A list of HS seniors and where they are going?????

Posted by Andy Durham on June 7, 2010 at 3:21 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

A good idea came in from Tommy T this weekend and we have had some response and we’ll add a few names and then maybe you can add some more names of the HS seniors and where these athletes might be headed this fall…..I bet a car load or two have already made their way to Myrtle Beach University for a one-week summer semester, but let’s take a look at the long-term plans and where that might take them…The one kid that I wish we could have met was Alex Kubrick, since she had that famous uncle, Stanley Kubrick, who came up with “A Clockwork Orange”, and other famous films….

Macon Smith:Western Guilford to Western Carolina
Josh Morehead:Eastern Guilford to NC Central
Keenan Allen:Northern Guilford to California
Matt Farris:Northern Guilford to Campbell
David Amerson:Dudley to N.C. State
Ray Crawford Jr.:Dudley to UNCG
Jonathan Frye:Northern Guilford to Tulane
Tre Radcliffe:Eastern Guilford to NC Wesleyan
Jon Spain:Page to Elon
Brock Hudgens:SWG to Charlotte
Cal Sutphin:SWG to Liberty University
******Send some others and help us with this list…..*****

Ragsdale Kids:
Jordan Morris football Lenoir Rhyne
Cedric Ellison football Wingate
Daniel McNeill football NC A&T
Walt Sparks football U of Richmond
Billy Stone football Campbell
Luke Sonnricker football Campbell
Tyler Ritter football Hampden Sydney
Elliott Cobb football Washington & Lee
Kasey Redfern football Wofford
Chris Armwood track (possibly football in 2012) UNC Charlotte

Ben Fultz baseball ECU
DeSean Anderson baseball South Carolina or MLB
Mike Whited baseball Catawba

Kalik Parker basketball

Alex Kubrick girls soccer UNC Charlotte

  • mark said,


    Briggs Kensington and Jacob Ericson will be playing lacrosse for Lenoir Rhyne and there is another kid whose name escapes me that will be playing lacrosse for Guilford College.

  • Steve said,

    Carter Smith soccer Grimsley to Randolph College

  • Tom said,

    From Northern:

    VonTreece Hayes – Pfeiffer to play basketball
    Molly Tahmaseb – Hollins to play basketball
    Jeesica Johnson – NC State
    Kelly Tessitore – UNC Chapel Hill on the NC Teaching Fellowship – plans to play club bball and soccer

    You can say whatever you want about Northern, but these are 4 quality individuals who will be great in whatever they do. Go Nighthawks!

    BTW, it sounds like the Ragsdale program really has its act together. Congrats to all of the kids in the county who have succeeded on the field and in the classroom.

    Please chime in on where all of the other kid’s in the county are going. We always like to follow their progress.

  • Nuke LaLoosh said,

    From Southeast:

    PJ Powell – NC A&T
    DeShaun Petress – NC Wesleyan

  • rhs09 said,

    kalik is attending hudson valley in upstate new york.

    Congrats and goodluck to all the athletes.

    Ragsdale sports won’t ever be the same after they lose this bunch.

  • hornetpride said,

    Western Guilford (Sorry if I missed a few)

    Joe Turkson- Campbell (Baseball)
    Langston Powell- Anderson (Wrestling)
    Macon Smith- WCU (Baseball)
    Akasha Kasper- Queens (Womens Lax)
    Jabri R.- Presbyterian (Football)
    Aaron Jones- Coastal Carolina (Football)
    Catrina Green- GWU (Basketball)
    Chris DeSanto- Lees McRae (Soccer)

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Dudley (Baseball)
    Jabril Shabazz Shaw University
    Eric Kimber North Carolina Central University
    Sharod Williams North Carolina Central University
    Tevin Neal University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    Alex Moore North Carolina Central University
    Ray Crawford University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • mike said,

    Tevin is going to play baseball for UNC?

  • GC Fan said,

    Looking over all the county schools you have just about got all of them. Two names I kept up with this fall are Josh McDuffie and Warren Scott of Southern Guiford.

    McDuffie to UNC Pembroke (football)
    Scott to Louisburg Junior College (football)

  • Andy said,

    I’m not sure if he will be playing baseball, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tevin wasn’t headed to UNC on an academic scholarship…..Probably heading that way for the academics…

  • mark said,

    Ragsdale and it’s coaching staffs does have it’s act together but a big part is that 2010 was a very special class. They may never see another group this large in superb athletes. I know they didn’t graduate from Ragsdale but if they had stayed you could have added Jonathan Frye, Jay Canty and Duece Bello to that list. An unbeleivable class

  • gotta be a joke right! said,

    Anderson South Carolina or MLB? Are you serious? Just because you say that you would sign if drafted doesn’t mean that you will get drafted! Brings back the topic of kids committing three or four years before they graduate. There is no way someone can be projected as anything at that time. I am NOT bashing this kid or any kid for that matter, let’s just reel it in a lil bit on the media coverage of kids these days. Let the coaches come to games and see if a kid can compete and contribute for their program instead of reading what a kid has done 7000 times. And I am as proud of these kids as I was of myself when I made my choice to continue my education and play collegiate athletics. The choice I made with my parents my senior year of high school.

  • Dudley Alum said,

    Andy you are right Tevin has a GPA of 4.00 or higher but if he were given a chance he could play for Carolina. He is just as good of a baseball player as some that are on that Carolina Team maybe better.

  • Andy said,

    I don’t think it is that far-fetched that we might have a kid from the Guilford County or the area drafted this year…..

    We had three local kids get selected last season with Wil Myers(HP Wesleyan), Nick McBride(Ragsdale) and Daniel Tuttle(Randleman)…..

    I’m sure there have been talks and Anderson was at the big tournament down at East Cobb, Georgia last summer and was seen by quite a few scouts….

    Myers had South Carolina or the pros and chose the pros…I’m glad Desean has South Carolina and good luck with his dream of making it to the pros one day…..

    South Carolina has an interesting NCAA matchup coming up this week at Myrtle Beach vs. Coastal Carolina with chance to qualify for the College Baseball World Series and Ray Tanner has his stuff together down in Columbia….

    Who knows about that MLB Draft coming up after the NCAA’s, should all be interesting……

  • mo said,

    NO joke, Anderson is being told by many MLB teams that he will get drafted. The kid nor his family do not talk about. maybe he gets drafted, maybe he doesn’t. But he has great options and he has earned them.

    As far as grades, more than half of that Ragsdale group had over a 4.0 GPA. Look at the schools they are going to attend. Washington & Lee, Wofford, Richmond. The Kubrick girl was near the top in her class.

  • mark said,

    no joke

    Anderson was drafted today by the Red Sox. 30th round. Late – but on the second day. Hope he still goes to USC because he can play his way up a lot higher than that. He’s tearing it up in legion ball this summer. Watched him go 4-5 with two DBs and a HR last weekend.

  • Andy said,

    The Red Sox might have been hiding Desean with that low pick and he still might get offered a good deal….

    The NY Yankees did the same thing with Garrison Lassiter a couple of years ago and it was all worked out before the draft and he still got high draft pick money since he was willing to work with the team to help them with the picks….