It must be Summer: Watermelons are here…

Posted by Andy Durham on June 8, 2010 at 10:18 am under Uncategorized | Read the First Comment

Heading down Randleman Road this morning and I saw a truckload of watermelons in a parking lot and that means Summer is now officially here….

When you see watermelons for sale on the side of the road, it’s Summer……And when you see a bunch of young high schoolers grab an armload of those watermelons and start running toward their home space or home slice if you will, The Race/Chase is On….

And it has been for years….Spent many a Summer in the watermelon patch or the neighbor’s patch and there is nothing like a morning break, when you break open a watermelon on a rock or on the ground and you go right to work eating that melon and filling your belly with a fruit or a vegetable, depending on which farmer you are working with on that day….

The Watermelons are here and let the Summer Fun begin!!!!!

  • Summertime said,

    Summertime……..Gotta Love it! With that comes football preseason!!! Can’t wait!!!!