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Posted by Andy Durham on June 10, 2010 at 11:47 am under High School | Read the First Comment

We found a couple of linemen from down at Eastern Guilford yesterday and we would look forward to seeing more of these two young men when they have the 7 on 7’s on June 26 at EG, sponsored by the Holt brothers, but the linemen don’t really factor into the 7 on 7’s since that mainly features the QB and WR’s versus the DB’s…..

The two linemen are:

Damian Werrell, 6′2 290 pound offensive lineman and Russell Nation another 6′2 275 pound offensive lineman should help the running game at Eastern Guilford.

Eastern also has a kicker that was brought to our attention named Tyler Hunt and he was the booter there last year and he replaced Will Gann, who I believed moved on to James Madison University(JMU)…..

Somebody needs to give me a star, for remembering the Will Gann name and Will and Tyler both had to have come through the DOTFKS…… The Don Osborne Triad Football Kicking School….

The word for the day is for the runningbacks and receivers and I was thinking about this while I was on my five-mile morning run, “Get Positive Yardage”….

Every time you run or catch the ball, try and go forward….Don’t go backward. On every touch or carry or every catch or reception, try and “Get Positive Yardage”…

This is a good concept and you can carry it over to your daily life. On every play, and during each and every day, try and “Get Positive Yardage”….On the carry and when they make you run inside against DJ Reader, Jay White, Seth Stone or even Sean Ples and the Pauley brothers stepping up in the hole and coming to get you, try and make contact and move forward and “Get Positive Yardage”….

Tom Knotts, the coach who had so much success at Charlotte Independence and at West Charlotte and now he is down in South Carolina at Dutch Fork, well the old coach has at least 7 NCHSAA football titles under his belt and he did it being prepared….

Knotts is a triathlete and he knows how to get the edge and how to get to the edge….Train and be ready to have the advantage or edgevantage over your opponent when you need that extra push to, “Get Positive Yardage”….

I would like to see a chart of all the ball carriers or receivers in Guilford County at the end of the 2010 season and see which ones never lost a yard and how many of them always were able to, “Get Positive Yardage”….

After finding that select group, I would ask the one’s that were able to always, “Get Positive Yardage”, how they trained in the pre-season and the off-season, prior to their 2010 year of HS football…

I would like to study how hard they worked and what their training routine consisted of….What they were doing and how they approached the games, could be what made the big difference and why they were always able to, “Get Positive Yardage”, on each and every play…

I did not read any of this in any book, just another focus idea that I have come across while crossing the path to success and when somebody uses this concept, and makes it work, we’ll split the profits, 90-10 with me being the 90%….

Hey I did do the ole’ Christopher Columbus on this concept of:

“Get Positive Yardage”…….

  • Andy said,

    Torry and Terrance Holt will attend the 7 on 7’s at Eastern Guilford on June 26……

    TnT will be there in person……