Who all made All-Conference baseball?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 14, 2010 at 10:30 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

I was checking in with one of our regular readers last night and he was telling me that the All-Conference baseball teams were in the paper on Sunday and I was guessing who all the names were that might be on those All-Conference teams…..
*****I was informed Monday that Larry Farrer(Dudley HS) was named Coach of the Year in the Metro 4-A Conference and not sure about the other conferences, but good job Larry and congratulations…..*****

Here is what I came up with and if you know of others send them on in…..

Piedmont Triad Athletic Conference:
Brock Hudgens(SWG)…….Cal Sutphin(SWG)…..Matt Orth(SWG)……Elliot Slack(SWG)….How many Slacks have come thorough SWG??? Elliot, Warren and Andrew, is that it???

Desean Anderson(Ragsdale)….Ben Fultz(Ragsdale)….Walt Sparks(Ragsdale)….Billy Stone(Ragsdale)….Tyler Southcott(Ragsdale)….

Nathan Becker(NWG)….Ben Schmucker(NWG)….Corey McKinney(NWG)….

Metro Conference:

Western Guilford-Macon Smith, Joe Turkson, Casey Jones, Nin Marrero, Adam Causey, Mark Leake…..

Southeast Guilford-Josh Tobias, Ty Powell, Blake Butler, Adam Kirkpatrick…..

Dudley-Ray Crawford Jr., Eric Kimber, Brandon Burkes….

Page-Trevor Brackett, Garrett Morgan…

Grimsley-Sawyer Highfill, Daniel Massey….

*****Add Jared Brown from Smith HS…..*****

3-A Conferences:

Northeast Guilford-Luis Paula, Joisel Colon, Harrison Phillips, Johnny Brown….

Northern Guilford-George Carter, Bradley Burchette, DC Arendas…..

Southern Guilford-Daniel Doss….

Do we have others that we may have left out??????

Let us know and we will show the names to the people…..



  • justafan said,

    Sawyer Highfil and Dan Massey but no D. J. Reader mmmm how did that happen

  • Rodger Dodger said,

    Even though DJ is a good player, maybe he didn’t have the stats this year…. I feel sorry for the Grimsley coach — he is in a fish bowl and nothing is ever quite good enough for the Whirlie faithful.

  • justafan said,

    Rodger I was being sarcastic. I am not a whirlie faitful by any means. I only saw them three times… Id take Tiger miller and Corey kimber over the two whirlies that did make it