Player moves in Guilford County for HS Basketball in 2010-11

Posted by Andy Durham on June 9, 2010 at 3:04 pm under High School | 19 Comments to Read

At least a couple of basketball player moves already, as we finish up school for the year in Guilford County this week, with Jalen Ross(PG) leaving Northern Guilford and entering Greensboro Day School and Reed Lucas(2G) cheking out at Northwest Guilford and entering the Greensboro Day School….

Ross from Northern to GDS and Lucas from NWG to GDS….

Last year, Quayshad Williams(C/F…4 and 5) at Eastern Guilford made the switch to GDS along with Luke Thomas(2G) who came over to GDS from High Point Central…..

  • eg? said,

    any word on Huffman and Dawkins from EG, i heard they might be transferring??

  • Andy said,

    No word so far on either one of those young men…..

    There will be other names surfacing soon throughout the county for football and basketball…

    There may be some coaching announcements somewhere down the road too….

  • fly on the wall said,

    Joseph Uchebo to word of god?

  • Andy said,

    Nope on Uchebo and no Mount Zion for him either……He is staying at Oak Ridge Military Academy and he will play basketball there one more year and then head on to N.C. State in the fall of 2011/2012……..

  • Pack Fan said,

    Pack pride is reporting Uchebo will no longer attend ORMA>>>>

  • Really said,

    Really? Huffman and Dawkins to transfer? If they are smart they will stay where they are at so that they get an opportunity to play. Huffman is a liabilty at point guard because of his reckless ball handling and selfish play. He has an average outside shot at best. Dawkins is a “pure” shooter and can get hot from the outside but unless he improves in the weight room bigger stronger players dominate him on the post and anywhere inside the three point line. I saw three or four games this year where Dawkins barely scored because his outside shot wasn’t falling and he couldn’t do anything on the inside because he is weak. These guys have a lot of improving to do before they “transfer”.

  • Andy said,

    Coach K said two weeks ago that Uchebo was staying at ORMA for his final year….

  • Andy said,

    Word last night was that Weston Wilson from High Point Central is transferring to High Point Wesleyan for baseball….He and and his family are very good friends with HPW coach Scott Davis and I got this info on the move last night from two very reliable sources…..

    Weston Wilson is a very strong prospect/player and he will be sophomore next season….

  • Andy said,

    I have watched Huffman at Eastern Guilford playing the point guard spot several times and he has an upside, he just needs some guidance to help him develop his own leadership on the court, so he can be a leader for his teammates….

    He must improve upon his decision making skills and this can come, but he can’t be told to just go out there and run loose…..We all have to have a method to our madness and he can help any team he is with because he had that “no fear” factor about him….

    He will penetrate into the lane and go amongst the trees, he just needs to coached more about what to do when he gets deep into that lane and that goes back to the decision making prosesses….

    I don’t know as much about Dawkins, so I can’t speak on that in detail…..

  • Word on the Street said,

    Word on the street is some girls basketball players are leaving NGHS as well.

  • he is leaving apparently said,

    Uchebo is gone from ORMA. It is in the Winston-Salem newspaper today. The comments below the article are interesting though they may or may not be true. Nobody seems to know where he is going to school next year.

  • Andy said,

    You guys are right….Joseph Uchebo is gone….

    Uchebo was released due to conduct detrimental to the team and that is the statement from Coach K…

    Just got off of the phone with him and I will go to work on the Journal piece…

    Uchebo is gone and they are not sure where he will land next…

    All of this is happening fast and we will have the announcement of new coaches coming to ORMA very soon on the site…

  • Andy said,

    I spoke to Coach Kim Furlough(Northern Guilford girls baskketball) on Tuesday and she is very excited about next season. Both Coffers will be back(Samantha and Amanda) and she will have her point guard(Aysha Milton, I think it is) and her top #3 player returning….

    I saw Coach at the library out of New Garden Road as she was on a run with her son Matt and again, she is looking forward to next season….

  • Andy said,

    Some of our Guilford County Schools are going to be losing players from their teams due to the new 2.0 grade(C average across the board) requirement and we will not speculate on names that fall into this category until later on in the summer when all the last 9 weeks grades have been finalized….

    It would be unfair to start tossing names of these kids around until all the details have been sorted out…..There will always be speculation, but the final word on these reports is still inconclusive……

    (Unless you threw your books out the window and did not take your final exams and let’s hope that is not happening in Guilford County.)

  • tom said,

    I understand that this is the way it is now, but this still amazes me. Stay at your home school and enjoy the friends you grew up with. There are plenty of opportunities to work on your game. We now have kids who are stars on their teams transferring. I can tell you from experience that you remember the people you played with more than the games themselves. Without your friends, you are basically a free agent and your memories will be only about you.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    I won’t speculate who will be going to NGHS for the girls bball team but I know they are losing some key players besides the seniors. Andy you may need to have another conversation with Kim. Your facts are no longer true. I wish all the best of luck at their new destination. Tom I will have ti disagree. If one is not happy with their home school then they should leave. Some coaches won’t give a player a chance no matter how hard they work. This comes from first hand experience and not speculation.

  • Tom said,

    I realize I am in the minority here. Most people I talk to agree with your point of view. Jumping around from school to school just doesn’t work all of the time. I know there are some success stories, but there are also a lot of failures. I have talked to several college kids who didn’t like the way they are being used so they are transferring. I know some that transferred and are no longer playing basketball at all.We are in the era of transferring and I am interested to see if anything changes in the next 10-15 years.
    I wish no ill will to any of these players and their families. I want them all to succeed. My only point is that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else.

  • to Basketball FAn said,

    I agree with Tom, because obviously your experience doesn’t include a star. Now, that is okay, and if you think your experience just doesn’t ever get a chance, then so be it I am okay with a transfer like that. Everyone deserves a shot to play, and if there are better players playing and the non-star is just not good enough to crack the lineup, then go ahead and make that move to be able to play somewhere else.

    I do believe if the kid doesn’t have a chance to play in college, then there is nothing wrong with being a role player; therefore, stay with the team. I’m sure they have friends on the team who cares about them, and sitting around crying about playing time when it won’t matter after high school anyways is really irrelevant IMO. Every team has role players and every team needs them.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    To Basketball FAn:

    My experience does include a star who plays at the college level. However how they got there, was no help from their high school coach. My experience includes being highly recruited from many colleges/universities. Those looks came from AAU. When colleges were interested, the high school coach would talk about their “star player” and would come back and tell my experience. This high school coach did not give my experience the shot they deserved after working hard on/off season, on/off the court. My experience includes athletic and academic scholarship. Once again, with no help from the high school coach. Once the high school coach was tactfully left out of the picture, more offeres started to come. So before you judge on what a “star” is/should be maybe you should listen to the content and not generalize. Some parents do know what they are doing and they are going to do what is best for their child. Period.