Thoughts on Northern Guilford Baseball and the 2010 HS Baseball Season

Posted by Andy Durham on May 24, 2010 at 7:34 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

We had these thoughts in one of the comment boxes earlier today and thought it might be a good idea to bring them up front and center for those who may have missed the box…..

I thought Northern Guilford had a great baseball season…Let’s be thankful for what the young Nighthawks were able to accomplish under first-year head coach Landon Kimrey.

I don’t see why everyone is wanting to get on Coach Kimrey’s case. The team won the Conference Tournament and they advanced to Round Three of the State Playoffs in their first-ever baseball playoff run…..

The Northern fans may need to slow down a little bit and enjoy the ride…Don’t try and make it all happen so fast…..You have a great bunch of kids with Austin Hardin, Andrew Strubinger, Danny Casiano, Tripp Dunn Jeremy Campbell, DC Arendas and there are many others to go along with the team leader George Carter….

I know George gets a lot of pub, but I think he deserves it and every team needs a leader and George is that and more….He has already locked down that future stint in Chapel Hill unless the higher powers from MLB come calling at the end of his senior year…

This was a great season for Northern as they and NEG lasted longer in the NCHSAA playoffs than any other of our teams in Guilford County and hats off to NG and NEG…

Again, let’s be thankful that we have such talent out there on Spencer-Dixon Road and all those kids should be back together again next year for a deeper run in the playoffs….

Good job Nighthawks and congratulations Coach Kimrey in your first year for taking the Nighthawks this deep in the playoffs and for winning the Conference Tournament Title….

Parents support all your kids out there and you are lucky to have them and I may have left out a few names and that was not the intent…

My intent is a positive touch being placed on the Northern season and many great expectations as you prepare in the off-season for 2011….

I have been following Carter since he was in the 9th grade and I owe him all the props he gets, since kids like George Carter, Ray Crawford Jr., DeSean Anderson, Cal Sutphin, Josh Tobias, Brock Hudgens, Macon Smith, Joe Turkson, Walt Sparks, Billy Stone, Ben Fultz, Tiger Miller, Sawyer Highfill, DJ Reader, Tevin Neal, Bennett Hixon, Jon Bethea, AJ Williams and others are the ones that made this site what it is today…..

Kids like Ray, Cal, Josh, George and DeSean are the backbone of this site and I find it hard to say anything bad about these kids…..We owe them a large debt of gratitude and I really needed to put this out there before they are gone…

Sometimes these kids get unjustly criticized and we need to stop and thank them for their hard work/efforts and not try and bring them down to someone else’s level….They just can’t all be equal, and they do deserve to hear it like it is, but that should not come from us, it should come from their coach and their parents….

I for one again, want to thank all of the Guilford County kids for the memories that they gave us from this season and to the seniors, best of luck in the future and to High Point Wesleyan and to Vandalia, one more Shout Out for winning your State Championships….

All of these kids are important and they have worked hard and we need to let them know, that it did not go unnoticed……

  • Fan said,

    All of those players listed are seniors?

  • Andy said,

    Not all of them….Northern has loads of juniors and sophomores coming back and Tobias, Carter, and Miller are juniors, Reader is just a sophomore and there may be some more underclassmen up there on that list….

  • Andy said,

    I think Hixon is an underclassmen too, as he is on the State Games team as a high school player and not part of the senior team…….

  • Tom said,

    Northern will be fine. They have the same issues that most of the schools in our area have. Parents who have unrealistic expectations of their children are the issue. What type of parent calls the coaches and the kids out on this website? It is an unstable selfish individual who believes their child is being slighted. NG was 19-9 and went to the third round of the state playoffs. That sounds like a very successful season. Any parent that would complain about that doesn’t have the best interests of the team in mind.

  • coach said,

    It is safe to say no parent of a player that does not play – has the best interest of the team in mind. If there is one out there it is very rare, the only example may be if the parent is a coach and his son is on the team, yet does not play – similar to Coach Kent at Page when his son was a freshman.

  • mike c said,

    Not a bad kid in those kids named above. A lot to be proud of.

    This site does a lot of good for the kids. Didn’t have anything like this when I was playing HS just 10 years ago. If someone wanted to know who the good players were you had to go down to the barbershop.

  • Ram Fan said,

    Will you also recap the Northeast season like you did the Northern season? We were a sophomore dominated team. What do you think our chances are in 2011?

  • G fan said,

    What about some of the NE kids that are frequently mentioned names of this sight as well? For example: Luis Paula, Jaylin Davis, and the McCann twins. Don’t they deserve some credit too?

  • mo said,

    I think he was discussing kids that were here at the beginning of the site. Paula and Colon have done well up at NE. Their time will come, as will others.

  • Andy said,

    Luis Paula was on our pre-season watch list and mo is right, Paula, Colon, Harrison Phillips and the other NEG will bej among our cornerstones for the future….

    Most of the players we mentioned have been with us for several years now, along with Clint Moore and others and we wish them the best down the road….

    Speaking about down the road, insiders tell me to watch for Luis Paula and Joisel Colon to get to taken in the MLB draft right out of high school….These two kids are two to watch very closely since Paula has one year left and so does Colon….

    Tobias and Carter are two more names that the professional scouts will be monitoring in their last year of high school in 2011…..

    Matt Orth at SWG is another name we have to keep on the futures list……

    NWG cooled off some, but those kids will be back with Haack and Smuckers leading the way and Casey Jones, along with both Marreros at WG are going to keep people talking for the next couple years…..

    Just a few names on the list and we really started to see Paula and Colon come into foucs in last year’s Greensboro Colt Baseball Season and then later on in the Colt Zone action….

    (Weston Wilson and Will Johnson at High Point Central are two more kids that have a shot to make it up the ladder if they can find a ride from High Point to Greensboro during the summer…..)

  • eddie willis said,

    if the hpc baseball coach or the ad (former baseball coach) had their kid’s interests @ heart, they would make sure thay got to gso to play—-andy, it’s quite a stretch to think those 2 players from ne are anywhere near pro propects. are they very good hs players? yes, but it’s a long way form here to there and they are nowhere near that journey. i remember when cam cockman was the next coming and he probably didn’t get 25 ab in a 3-year career–no slamon him, just the facts about the toughest game in the world to excel @.

  • Andy said,

    Paula and Colon do have much work to do, but they are young and they still have summer and fall ball and then next year’s school season to go so there is time to make some impact and they(Paula and Colon) may end up making more impact in the summer than they do in the school year…..

    I think Will Johnson’s dad will make sure those HPC kids we mentioned get to all the Colt games in Greensboro, but I am still concerned about the Burrito kid….He is hispanic and can flat-out pitch and he needs a ride on occasion and this Burrito kid could start for any team in the state, but he needs some leadership over in HP…..

    Burrito can bring the heat, but he needs someone to bring him to the game or to make sure he gets to the game….

    I saw Nathan Cockman sitting out at NEG watching the NEG-Cardinal Gibbons playoff game last week and I was thinking to myself, that this kid could have done something big in baseball or in football……