Where have all the kickers gone?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 9, 2010 at 12:25 pm under High School | Read the First Comment

*****Updated HS football blog on Wednesday June 9*****

With Kasey Redfern(Ragsdale HS) gone, Austin Anthony(Page) gone, the Lopez kid from Smith gone and Matt Millisor has been long gone to ECU, it begs me to ask the question, “Where have all the kickers gone”?????

Do we have any kickers left out there for the 2011 season?

Ryan Wall over at Ragsdale has been around for about three years now and he is ready to assume his throne and it is on, for the Tigers….Waiting in the wings over there in Jamestown I hear, is Redfern’s younger brother….

Ragsdale must have one heck of a family practice medical facility cause they have had Matt Heavner, Luke Heavner, Tim Romer, Pete Romer, Walt Sparks, Duncan Sparks, Billy Stone, Sharon Stone, well that may be getting off of the subject, but I think you get the idea….

Ryan Wall is back to kick for Ragsdale and he, like so many of our other locals, has been through the Don Osborne Triad School of Football Kicking in Thomasville…..(DOT/SFKT)

I not sure if he attends the Sunday sessions in T’ville, but Austin Miller is due back for High Point Central and they may have another place kicker or punter back as well….(The other Bison booter is Max Law and the punter from last season, Evan Aguilar has graduated.)

Brandon Burkes is back for Dudley and this young man is a football/baseball phenom that may one day put N.C. State’s Russell Wilson to shame….Burkes can boot and last year he had a bad foot for a while, but he got strong at the end of the year and started putting those extra points through with regularity, for a Panther team that has never had a true kicker….

Burkes was sharing kickoff duties with Denzel Jones, but by the end of the year, I believe that Burkes had taken over those KO duties as well for the Panthers…..One of the Dudley DB’s(Davarious Martin) used to do the punting and he was also their punt return and kickoff return man as well, and you don’t see that, that often…..

Burkes should be the Panthers’ top tackler from his linebacking spot and along with Denzel Jones he will work to anchor that Dudley “D”….Burkes could line up at fullback and he has played tight end in the past, so Burkes will not get many breaks once they blow the opening whistle to start the games, on Friday nights at Dudley this fall…..

On the kickers, I have only been able to dig up about three-four so far, but I know Coach Loosemore, at Eastern Guilford, has a kid that has worked with Don and the kid did a good job for the Wildcats last season….

Do we have others out there that are going unnoticed?????

We again ask the question:

“Where have all the kickers gone”?????

  • GCcoach said,

    Kicker at Eastern Guilford is Tyler Hunt, made all conference as a sophomore punter. He also does the kicking for Eastern.