Continuing our HS Football Blogging and Looking at the Linemen

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*****Added on Tuesday June 8, 2010*****

It just about time to start thinking about who is going to be blocking for all those runningbacks and quarterbacks that we have been talking about and let’s throw some names out here at you and then let some of you send in some more names that we need to be looking at…

Linemen and we have quite a few, but let’s look at a few that have reached what some of the old school coaches call, the Elite Status….

The Stadnik Brothers at Western Guilford are there and as these two kids get older, I believe they are rising juniors, they might reach the status of the Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott….These two are big and with their dad coming out of the NFL, they have the genetic makeup that coincides with a cetain pedigree, and this gives them an edge over some of the other linemen in the area….These boys are probably in the film room during the summer and the off-season and they are soaking it in and if they can develop quick feet, they could reach National Status before they graduate…

The Stadniks have a teammate at WG in Tyler Stutts and Stutts has kicked a few butts during his time on the line for the Hornets…Although not as big weight-wise as the Stadniks, he is a basketball player as well as a gridiron specialist and the quickness he possesses makes him a formidable foe….That is something that you don’t want to trade off….Stutts at around 6’3 or 6’4 and with speed and quickness that makes you think of an Ethan Albright prototype player……

More linemen that we have followed and if you want to set up a Guilford County line, we could do it with Jay White of High Point Central and DJ Reader(Grimsley HS) at the tackles, Brock Stadnik likes to play tackle too, but in this case we will have both Stadniks at guard, Seth Stone(Southeast Guilford HS) will be our center and Stutts will line up as a Tight End, but he will be there for blocking purposes only……Matt Sugg at Northwest Guilford will be avaiable to fill in at any of our line positions and I saw him play last year and he is going to be on our radar in a much bigger role this season….

If we need more depth we could always throw the Stadnik’s mom and dad out there for decoys…..Both of them could toe the line on our team…

We talked about the Stadniks and Stutts at WG and we also have the Jay White kid at High Point Central….White might be the top lineman in the area and he has put on 30-40 pounds of muscle in the off-season so far and now weighs in the neighborhood of 300-plus pounds…White will make Bison QB Drew Adams and WR Derek Grant very happy campers when HPC hits the field this season….White is living large and he is the man that can drive the van at High Point Central and he will push the sled till he’s nearly dead and then get up and knock somebody down again…..White may have to carry papers with him to the field this season and have his teammates sign a waiver/release before he hits them, ’cause this kid is lethal….

Seth Stone, at Southeast Guilford has been a starter since he was freshman with the Falcons and he is still gowing and getting stronger….Stone lives in the weightroom in the summer at SEG and the younger players look up to him as the team’s Rock of Gibralter….Stone is a huge Texas Longhorn fan and it will be interesting to see if he has a chance to fullfill his dream and play for Coach Mack Brown one day….Stone is by far the strongest player on the Falcons’s squad and let’s hope he has a productive senior season at Southeast…

Most of these kids can play on both sides of the line if necessary and we have mainly kept our focus today, on what they will be doing when they are called upon to block for their respective teammates, and some coaches may end up drawing the line and only let the boys play offense and no defense or vice versa, but if it was up to me, I would use them at least some of the game both ways, so I would then have my best athletes on the field at all times….

And that brings us to our last lineman of the day and that is little DJ Reader…..Could be the best all-around athlete in the county since he can play football, basketball and baseball and he started at one time or another, in all three last season for the Grimsley Whirlies….Reader has been a regular on both sides of the line since he was a freshman and he will be a junior this coming year and he reminds me and maybe some other fans, of the former Whirlie superstud lineman, Ruben Davis, who played at North Carolina and later on in the NFL…

Not too many people are going to argue with me about what David DJ Reader is bringing to the table and if there is food on the table, there won’t be any left when DJ gets up and I say that in a nice way, this kid is just flat-out BIG….

I haven’t seen Jay White, I have just been getting reports about his growth coming out of High Point, but if there is a bigger man than Reader around, I want to see him, and if he is available, we want him to block for us next Thanksgiving in the annual Turkey Day game….Reader checks in at around 6’3 315 and he is still a growing boy….And he is a good boy, based on all that I have seen from him over the past two years….If I had to pick a player to recommend to the college coaches today, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them DJ Reader’s name….

The Smith Golden Eagles have almost all their “O” line back from last season, but we will need to hear from them and get those names out your way, since Smith has not quite attained household name staus yet, but they are surely working on it….Northern would have to have some noteable linemen too, to go with their high octane offense led by Scarfone, Harris, Logan and Downing, but we will have to do some researching and get those names to you and Ragsdale has linemen left, but who are they????? We want to know……

At least we have put enough info out here for today to get the ball rolling again….

*****Added on Monday June 7, 2010*****

Players that we are looking closer at today are Airyn Willis, the athlete at Southwest Guilford, the Pauley twins, LB’s at Northwest and Josh Hawkins, RB at Glenn…

The question on Willis is how will SWG use him this year????? Last season he was at WR with Davis Inman at QB and then the Cowboys moved Willis to QB for the Ragsdale game….How will Willis do in 2010??? It really does depend on how SWG plays him, whether it be at QB, WR, or RB or on defense too….Willis is thought to be the best athlete in the area, by some HS football insiders…..

The Pauley twins at NWG are Alex and Austin and they both are outstanding linebackers and they spend time at RB and WR on offense….I have been hearing their names for many years, but haven’t had the chance to see them play for any length of time…We will try and keep them on our watch list and see what type of season they have for the NWG Vikings….It is our understanding that they have several colleges interested in their services….They could set the tone for the NWG defense this season and that could help the Vikings work their way into a contenders spot in the Piedmont Triad Athletic Coference…..

Josh Hawkins is not in Guilford County, but he will have an impact on GC football outcomes from his RB spot at Glenn….Hawkins was a big name last season and if I get a chance to talk to runningbacks, I tell them, go out and get me 1,200 yards and at least 15 TD’s and I can get you into a college somewhere if you have a desire to move on to the next level……Write it down, 15 TD’s and 1,200 yards, and those are attainable goals….

That is a brief look at our Monday update and we will try and keep this post popping as we continue to receive more information…..

*****Added Sunday June 6, 2010….*****

Scarfone will be the Northern Guilford quarterback and they are hoping to be able to use Harris like they did Keenan Allen last year….In some areas, Harris is better than Allen, but in the areas where Allen was good, he was REAL GOOD…..

The kid Sean Ples(Northeast Guilford) will be among the top 5 runningbacks in Guilford County with Smith, Rogers, Gaylord/McCorkle, Dillon and Ples plus add on the young back Logan at Northern……

Ples will be very hard to stop and we all know that NEG loves to run the ball and Ples will not go down until he has been tackled 10-12 times and this means you will have to soften him up….

I’d hit him as hard as I could early, cause he will be a load to bring down and when you mix him in with the NEG Rams’ quick backs that hit the hole in a hurry, you have the triple option causing quadruple problems….Good luck D’ Linemen and LB’s and DB’s by the time he gets to you, you better call somebody to jump on the train with you cause this one is headed down the tracks like a loaded locomotive and the motive is 6 points…..

*****Added Saturday June 5, 2010….*****

To make this an on-going blog we need to add or make changes and we need to add Rocco Scarfone to our list of players to watch….He will be the QB at Northern Guilford as he enters his senior year and part of his job will be to get the ball to athlete Maurice Harris…..Scarfone is not being looked at as a quarterback for college, but with his speed(100/200 meters) he may be able to line up at another position….Northern also has a RB up from the JV’s, TJ Logan(I can never remember this kids last name, but it is Logan and if he is as good as he showed last year on JV, then he will be money and I discovered him on Thurdays last season and just can’t remember his last name), I think it is, and this kid can score….6 TD’s in a JV game last season…

Speaking of JV football teams, Page and Northwest Guilford both went unbeaten last year and that should carry over quickly to their varsity squads….The JV runningback from NWG that we were thinking of yesterday, is Baxter and he scored right at 25 TD’s last season and he has the speed to make it happen at the next level….

More to be added as we keep on tracking the upcoming season….You like the start of our coverage?????

  • Justafan said,

    How about Will Fox over at page maybe the best offensive guard in the city

  • Andy said,

    Thank you for the reminder on Will Foxx…..

  • PantherzFans said,

    Northern’s offense is going to struggle this season without Mr.Everything Keenan Allen! Gone are the days of 42+ points per game.

    Northern might start the season 1-4….They might beat Western…Then it’s NEG, Dudley, and NWG. This might be a tough season for the nighthawks!

  • Joe Barile said,

    Yeah, I was going to say something about Will Foxx too.. probably the best guard in the county.. one of the best in the triad for sure..

  • Page Fan said,

    LOL Andy,

    How in the world could you leave Will Foxx out of this conversation? I’m glad some others have mentioned him. The boy is a beast, and I know this because I’ve watched him play for the last two seasons. If you can envision a snow plow, well, that is what Will Foxx looks like when he is blocking. Will is plowing and the defenders bounce off him like they are snow…lol…Okay, just trying to be a little funny with that one, but he is definitely the anchor for that Pirate line. I’ve heard he has offers coming in with the most notable right now being East Carolina.

    DJ Reader is another good one. I’ve seen him play in a few games and knew when he was starting as a freshmen that this kid was something special with his size. I would love to see him at tackle and Will Foxx at guard side by side. Oh man, that would be NASTY…

  • GCcoach said,

    Damian Werrell, 6’2 290 pound offensive lineman and Russell Nation another 6’2 275 pound offensive lineman should help the running game at Eastern Guilford. I am glad that Eastern who finished last season strong and ended the season by losing on the one inch line to the eventual state runner up, is being overlooked.

  • Andy said,

    Thanks for the word on Eastern….These are the things that we need to be made aware of and we got the word on their kicker, Tyler Hunt and now he can move on to the radar with our other players….

    Thanks again, GCoach….

  • Anonymous said,

    the whole SEG line should be pretty good this year.

    just saying

  • High Point Central Fan said,

    While Andy is talking about the great linemen blocking for the great running backs this upcoming season he is leaving out who i think is one of the better running backs in the Greensboro area and that is one of the Pauley twins. I’m thinking its Austin who plays both ways with his twin brother, i think the Dillon kid is a decent fullback but the Pauley who is #6 carries the load even after playing on the defensive side of the ball. Last season he made all county for weeks in a row when running the football, and i know when Central played the Vikings at Northwest both Pauley’s had spectacular performance. I heard colleges are looking at #6 for both running back and linebacker, the other twin is getting an abundance of looks at the linebacker position. Good luck to every team this upcoming season, it should be interesting!