To do, or not to do? That is the McAdoo’s question…..

Posted by Andy Durham on June 6, 2010 at 5:47 pm under College, High School | 5 Comments to Read

What do you do if you are the McAdoos????? You have a son, James, who can stay in high school and continue playing basketball, or he can take his game on to college and probably start the minute he steps on the court at the Dean Dome….

For his father, Ronnie McAdoo, it is a ‘stay or go’ decision and it won’t be an easy one to make….

Scott Fowler from the Charlotte Observer takes a closer look at this very important, upcoming decision, for this family whose close relative Bob McAdoo, was one and done at North Carolina and he was the first man to leave Chapel Hill early and hit the pros in basketball….

For this McAdoo family, the decision is a little more complicated….

James McAdoo has a decision to make. It’s the familiar “stay-or-go” quandary that faces many basketball players, but this time it comes with a twist.

McAdoo is in high school.

CLICK HERE for Scott Fowler’s article and you’ll see what we mean…..

  • McAdon't said,

    Stay in high school and reopen your recruiting. Roy Williams does not care about you as an individual.

  • Andy said,

    What would Bobby Mac a do?

  • John Allen said,

    Unless I am mistaken . McAdoo is a Re-class. So he is already 18. Dawkins that went a year early to Duke was not a Re-class. I saw McAdoo play January at the Coliseum, he sure looked ready to me. Good Luck either way.

  • Andy said,

    I do believe that McAdoo will not turn 18 until January and his family is close and good friends with Andre Dawkins’ family and the two are exchanging info as Ronnie, James and company make the final cut…

    I also saw McAdoo at the Coliseum and never having seen him play before, I was impressed at how well he can handle the ball on the wing at 6’8….

    I don’t see this kid as Power Forward, but that is the way UNC says they are recruiting him and I still say he will be better off out on that wing like a Danny Green…..

  • eddie willis said,

    Not only was he the first “one and done”, but he was also their first JC player.