CP3 Camp Review: Chris Paul giving back

Posted by Andy Durham on June 14, 2010 at 11:41 am under Amateur, College, High School | Read the First Comment

from one of our regular readers that made it over to the CP3 Camp……

I attended the CP3 elite guard camp at the YWCA in Winston Salem..

Chris put on a quality event…He played pickup with the campers and was hands on every day..For a nominal fee of $150, each player received 3 pair of shorts, shoes, socks, practice uniform, compression shorts and travel bag..

Each camper spent 3 nights in the hotel and all meals were free..Local players invited were PJ Hairston, Reggie Perkins and Michael Neal..

The point that I am making is although the camp was great, I personally admired Chris in that he is giving back to his home state…15 of the 30 high school campers were from NC..There are some other stories about the camp on-line….Just google cp3 2010 elite camp to see what you can find..

I just believe that this is newsworthy from the perspective of giving back.

One more note, Stephen Curry and Justin Gray were there as well, and they played with the campers as well..

  • dale fulton said,

    actually, when i first read the headline, it did not sound like much of a give back, but a deeper read indicates that it is. thanks to reggie perkins for sharing this with all of the greensborosports.com reading public.