Greensboro Palomino Baseball Schedule for 2010

Posted by Andy Durham on May 18, 2010 at 2:56 pm under Amateur | 12 Comments to Read

(H) Denotes Home Team

Saturday May 29th @ Stoner White Stadium

11:00 Elks -v- Spirits (H)
1:15 Diamondbacks –v- North Chatham (H)
3:30 Catfish -v- McMichael (H)
5:45 EPC -v- Reidsville (H)

Sunday May 30th @ Stoner White

1: 00 McMichael -v- Diamondbacks (H)
3:15 Reidsville –v- North Chatham (H)
5:30 Catfish -v- Elks (H)
7:45 Spirits -v- EPC (H)

Tuesday June 1st @ Stoner White

6: 00 N. Chatham –v- McMichael (H)
8:15 Reidsville –v Spirits (H)

Thursday June 3rd @ Stoner White

6:00 EPC -v- Catfish (H)
8:15 Elks -v- Diamondbacks (H)

Saturday June 5th

2:00 McMichael -v- Reidsville @ Reidsville High School

Break For Exams, Graduation & Beach Trips

Sunday June 13th @ Stoner White

1:00 Reidsville -v- Elks (H)
3:15 Spirits –v- Diamonbacks (H)
5:30 EPC -v- McMichael (H)


Tuesday June 15th @ Stoner White

6:00 McMichael -v- Spirits (H)
8:15 EPC -v- Elks (H)

Thursday June 17th @ Stoner White

6:00 Spirits -v- North Chatham (H)
8:15 Reidsville –v- Catfish (H)

Saturday June 19th @ War Memorial Stadium

11:00 Diamondbacks -v- Reidsville (H)
1:15 Catfish -v- Spirits (H)
3:30 McMichael -v- Elks (H)
5:45 North Chatham -v- EPC (H)

Sunday June 20th @ War Memorial Stadium

2:00 EPC -v- Diamondbacks (H)
4:15 Spirits –v- Elks (H)

Sunday June 20th @ Jordon Matthews High School

2:00 Catfish –v- North Chatham (H)

Tuesday June 22nd @ War Memorial

6:00 Diamondbacks -v- McMichael (H)
8:15 Reidsville -v- EPC (H)

Wednesday June 23rd @ Jordon Matthews High School

7:00 North Chatham -v- Elks (H)

Wednesday June 23rd @ War Memorial

7:00 Spirits -v- Catfish (H)


Saturday June 26th @ Stoner White

11:00 North Chatham -v- Reidsville (H)
1:15 McMichael –v- Catfish (H)
3:30 Diamondbacks –v- Spirits (H)
5:45 Elks -v- EPC (H)

Sunday June 27th @ Stoner White

1:00 Spirits –v- Reidsville (H)
3:15 Elks -v- Catfish (H)
5:45 McMichael –v- EPC (H)

Sunday June 27th @ Jordon Matthews High School

2:00 North Chatham –v – Diamondbacks (H)

Tuesday June 29th @ Stoner White

6:00 Reidsville –v- McMichael (H)
8:15 Diamondbacks –v- Elks (H)

Wednesday June 30th @ Jordon Matthews High School

7:00 North Chatham –v- Catfish (H)

Thursday July 1st @ Stoner White

6:00 Diamondbacks -v- Catfish (H)
8:15 EPC -v- Spirits (H)

Friday July 2nd @ Stoner White

6:00 Elks -v—Reidsville (H)
8:15 McMichael -v- North Chatham (H)

Monday July 5th @ War Memorial

6:00 Elks -v- McMichael (H)
8:15 Diamondbacks -v- EPC (H)


Monday July 5th @ Jordon Matthews High School

7:00 North Chatham -v- Spirits (H)

Wednesday July 7th @ War Memorial

6:00 Reidsville –v- Diamondbacks (H)
8:15 Catfish -v- EPC (H)

Thursday July 8th @ Jordon Matthews

7:00 EPC -v- North Chatham (H)

Saturday July 10th @ Jordon Matthews

2:00 Elks –v- North Chatham (H)

Saturday July 10th @ Stoner White

1:00 Spirits –v- McMichael (H)
3:15 Catfish -v- Reidsville (H)
5:30 Catfish -v- Diamondbacks (H)

Sunday July 11th @ Stoner White

1:00 EPC -v- Reidsville (H)
3:15 Elks -v- Diamondbacks (H)
5:30 McMichael –v- Catfish (H)
7:45 North Chatham –v- Spirits (H)

Wednesday July 14th @ Stoner White

6:00 North Chatham –v- Diamonbacks (H)
8:15 Spirits –v- Elks (H)

Thursday July 15th @ Stoner White

6:00 EPC -v- Catfish (H)
8:15 McMichael –v- Reidsville (H)

  • jim said,

    for the uniformed, what age group is Palomino League? how are players selected?

  • Andy said,

    Usually high school juniors and seniors 17-18 year-olds, sometimes you’ll get an 18-year old college freshman in the there..

    We will have to do some sorting to find out what the team/school connections are this year…..

  • Palomino Historian said,

    Anything on Proehlific Power Team Schedule? Of course, we all know here in Greensboro, this league is by name only……None are true Palomino Teams, only the Power is registered as a Palomino Team. This league used to be one of the best and now, they don’t really play for anything…..those end of the year tournaments at Stoner-White with the Shockers, Patriots, and the team from Virginia where some of the best baseball… we have one team that has a chance to make it to the Palomino World Series???????? So unfair to all the other kids in this area!

  • been through it said,

    Historian, times change and Colt and Palomino did not change with it. Most of the more talented players join quality showcase teams, not ones started by Dad’s. And a few are giving Legion a try again. Most high school coaches are encouraging their kids to do this. Competition is much better as well as opportunities for the serious player. Doesn’t mean I like it. It’s just where things are today. Maybe things will change but right now Palomino is way behind as is Colt.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Does Palimino have boundries like Colt, or can you form an All-Star team?

  • Listen to yourself said,

    Been through it are you a DAD Im sure you know everything but maybe some kids cant afford showcase and just because they cant does not mean they are not serious players. If DAD knows what he is doing and can give kids a chance that might not have any other place to play Im all for it. There are some good people that are in charge of Palomino and they are to be commended for giving kids the opportunity to just play baseball. There are no Legion teams in Greensboro so that would mean the kid would have to travel maybe everybody dont have money like you DAD.
    Dont forget its about all the kids not just yours DAD.

  • eddie willis said,

    Dear palomino historian,
    If that is what you truly are ( maybe even a colt and pony historian too), instead of a horse’s a–, then you should know what has happened to summer baseball in this area. 1st, several parents in the area tried to kill it by setting up summer teams and taking all the best players in the area while the people running the leagues ( except for palomino for the most part) tore the rest of what remained apart while they tried to get power over all of the baseball for older players—during this period, they tried to operate independently of the hs coaches and proceeded to run off the best coaches because they could not control them ( that’s mainly pony and colt). There just was not enough credit to go around for most of these people! The leagues would not cooperate by allowing double participation for the better players and that’s basically where you are today. Interestingly enough, except for a handful of players, the ones who wanted double participation never really lived up to the potential that Impact and all of the other showcase management led them to believe they had ( some parents probably could have saved a couple of years private school tuition in the meantime. Also, we do not want to leave out the parks and recreation department for being complicit in assisting in the demise of summer baseball, as they quit allowing teams to practice on city fields and dumbed down the quality of youth baseball in the area from Pinto to Pony ( the same people who did this sat idly by and now they are suing over some type of promotional eeo issue)—tthey didn’t want to manage, but they wanted to be promoted and suckle more from the public t– without really providing any type of service to the general population. This is similar to what we are seeing with the GPD lawsuits currently.
    I will say that this is only my opinion, so I would love a bit of feedback from others,please.
    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • been there said,

    Yes I remember the day when the team from Virginia came down to play those touraments. Really made for some good baseball. Now when the team from Virginia comes down it is to play one team either the best of 3 or 5 games to see who goes to the Zone. There were some very good baseball games played during those Palomino tournaments.

  • been through it said,

    Listen to yourself, Legion is a great option if you can’t afford showcase. It is not very expensive. And even though Greensboro doesn’t have Legion, you can play for other area Legion teams. There is High Point, K-vegas, Asheboro, even Winston. And I don’t have a kid in either but have had a kid play all 3 in the past.

    Eddie’s comments are dead on. I don’t know Eddie but he has his facts straight.

  • baseball man said,

    Mr. Willis and “been through it” are very credible. I don’t know what their involvement is/was in youth baseball in this area, but it seems as if they were the people who should have been involved and trying to save baseball for the area instead of some of those who said they were. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to pony, colt, or palomino games, but the last time I saw any of them the quality of ball being played was way down. You add it all up, and that’s where we are today.

  • baseball man said,

    Come on, Andy. Don’t censor me when I call a “spade a spade”. I did not mention any names.

  • Andy said,

    But boy if we stayed that course it would be like the Charlotte NASCAR race and the man at the beginning would be saying:

    “Gentlemen Start Your Speculations”……..Names would be flying and nobody would be making it to the comment finish line and some of our race teams would be turning in their keys and their season would be over…

    Everyone wants to see those names as long as it is not theirs….

    Better safe than sorry on this time around the track…..