Elon falls on Thursday at Southern Conference Tournament: Update on the Fight!

Posted by Andy Durham on May 28, 2010 at 12:13 pm under College | 10 Comments to Read

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The top-seeded Citadel Bulldogs rallied from a 2-1 deficit in the top of the ninth and scored three runs in the top of the 10th to claim a 6-3 victory over No. 4 seed Elon(37-20) in the second round of the 2010 Bennett Hofford Southern Conference Baseball Championship presented by Carolina Ford Dealers.

The Citadel (40-20) earned a day off with its victory and will return to action Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. against the winner of Friday’s matchup between Elon and Samford, at 7pm.

Drew Mahaffey (3-3) picked up the win for the Bulldogs. He allowed no hits and no runs while striking out one in 1.2 innings of work. Thomas Girdwood (3-2) suffered the loss for the Phoenix.

First baseman Justin Mackert led the Bulldogs, going 2-for-2 at the plate with two RBIs and one run scored. Catcher Grant Richards finished 2-for-4 with one RBI.

Designated hitter Ben Scott went 2-for-4 with an RBI for the Phoenix. Outfielder Harry Austin registered two hits in five appearances at the plate.

  • Roid Rage said,

    Could someone give the details on the bench clearing brawl in last nights game.

    Any suspensions ?

  • mark said,

    Heard there was a huge brawl near the end of the game. Play at the plate, catchewr creamed. Umpire initial call over turned giving the Citadel the tying run. Benches emptied, several players ejected and suspended for three games, one being Scott Riddle for Elon. One of the coaches got hurt in the scrum as well.

  • Andy said,

    Here is the headline from http://www.digtriad.com:

    “After Fight, Elon Drops 10-Inning Contest to The Citadel”

    That is the headline, but in the story they don’t really say anything about the fight….The article did indicate that Riddle hit his 6th homer of the season last night…

  • mark said,

    Here is the link I saw


  • Andy said,

    Thanks for sending this Mark….NEWS 2 down in Charleston was right on top of this brawl and it looked pretty rugged…

    The coach from The Citadel came out of this in pretty bad shape:

    During the brawl Bulldogs Head Coach Freddy Jordan suffered a seperated shoulder.

  • Steve said,

    Here is the link I saw


  • kirk said,

    I watched a video on youtube. Citadel guy ran over the catcher coming from 2nd on a single. Guy who hit the single took 2nd and spikes looked high on the slide. But the altercation was at the plate. # 22 and # 23 and # 18 from Elon took up for their catcher. Had a hard time seperating everyone. You can also see a link on http://www.thisboardrocks.com and go to preps, and baseball. You can judge for yourself.

  • Bryan said,

    #16 was the guy who showed the most force. #16—-Scott Riddle

    I’m having a hard time believing that this needed to go from a shouting match to UFC. Riddle won’t play until the title game if Elon gets there and Jared Kernodle, the set-up man and one the key arms out of pen, has the same suspension.

    There has been a lot of controversy with Elon/The Citadel in the SoCon Tourney over the past few years:

    2006: Multiple small confrontations and jawing on a 100 degree day and a loss that sent Elon packing 1 game before the title game
    2007: The Citadel hits what was ruled a grand slam, but turned out to hit a column LEFT of the left field foul pole on starter Jesse Letwer, who was near the end of his solid start. It ruined the game and the umps even admitted to Lewter after the game they made the wrong call.
    2010: This fracas….and they gotta play The Citadel again tomorrow.

    For those Hoppers fans out there….tomorrow’s game (or games if Elon wins the first) with the The Citadel could be like the last two games with Kannapolis in 2007 where both teams were far more interested in hitting each other than the baseball.

  • eddie willis said,

    Spikes high? That looked like a solid play to me without any extra curricular activity like elbows, etc. . It wasn’t even much of a slide as far as I could tell, and the Elon catcher was a little on the 3rd base side but protecting none the less. I think college boys got their testosterone flowing, someone said something, and the situation got out of hand. IMHO, the umpires could have reacted a little quicker and diffused the whole thing. The “that’s baseball ” comment from one of the Citadel players didn’t prevent the situation from escalating.
    It’s amazing to me that anyone could see spikes a little high though, but I guess it’s another example of how people view the same incident and you get different stories from everyone.

  • Daily testing said,


    I think you may be right on the testosterone flowing.

    Looked like #16 started it with the push, and then got out of the action like any good Quarterback would.

    Then #22 or 23 went head first into the action to really get it going (wonder what his T levels were at?).

    Unfortunate incident, but could see it happening with some kids mentalities.