Uchebo dimissed from Oak Ridge team

Posted by Andy Durham on June 10, 2010 at 12:43 pm under College, High School | 32 Comments to Read

When you are in the military and they say you are dismissed, you are dimissed and this time when you are on the basketball team and they say you dimissed, you are really dimissed, over and out….

I just spoke to Coach K, Stan Kowalewski about a half hour ago and he told us this:

Joseph Uchebo was released due to conduct detrimental to the basketball team at Oak Ridge Military Academy and that is the statement from Coach K…

from Bill Cole at the Winston-Salem Journal here’s more and you can get even more when you Click Here……

Joseph Uchebo, an N.C. State basketball commitment, has been dismissed from the Oak Ridge Military Academy team.

Coach Stan Kowalewski of Oak Ridge said this morning that the decision was made yesterday, and that school officials decided later to not invite Uchebo back for the next academic year.

“It’s something that has been going on for a while,” Kowalewski said. “I can’t go into details, but we dismissed him from the basketball team for conduct detrimental to the team.”

Uchebo, a 6-10, 230-pound center, averaged about 10 points and eight rebounds last season in helping Oak Ridge go 30-10. He missed 18 games because of injuries.

  • fishy said,

    I heard he was going to transfer back to Word of God and Stan got tired of hearing it and kicked him off the team. Now the kid looks like he did something wrong when all he did was want to go back to his old school. Oak Ridge must not have been able to offer him much. Funny how he gets dismissed from the team and the school decides not to have him back. Is that because he was just there for baskeball anyway? sounds like Stan got out recruited for a player he recruited out from under someone else last year. Pay back is a B.

  • dale fulton said,

    I heard that he was 20 years old. Any truth to that? I saw 2 of their games, and when he wasn’t injured, he was good!!!!! How will he qualify with a year @ Mt. Zion, a year @ ORMA, and a year @ WOG? Just think, if he hadn’t come here to play basketball, he might be playing goalie in the world cup. LOL!!!!!

  • Wolfpack said,

    His Aunt (or lady that calls herself his aunt) in Durham wants him closer to her. Her child went to WOG and she wants him there. Stan could afford to part with him. he has two huge kids coming in from teh Ivory coast in the fall and a top local kid getting ready to transfer over. Stan would not have let this kid go if he didn’t have others in the wings. he wants to win too much. Plus the kid was living with him and Stan’s wife helped tutor him. Not sure the kid wanted to leave ORMA but an adult in his life wants him somewhere else and Stan got tired of it. Part of this is Stan saving face. the kid was transferring.

  • Makes you wonder said,

    Makes you wonder if the school really did not invite him back after he was kicked off the team. The school never seems to comment just the coach seems to comment for the school. Because if that was true, it would really look bad for the school to kick him out just because the basketball coach kicked him off the team. I wonder if the school officials really did not invite him back. If he was 20 years old which may or may not be true, I guess it does not really matter if the school does not play in any league. The only issue would be if they played a regular high school and someone matching up with him got hurt, there could be a liability issue. Other than that, unless he plays for a school that is in a league, I guess his age doesn’t matter.

  • I agree with fishy said,

    I agree fishy, paybacks are hell. People who have been keeping up and reading in between the lines see that this is exactly what happened. This kid was flirting with the idea of transferring back, so ole Coach appears to have gotten p’-offed and now has kicked him off the team.

    Here is another problem. Coach O is officially recruiting players for football from area teams, which apparently he is now allowed to do, since he is at ORMA. Okay, no problem, but he is bad mouthing coaches in the process. Players have reported back to coaches and have told their coaches what Coach O is saying to these kids. Pisses me off that he is that much of pimp. DONT BAD MOUTH THE OTHER COACHES! Bad move on your part. If you have kids who want to play with you then so be it. Don’t go out and try to make these coaches look bad for no other apparent reason than to try to make a good football team. I know of some coaches who have never done anything to him, and he is talking junk about these coaches. I’ve also heard that there are 3 Dudley players that tranferring to ORMA.

  • hm said,

    if he is actually 20, and it is documented, he wont be able to play at WOG. They have age restrictions through the private school association. ORMA has no rules. Who is the local player rumored to be going there wolfpack? Also, are there any local schools plasying ORMA next year?

  • makes me wonder too said,

    Makes me wonder if ORMA is even a school anymore? With all the transfers in all sports, it seems to be more of just a sports academy.
    The other thing I wonder about is are they in a league yet??
    How did the basketball team play 40 ball games last year? Teams in the NCAA are not playing that many games.
    Who is the football team going to play?
    Do they really have post grad players on the football team?
    Im starting to think that Stan and Coach O have kidnapped school officials and are making all decisions for the school. They are the only ones to ever have comments.
    Im confused on the whole ORMA sports situation. Has ORMA sold it’s soul to the devil to inncrease attendance and make a little money?
    Is there anyone else that have similar questions?

  • wondering said,

    Wolfpack How would you know stan has two kids coming from Ivory coast i mean are these kids coming as a Big Man good enough to replace joseph

  • wondering said,

    to Wolfpack- How would you know stan has two kids coming from Ivory coast i mean are these kids coming as a Big Man good enough to replace joseph?? and what local kid is there besides the kid from southeast theo

  • wondering said,

    to Wolfpack- How do you know the have two huge kids coming from the ivory coast and are these kids better then Joseph?? and the kid locally is theo correct from southeast?

  • ORMA said,

    to wolfpack-who the are the kids from ivory coast there not very good i hear

  • GCSchools said,

    You know, if this school was done right and ran by the right people then it probably wouldn’t be so bad. The reason I say this is because I too have heard that Coach O is bad mouthing coaches in the area. Coach O meets up with these players at camps, tells them that their coaches don’t care about them, and that their coaches won’t do anything to help get them into a college. I’ve also heard that he is flashing money to these players by paying for the combine trips, such as the Army All-American Combine. With him being the AD for ORMA, well, I would think this is very illegal to do. But, what do I know? I’m just an ole high school football fan who thinks this program stinks to high heaven.

    To you people at ORMA, do the program right! PERIOD!!!

  • truth be told said,

    The truth is that the kid is 18, not 20. He made some bad decisions and was dismissed. Stan made a good move by saying that no player is bigger than the team or the school. To dismiss an ACC commit for violating school and/or team rules is admirable, but you idiots in this county will never see it that way!

  • wow said,

    Looks like the following will be suiting up for…………..dare I say it, orma:

    Jermey Reynolds: Dudley
    Brandon Reynolds: Dudley
    Chris Simmons: Dudley
    Torian Patterson: Grimsley
    Will Foxx: Page

    More to come……..

  • john richmond said,

    Wow,GC School,Fishy,

    You guys really need to get a life did you hear that Coach O said anything about anybody or did you hear some coaches crying that player are leaving. Maybe the parents came to ORMA to talk to him, maybe parents are just looking to see, it really does matter what you guys think, I guess you all will go downtown to BIG BAD MO GREEN and tell him that they are recruiting. WOW I forgot what can he do get over it and Coach the players you have and move on. I see kids going to ORMA from all over the country so it is not just Greensboro. Three or four players from Guilford county does not make up a football team.

    I am still trying to understand when a kid leaves a school why do you figure that a Coach has said something negative. Lets get real why would a kid leave his senoir year if the kid had a good relationship with his coach I dont think any of the kids would be leaving. Dudley kids has stated that the Coach has talked bad about them to their face and to College Coaches, so why stay. I was at Grimsley for the Baseball banquet when Newman told the kid that it does matter whether you win or lose but just have fun that sucks for kids at Grimsley we all practiced to be the very best we can. And as far as Page is concerned Coaches keeping kids letters and not giving to the kids is WOW.

    So before getting mad at a Coach because kids are leaving maybe every coach in the county should look at themseleves to see why kids are leaving and stop blaming or looking for a reason to blame someone else.

  • Eagle89 said,

    This is to Both of the fish people and GCS,

    My question for you is why are you bad mouthing a school and coach after critizing him for same accusation. To tell you the truth you all three sound like coaches and teachers from Guilford County Schools and a bunch of hypocrites. As far as the kid getting dismissed, ever think he may have desevered it. Word on street is he was in somekind of altercation. Maybe true maybe not but if so Maybe big bad GCS could learn how to handled their kids that act up instead of putting them in ISS twenty times ayear just so the schools numbers are up. Looks to me they are more intrested in teaching kids consequences for actions than DAYCARE GCS. People on this site keep bashing COACH K, COACH O, and COACH A are mad because they have proven over and over that they do more for kids than other coaches. The fact is if you look at rivals.com you will see there are kids from Va., New Jersey, Ga., Washington,just to name a few,coming to ORMA so the school don’t need to RECRUIT GUILFORD COUNTY KIDS. I know one of the kids from GC that is going to ORMA next year and his parents contacted school for info on enrollment not the Coach contacting them. I also know kid from Wake County that parents done same thing. Did you ever think they are doing what they think is best for their kid. It is no different than a kid in the GCS SYSTEM GOING TO DUDLEY FOR ACADEMY OR PAGE OR GRIMSLEY FOR IB PROGRAM.The bottom line is it is parents decision. So instead of trying bring negativity to another school, that is private by the way, support your own schools and quit talking about others. Get over the fact that ORMA is going to have kids from GCS as well as other states coming to their school because it in fact gives them a better chance to excel and acheive to the absolute best of their ability. Instead of being mad at them, go downtown to main office of GCS and ask your leaders why they let 3 of the best teachers of their respected games get out of our schools in guilford county.

  • Eagle89 said,

    This is to both fish people and GCS,

    Why are you bashing someone, when that is your very complaint.you sound like GCS COACHES OR TEACHERS and more important a bunch of hypocrites. ORMA don’t need guilford county kids. If you would take the time to go to rivals.com you would see there are kids coming to ORMA from WASHINGTON,VA,GA,NEW JERSEY,and many more. The reason these kids are leaving their schools is not because some coach says something negative about another. It is because the kids parents beleive it is the best school for their kids to get the education and athletic training they need to excel and acheive their goal of going to college.And lets be honest about it and don’t have blinders on. COACH O, COACH K, AND COACH A have better proven track records of getting kids prepared for next level of play. Now go on ORMA website and look up their academic sucess for kids and look at long list of schools kids have been accepted to with some of them receiving scholarships. As far as kid getting dismissed, did you ever think he deservered it. MAYBE GCS COULD LEARN FROM THIS AND DISMISS KIDS THAT ACT UP INSTEAD OF TWENTY TRIPS A YEAR IN ISS. I know one of the kids from GC that is headed to ORMA as well as one from Wake county.Their parents contacted ORMA about enrollment not the other way around. Instead of bashin g these coaches, you should be asking GCS officals how they let 3 of the best teachers of their respected games get away from our county schools.

  • Coach O Fan said,

    Wow John,

    Sounds like your a Coach O Fan big time.
    I bet you love Coach K too.

    These two guys are at the right place ORMA where you don’t have to play by any rules
    and anything goes. Evidently this school has lost all morals and integrity in which the school was built on and founded.

    As far as Coach O he will do whatever it takes to get a kid to transfer.
    He has done this every where he has been. Look at this guys track record.
    he has been run off from every school he has coached at.
    I was at the Shrine Bowl combine and was hearing some coaches talk about how he
    promises these kids the moon if they come to play for him. Parents get sucked in
    and then get let down when he can’t deliver.
    He is at ORMA because no one else in Guilford county will hire him.

    I thought he was going to CAl anyway.

  • get over it said,

    The bottomline is that all of these kids have parents that are signing off on the transfers and making all decisions behind closed doors. Private schools such as ORMA will continue to get these type of kids with even higher success for both boys and girls over the next couple of years. The Charlotte area has seen a huge shift of good/great players transferring to the private schools in basketball and Raleigh has seen the same process build over the past 4 or 5 years. It is only natural that the Greensboro/Winston/High Point area would start seeing the same trend. The girls basketball programs are several years behind but the hiring of Mr Rudd will move ORMA to the head of the pack within the next 1-2 years.

    One of the major issues that the GC school system needs to ask itself – “is it worth driving our best coaches out of their positions ?” GC schools have adopted a policy of hiring on staff teachers even if their qualifications are only a friction of a seasoned coach with great experience, AAU backing and relationships within the community and with college scouts/coaches.

    I am the parent of a highly talented player and I would never allow my kid to be coached by a coach or program that cannot provide growth for my kid. Thus, all things being equal on the educational side, then we would prefer to take the private school route if the coaches and programs are better prepared. Just look at the number of kids transferring to Hargrove in VA just from NC such as PJ. If a school can offer similar or better educational standards and a “superior” coaching staff, then those are the type of elements that can allow a kid to separate themselves from the pack of other kids fighting for the same spots in college.

    Obviously some of the traditional schools may not compete as well as they would have in the past but these decisions are made for what is best for the kid not the school. If GC wants this process to end, then they need to recruit the best coaches available just as you would recruit the best teachers available.

  • wondering said,

    Where is the best kid orma has transfering for basketball coming from and how many players are transfering for basketball?

  • Bobby Coley said,

    Eagle 89, you can only be one person and that’s the parent of an ORMA player( I know which one too). Your point about ISS is true, but come on now, do you really believe all of that stuff you posted?

  • To Eagle89 said,

    I will continue to bash Coach O up until he stops bad mouthing area coaches. I don’t have to be a coach to take up for friends in which he is bashing. Until then, as long as he keeps lying about area coaches, then I will continue to pour my distaste. Plain and simple, shut your mouth about other area coaches. If he has kids who contact him and want to come to ORMA, then so be it. If I was a coach, I wouldn’t be jealous of that, in fact, I’d probably be recruiting too if I was trying to start up or coach a private school; however, I know I wouldn’t talk junk about area coaches and make ridiculous comments all for recruiting purposes. SO, SHUT THE PIEHOLE. I wouldn’t have anything to say as long as the stupidity stops all in the sake of recruitment.

    Good for ORMA that they have kids all over coming. More power to them. My argument is not about Coach K or Coach A. Simply put, it is about Coach O. I’ve not heard comments where Coach K or Coach A is putting down area coaches in the sake of recruiting a player. In fact, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Coach A, so it appears that they got a good person and coach to run that baseball team. By the way, don’t give me this B.S. about kids just calling him wanting to play at ORMA. Coach O has been at local camps and has walked up to players asking them to come on over to ORMA and be whatever stupid mascot they are. Again, I don’t have so much a problem with that as I do him talking about coaches. Plain and simple. CAN I GET ANY MORE CLEARER THAN THIS?

    By the way, are you are telling me that Coach Davis couldn’t get Jeremy Reynolds into a college and play? So, without the saving graces of Coach O, Jeremy’s only way of getting into college to play is through Coach O? Wow, so the kid wasn’t good enough already to get into college? I doubt that, because I seen the kid play and know he is good enough to make it without him. Not to mention, how did that funded trip to the Army All-American combine turn out? Maybe there is nothing wrong with the AD at ORMA funding these trips, but you bet your bottom dollar that if it was a problem with me then Mo Green would have already been contacted and come a calling. So, you know my beef. Keep your pie hole shut about these area coaches. That is what I’m telling you.

  • To John Richmond said,

    “Dudley kids has stated that the Coach has talked bad about them to their face and to College Coaches, so why stay ” posted by John Richmond.

    The very fact that you say this statement above proves how much an idiot you are. You made a statement to another blog asking how does he/she actually know for sure that Coach O is making these negative comments to the kids. Kind of contradictive there, would you say? Did you talk to Coach Davis to see if he actually said this to these kids, or are you just taking the kids words like these other coaches are when they come back and say what Coach O has told them? Well, I doubt he has the balls to ask Coach Davis.

  • Eagle89 said,

    Mr. Coley,

    As usual you are one of the people on this website that assumes you know things but don’t. I am not the parent of an ORMA KID. I am 39 years old with a kid in middle school,but nice try though. what in my post is not true.You brought it up so back it up. Ask anyone in this county that knows anything about sports to answer the question without using bias judgement to if they like these coaches. Is COACH K, COACH O, and COACK A’S ability to get kids to the next level better than 99 precent than GCS coaches. Do you really beleive parents would pay that kind of money for tuition at ORMA becuse a coach says their son is an excellent player. NO!! It is because they have seen the results from these coaches. I never said that you had to like the guys or even agree with their approach of coaching, but please tell me that you are not so blind to the fact that these guys are the best at getting kids to perform at their highest level. Ask around and you will see for yourself. have you been to Greensboro Batting Center and seen the amount of kids that goes up there to get Coach A to help there kids improve. And by the way they pay alot of money to do so. DO YOU BELIEVE these parents would do that if they had not seen the results. As far as my previous post and whether or not as you ask do I really believe all that stuff, well the answer is yes because unlike you I HAVE SEEN RESULTS FIRST HAND BECAUSE MY SON IS PROOF !!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    Guys we still have a few comments in the box and they are pending and we will let this thing chill a bit and it will be tough for it to cool off on such a hot day, but we will look closer at more comments tomorrow and see if we can get a few more up on the site….

    When the bashing starts getting personal, someone may say or imply something that they may regret later on and if that is the case, feel free to send another entry or comment and we will go from there….

    It will be interesting to see what happens at Oak Ridge and since there are kids with their futures at stake, you have to hope it all turns out for the best….

    More comments later on and feel free to keep sending them and we will give it all the best shot….

    It’s gonna be a hot summer and practice will be here before you know it and that may the best thing for all of us to get this thing back on the field where everyone can do something about it….

  • Bobby Coley said,

    To answer your question, yes I do believe these parents would pay whatever it takes to get their children noticed. You see it every day with AAU basketball, Impact baseball, etc. Why should sending them to a private school be different. I send my son to NCBA, and I know who Ashkinazy is. Is he a good coach? Sure he is but he’s a better cheerleader and business man. hey, I think it’s great that parents keep living that dream. It keeps all of the athletic entrepreneurs of the world in business. Have a great weekend and don’t get sunburned watching those games this weekend.
    PS. Congratulations to your son.

  • Eagle89 said,

    To Bobby Coley,

    Thank you for comment about son. Hope your son is getting the same at NCBA.

    For To Eagle89,

    Seems I hit a nerve. Good!!!!!! It’s people like you that end up failing cause you let the greeneyed monster called jealousy get you. That talk you say at shrine bowl come from coaches that you say are friends of yours, probalyso that is more than likely false cause they are just as jealous as you are. maybe the PIEHOLE THAT NEEDS TO SHUT UP IS YOUR AND YOUR COACH FRIENDS. your are on here talking junk about Coach O which is the verything you are getting mad at because you beleive he is doing it. How HYPOCRITICAL!!!!!!! Has Coach O said anything directly to you about another coach.Unless you can say yes truthfully then you are a complete IDIOT, BCAUSE YOU ARE GOING ON HEARSAY. Please do us all a favor and keep your accusation to yourself unless can prove. By the way guess who is at Duke today getting his players looked at. Now guess how many GCS coaches are present. Not a one,not even Davis. Maybe Reynolds seen who really cares. CASED CLOSED ON YOUR STUPID ARGUMENT.

  • flyonthewallagain said,

    last time i reported, Joseph out at orma! beaking news!!!! orma will be just fine with out joseph, got a kid coming in that is flat out nasty! oh to be a fly on the wall. lol

  • To Eagle89 said,


    As a Greensboro high school football fan, please post the schedule for the ORMA football program, as I would love to attend those games.

  • You can't be serious said,


    What the heck are you talking about?? Who do you think coached Demario Pressley (among many others) and helped to get him off to NC State; that’s after passing on many other offers. Demario is now playing in the NFL for the Saints………..and they just won the Super Bowl correct? If a kid is good enough, the college programs usually do a good job of finding them particularly if they come from a very good program such as Dudley.

    Yelverton is at his 4th school in so many yrs and nobody really knows what to expect from ‘orma football’…………during that same time Davis has coached in 3 state title games; winning 2 back to back……….I think he knows what he is doing.

    By the way,

    I think Dudley was down at UNC on Friday…………..I wonder why?!?!?

  • tom said,

    I hate when people make posts that say people taking an opposing point of view are jealous. Jealous of what? I wouldn’t want anything to do with a “street agent” regardless of their connections. People are just questioning the methods and integrity of some of the individuals involved. They certainly are not jealous.

  • Andy said,

    We have reached that point where we don’t want to hurt any kids chances down the road and it looks like that might happen if we don’t move on…..

    We will cover Oak Ridge again when the season starts and for now we have talked on this one enough. This issue has run it’s course and it is time to clean up and move on…..

    Time to look out for the kids and I think everyone had time to speak/say their /mind/piece……

    Closing out today on ORMA and we will check out the games when they begin in the fall and for now we will all head on to other topics….

    *****Again, trying to look out for the kids and avoid any mess that might come their way….*****