NG Nighthawks fall in Round Three of NCHSAA Baseball Playoffs

Posted by Andy Durham on May 21, 2010 at 9:56 pm under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Chapel Hill: 4
Northern Guilford: 3

Winning pitcher: Blake Gilliam, 6 in
Losing pitcher: Austin Hardin, 6 in

George Carter: 2-3, 2 rbi
Andrew Strubinger: 2-3, 1 rbi

NGHS: 19-9

*****Comment from Northern Guilford coach Landon Kimrey in today’s N&R:

I tip my hat to Chapel Hill,” Kimrey said. “They played a good game.”

The season-ending loss was a bitter pill to swallow for the Nighthawks, who finished 19-9. But Kimrey was quick to praise his team, its senior class and especially his star player.

“We appreciate what (George Carter) has done for Northern Guilford both on the diamond and in the classroom,” he said. “He’s an example of what we want on our ballclub.”*****

  • FANS said,

    Be proud NG, you had a great season !

  • FANS said,

    George is a great player but it seems Kimrey forgets all the other players that have been there constantly for practices and games and do good in school, which is a requirement to play anyway, why not mention Harden, Harrington, Casciano, Dunn, Mas, Strubinger, Hudson, Arrendas and all the players that go to every practice, everyday, every game and still not get any chances. It’s hard to play ball with only one player. It’s really sad when a coach makes comments about having a STAR player when every player should be considered an important member. How does it look and make all the players feel when the coach show such favortism toward certain players constantly. I for one am grateful to the whole baseball team, way to go Nighthawks (the whole team), way to show everyone what you can do as a TEAM. Comments like this make it unfair to George who has to deal with people thinking he thinks he’s better than every one when in truth he just wants to play baseball like everybody else. Once again congratulations NORTHERN BASEBALL TEAM for a great season.

  • NighthawkFan said,

    By the way TEAM – ALL of the players did a great job this season. Hope to see the team coming back strong again next year.

  • NighthawkFan said,

    If your going to post something that is written in you should really post the whole thing, not just what you want to be seen , half of what was said above was deleted, I guess you can’t really state what you want to, it must not be politcially correct?

  • concerned said,

    It’s a real shame when you have a head coach who blatantly states he has a STAR player on the team. Shouldn’t a coach be more concerned with the whole team and not just a star player. I for one think it is an outrage that any coach should make such a distinction in a article for everyone to read. How does this make the other players feel? Not a cool move coach. Not saying to much for NGHS when you have coaches like this. If George was his star player why didn’t he make all conference? (chosen by coaches) he should have, maybe Kimrey is trying to make up for not picking him now. The WHOLE TEAM had a terrific season, with no thanks to Kimrey,they would have done just as good or better last year if they had a chance and no coaches were stating about having stars on the team, they appreciated all the players.

  • seen this before said,

    Unfortunately, the reporter does not write what all the coach says. He obviously commented on other players and his seniors. It says so in the article. The reporter did not quote him on that. The coach was asked about George Carter and he answered. The coach did not write the article and did not create the headlines. Also, George Carter made all conference.

  • fomer pro said,

    Quit whining and complaining and wake up to reality. When watching Sports Center any given day, they showcase pitchers who throw strikeouts, hitters hitting homeruns, or players making great defensive plays in the field. They never highlight the player who went to all practices and attended all meetings. They highlight the players who had a flash of greatness. This is true in all aspects of sports, life, and business, especially when it comes to the reporting side of things.

    Do businesses reward all average employees or give bonuses to those that rise to greatness? This is a great opportunity to teach your child a life lesson.

  • tom said,

    The above sounds like we have some crazy parents at Northern. You don’t what the coach said to the reporter and what was actually put in the article. Why do a lot of parents in this county think they know more than the coach and why do they think that their children are being overlooked? We have to be better than this type of controversy at Northern. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep your whining to yourself. The NG boys had a very good season and let’s just leave it at that.

  • Crazy said,

    Guy could have went undefeated and they would have complained about something. Talk about a NO WIN situation. He gets blasted for doing one thing after another. It clearly said in the article, “Kimrey was quick to praise his team, its senior class and especially his star player.” The freakin article was written by somebody at the Greensboro News and Record and was focused on George. They put the “STAR PLAYER” part in there. Blame the writer at the paper for the choice of words, not the coach. IDIOTS!!! Coach, I watched you for much of the year and you did a fine job with our young men. I know it is a thankless job, but I take my hat off to you and your perseverance through everything. Heck, one of the coaches from last year quit on the team in the middle of the season but still was bouncing around at the games and the parents were OK with that, but they get mad at this coach for stuff that is out of his control??? Are you kidding me…..

  • mike L said,

    Tough spot for the coach. reporters print only part of what people say. You either have to be polished in dealing with the media or not talk to them at all.

    As far as companies and individuals, the sum is greater than the parts. There is no “I” in team. Companies and teams succeed. Sure, it takes great individual efforts but it takes everyone. Carter is good but he doesn’t carry a team. And I’ll give the coach the benefit of the doubt and assume he mentioned everyone.

  • craig said,

    Tune in next time for another episode of “As the Northern Turns”.

  • Andy said,

    I thought Northern had a great season…Let’s be thankful for what the young Nighthawks were able to accomplish under first-year head coach Landon Kimrey.

    I don’t see why everyone is wanting to get on Coach Kimrey’s case. The team won the Conference Tournament and they advanced to Round Three of the State Playoffs in their first-ever baseball playoff run…..

    Yhe Northern fans may need to slow down a little bit and enjoy the ride…Don’t try and make it all happen so fast…..You have a great bunch of kids with Austin Hardin, Andrew Strubinger, Danny Casiano, Tripp Dunn Jeremy Campbell and there are many others to go along with the team leader George Carter….

    I know George gets a lot of pub, but I think he deserves it and every team needs a leader and George is that and more….He has already locked down that future stint in Chapel Hill unless the higher powers from MLB come calling at the end of his senior year…

    This was a great season for Northern as they and NEG lasted longer in the NCHSAA playoffs than any other of our teams in Guilford County and hats off to NG and NEG…

    Again, let’s be thankful that we have such talent out there on Spencer-Dixon Road and all those kids should be back together again next year for a deeper run in the playoffs….

    Good job Nighthawks and congratulations Coach Kimrey in your first year for taking the Nighthawks this deep in the playoffs and for winning the Conference Tournament Title….

    Parents support all your kids out there and you are lucky to have them and I may have left out a few names and that was not the intent…

    My intent is a positive touch being placed on the Northern season and great expectations as you prepare in the off-season for 2011….

    I have been following Carter since he was in the 9th grade and I owe him all the props he gets since kids like George Carter, Ray Crawford Jr., DeSean Anderson, Cal Sutphin, Josh Tobias, Brock Hudgens, Walt Sparks, Billy Stone, Ben Fultz, Tiger Miller, Sawyer Highfill, DJ Reader, Bennett Hixon and others are the ones that made this site what it is today…..

    Kids like Ray, Cal, Josh George and DeSean are the backbone of this site and I find it hard to say anything bad about these kids…..We owe them a large debt of gratitude and I really needed to put this out there before they are gone…

    Sometimes these kids get unjustly criticized and we need to stop and thank them for their hard work/efforts and not try and bring them down to someone else’s level….They just can’t all be equal, and they do deserve to hear it like it is, but that should not come from us, it should come from their coach and their parents….

    I for one again, want to thank all of the Guilford County kids for the memories that they gave us from this season and to the seniors, best of luck in the future and to High Point Wesleyan and to Vandalia, one more Shout Out for winning your State Championships….

    All of these kids are important and they have worked hard and we need to let them know that it did not go unnoticed……

  • RCball said,

    I feel like I need hip waders reading all of this BS.
    It is getting real deep!