Proehlific Power – Sunday Results

Posted by Don Moore on June 13, 2010 at 9:55 pm under Amateur | 8 Comments to Read

Proehlific Power traveled down 421 to Harnett County Sunday to play Fuquay Varina Collegiate Team a doubleheader in scorching heat. The first game Fuquay Varina beat the Power 1-0. Jonathan Wells got the lone hit for the Power. Brent Moore went the distance giving up 1 run and allowing only 2 hits. He really pitched good enough to win but the Power bats went silent.

In the second game the Power won 6-3. Justin Hunt and Bradley Wilson carried the Power into the bottom of the 7th with a shutout and no hitter. Bradley Wilson gave up the first hit of the day and the Power brought Scott Wells to the moun. Fuquay ended up scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th. Leading hitters for the Power were Andre Parker (3-5), Robbie McIntosh (2-4) AND Danny Casciano (1-3) with a sacrifice and stolen base.

The Powers record is now 10-2. The Power played these 2 games with only 10 players due to a number of their players out of town. The Powers next game is home Tuesday night.

  • All I know right know said,

    I don’t care how many players they played with just play the game no excuses……..

  • big fan said,

    Proehlific has a really good team this year. They are playing a really tough schedule in preparation of playing in the Palomino tournament play beginning mid July. Their record is 10-2 and have played 5 wood bat games against college league teams. They have won 3 of those wood bat games. In the past years they have only won 1 or 2 wood bat ganes a year. Their roster includes 5 plqayers with a year of college baseball behind them. They are Robbie Mc Intosh (UNC-A), David Frances (Eastern Arizona), Brent M

  • All I know right know said,

    Prepared for palomino league are you kidding me…..Seen that league play and its not real baseball……play against the dirtbags and go to jupiter florida or east cobb and you have real baseball there…..

  • bfan said,

    Hey, All I know right now, we have played the Dirtbags twice and split. You must be somebody that got left out in the road. It amazes me how people are negative. Most people who put negative stuff on this website are usually jealous. Ha ha

  • justafan said,

    I have seen the Dirtbags and PP play. If I were a betting man I’d put my money on PP. They actually play like a team

  • All I know right know said,

    How many kids getting drafted off this Proehlific Park team??? How many D1 guys coming off this Proehlific Park team? I don’t know just asking the question……

  • seesaw said,

    when did pp play the dirtbags? dirtbags are comprised of hs juniors and sophs. they have 5 pitchers throwing 90+. would be a good game, especially if the dirtbags picked up 4 or 5 college players.

  • db said,

    Proehlific Powers centerfielder/pitcher was drafted in the 9th round by the Florida Masrlins and is expected to sign a contract. Proehlific has 6 pitchers that are D1. 3 THAT PITCHED D1 LAST YEAR AND 3 HEADED TO D1 NEXT YEAR.