The search is on at Wake Forest University

Posted by Andy Durham on May 26, 2010 at 6:21 pm under College | 7 Comments to Read

Wake Forest is searching for any members of former baseball All-American Charlie Tegue’s family.

Contact the Athletic Directors office ASAP.

Mr. Charlie Teague is in the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • aharrisss said,

    Send me an e-mail and I can get you that information.

  • Andy said,

    Just hit me at

  • Chris Phillips said,

    If you get any information, please let me know, and I can forward to the appropriate person in the Deacon Club.

  • Ed Phillips said,

    I have forwarded information to Chris Phillips and he is in touch with WFU. This factual info from very reliable source.

  • Andy said,


    I feel good about this info and you can tell them it came from Andy Durham at…….

  • Andy said,

    We just got this in from Charlie Teague’s son, Charles C. Teague III tonight(5/31/2010) and there a quite a few of us that spent quite a bit of time at Charlie Teague’s Sporting Goods Store…..A great man and a super baseball coach….

    from Charles C. Teague III:

    Charles Teague Jr was my Father. I live in Greensboro where Dad had his Sporting Goods Store.
    He was in poor health and passed away in 1996. My sister and I wish he could be here to receive his award.
    Thanks to all whom helped him throughout his career.

  • Andy said,

    from Charlie Teague’s grandson Casey Rierson(6/1/2010):

    Charlie Teague was my Grandfather on my Mothers side.I was blessed to be part of his life.He helped make me what I am today.He also taught me the love for baseball.I used to help him in his store when I was a young child and will always cherrish his love for family.Thank you all for your kind words.