The Hoops Report on CP3 Elite Guard Camp

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Watching the Chris Paul CP3 Elite Guard Camp this weekend was a great opportunity to see some of the top college basketball players in the country during the offseason. Players had the chance to improve their guard skills, learn from arguably the best point guard in the NBA in Chris Paul, and compete against other top college players that many of them see during the season.

The majority of the players at the camp were either Big East or ACC players. Five of the 17 players were from either Duke or North Carolina. Duke was represented by Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith and Seth Curry, while North Carolina was represented by Harrison Barnes and Kendall Marshall.

It was interesting to see Singler there, a player who is clearly a forward but wanted to improve his guard skills. Barnes said himself that he doesn’t see himself just as a wing. He sees himself as a player who can also handle the ball and play in the post. And Barnes was one of the most impressive players at the camp. He did everything just as well as any of the guards, including ball-handling, shooting, speed and quickness.

There were a lot of interesting storylines in watching the Duke and UNC players, including getting previews of Singler vs. Barnes, the connection between Barnes and Marshall, the connection between Curry and his teammates (Singler and Smith), and just getting to watch Curry play.

When Singler and Barnes guarded each other, both played hard on defense and didn’t allow the other player to get easy shots. Neither play dominated offensively against each other, but Barnes showed throughout the camp that he can play and defend multiple positions easily.

Singler and Barnes were easily two of the best players at the camp, and they should be because they were the tallest players at the camp and they have the most NBA potential.

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