Unsure about Schultz, could be UNCG? [News Flash: It is UNCG for Schultz!]

Posted by Andy Durham on May 26, 2010 at 6:46 pm under College, High School | 14 Comments to Read

[The word has come in and Pete Schultz is in at UNCG for baseball in 2010/2011.]

There was a lot of talk/a buzz, moving around last night, at the East Forsyth-Glenn baseball game, about Pete Schultz signing with UNCG. This was a verbal buzz with the air being filled with minds flashing/wondering about what is up with Pete for 2010/2011……

No one has been able to find anything about it, so Greensborosports.com was
wondering, if we could all work together, to figure this one out.

This would be a good signing/great catch for UNCG since Pete Schultz has been superb/stellar throughout the entire East Forsyth Eagles’ season.

Anybody got the good word on Pete Schultz?????

  • Drew said,

    Andy…talked to Pete today and it is official, Pete is a UNC-G Spartan! Congrats to him!! On a side note Andy, brother, Ryan Dull was selected to the 2nd team All-Big South today…bigsouthsports.net

  • Drew said,

    bigsouthsports.com * sorry about that

  • Andy said,

    Good news Drew and congratualtions to the Dull family.

  • realist said,

    hope his ball really moves b/c 83 mph won’t get it done at DI. Good luck to him

  • kirk said,

    Congrats to Pete. I was impressed with him all year. He pitched very well against Ragsdale. Good luck this Friday. Go get’em boys. You guys can win it all.

  • Ted said,

    That’s why he was 86-89 his last start. I’m pretty sure that’s solid at a DI school like UNCG.

  • Billy D. said,

    I think he throws harder than 83. More like the high 80s. He also locates his pitches well, as pitching is not all about lighting up a radar gun. I don’t think throwing low 80s without movement and location could get you 18 Ks in a playoff game. He also shut us (SWG) down in an earier start this season and had 15 Ks.

  • mike c said,

    It will at UNCG. They’re not that good and it worked for Slack when he got there. Wish him well.

  • leave no doubt said,

    Schultz is better than 83! Give me a break, realist! Pitching is more than velocity anyways. Grit, moxie, attitude and the ability to look at the guy you’re facing and just plainly telling him I am shoving on you today! Period. Good luck Schultz, you will be a good fit there!

  • realist said,

    Like I said, I wish him the best. Just hard to imagine a mid to upper 80’s pitcher that can locate and has grit, moxie, attitude, etc not signing until almost June. Understand that in college when you look at the guy you’re facing and plainly telling him I am shoving on you today that his response is going to be to bring it on and I am going to drill it right back at you. Low to mid 80’s will dominate most high school teams, playoffs or not- especially if you can locate. It will not in college.

  • old school said,

    I saw Schultz pitch several times this year and he will do fine at the next level’.

    It was obvious when I saw Pete pitch that he understood the game and knew how to hit his spots.

    It was refreshing to see a kid that went to the mound and pitched to win without looking into the stands to see what his Dad ‘s Radar Gun was reading.

    I also saw a bundle of kids at all college levels this year hitting the 9os, that could n’t get the job done.(seems to work at the showcases)

    Good Luck Pete

  • truth said,


    maybe Pete’s parents did not spend his college fund on the showcase circuit to get him signed earlier.

    i know many area kids that have fooled some college recruiters through the showcase system, and are in for a rude reality check when they meet their competition on the college field in the fall.

    I have seen Pete pitch, compete and win against some great lineups this year in games that actually meant something.

    He will have to continue to work hard and develop, to succeed in the So-Con, but I have no doubt that he can.

    keep working hard Pete and good things will happen.

  • Andy said,

    One of the questions becomes, will Mike Gaski still be coaching baseball at UNCG next year?????

    Just wondering……..

  • M.Akramsaim12812 said,

    It will at UNCG. They’re not that good and it worked for Slack when he got there. Wish him well.