it’s your intention just to run a schlock website with no standards or integrity, just keep doing what you’re doing. However, if you want people to take this site seriously you might want to tighten things up a bit and actually read articles you write headlines for (or, god forbid, actually write articles yourselves rather than just linking to the work of others).

  • Mike said,

    Dang, can’t we focus on the real problem, instead of getting hung up on the presentation and how it’s laid out for us?
    The real problem is “ballplayer pees on field during the National Anthem.”
    If you read the story, and could figure out that the headline had some hyperbole in it, then you know what you need to know.
    Try and not get hung up on the details. They’ll kill ya.

  • Andy said,

    I don’t think the part about the bet plays into this as much as the fact that he was urinating on the field duriing the anthem…

    What gets my attention is not the part about the bet…What hits me in the face is the part about doing something like he did to disgrace our nation during our nation’s anthem….

    The bet part didn’ hit me, the part about the peeing did….

    Am I crazy or is it the preacher??????

  • Mike said,

    That’s the main thrust, Andy.
    “Ballplayer pees on a field during the National Anthem.”
    After you read that, you can’t get hung up on “did it on a bet” “got drove there on the short bus” “now not expected to play college ball” “seldom-used backup catcher” “nobody noticed his willy was out until they saw the stream” or any other ancillary factoids, implied or not by the writers.

    Preacher, ya got a typo in your name there, but notice this: everybody’s letting it slide [until now] and focusing on the main thrust of the issues. 😉

  • What? said,

    It’s the preacher he is the one making a big deal out of twenty dollars while everyone else is looking past that to the real issue.

  • Preacher dropping the truth and it hurts said,

    I don’t care about the kid peeing on the field. He did it. It was wrong. He’s been punished. He wasn’t making a political statement. He was just being a dumb teenager. No one died or even got hurt. A teenager doing something dumb ain’t exactly news.

    What bugs me is that Andy felt the need to put hot sauce on it by writing a deceptive headline in order to get views. Since you guys are apparently OK with that, get ready for him to just pull stuff out of the air in order to get more hits on stories about other un-interesting things.

    “Student drowns bag full of kittens during Metro 4-A Conference Track Championships”

    “Plane crashes in middle of the pool during High Point University swim meet”

    Go ahead, Andy. The peanut gallery has give you carte blanche. They don’t care if anything you write is true.

  • Andy said,

    Preacher, nobody’s oerfect, but you already knew that…

    You have your congregation and we have ours.

    We are trying to feed the sheep and we tend to believe that what we are printing is what the flock is interested in….You may say we are attempting to be cute, but I feel it is creativity and read all that we do here; we are heavy into the mission of bringing the sports information to the people and we don’t require an offering, just an opinion and we have received yours for this week and thanks…

  • I'm Okay With It said,


    I’m okay with it…LOL…Give it rest man…People play tricks all the time to get people to read articles…Big friggin deal man…If you don’t like it go read another sports site…Did someone bet you $20 bucks to get on here and look like a fool?