Chris Myers filling in for Dan Patrick becomes CMI apologizing for Katrina remarks

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Chris Myers on Fox Sports Radio is very well-known for his Chris Myers Interviews(CMI), but when he filled in for Dan Patrick on Monday’s Fox Sports Radio Show from 9am-12noon, Meyers got political and he got burned as his comments burned a hole right through the city of New Orleans…..

Here’s how it all went down when Myers said the folks in Nashville/Tennessee handled their disaster with grace, but the citizens of New Orleans were a disgrace when climbed to their rooftops seeking to blame the US Government for their difficulties….


Comments were made on Monday by Fox TV’s Chris Myers on the Dan Patrick Radio Show.

Myers, a former New Orleans resident, was discussing the massive floods in Tennessee and said “When a natural disaster hits, people were not standing on a rooftop trying to blame the government.” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu demanded an apology from Myers and Fox Sports, and received one. Myers wrote a letter to Landrieu, according to WWL radio, writing, “I would very much like to apologize to you and the people of New Orleans for the inappropriate and insensitive remarks I made this past Monday. Clearly, these remarks demonstrated poor judgment and I sincerely regret making them.” You can listen to Myers’ comments here.

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