Did it rain down your way last night?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 15, 2010 at 10:41 am under Amateur | Comments are off for this article

Did it rain? It did and it washed away our baseball game away at Southeast Guilford’s Falcon Field….

We got going at just past 7pm, but the game only lasted one inning and the rains took over and by the time the rain was over, the game was over too…

The mound was too slick and the pitchers couldn’t get a good grip with their cleats and they were sliding around too much for umpires and coaches’ satisfaction and this game with the SEG Junior Legion hosting the Kernersville Legion squad was over before it got started good…

SEG was bringing it with Craig Jacobelli on the hill and Kernersville had Jacob Watts throwing and Watts was one of the young kids on the East Forsyth HS team that made it all the way to the State 4-A Championship game…..

SEG was going with Cody Ezzelle at third, Dylan Shutt at short, Justin Reece at second and big Cam Gardner at first base…..Tiger Miller was back to hold down the fort in left field and Brent Frazier was behind the plate and I don’t remember who was in center or right or the DH, but I will add those names later to give those kids a shot as well…..(Tim Amick in CF, DJ Flinchum in RF and Eric Bice was the DH and that should cover the Falcons.)

SEG on the road tonight to face the HiToms at Finch Field in Thomasville/High Point, I can never tell for sure which town that field is in, since they use both names in their team name……..

SEG back home on Thursday night…..

As for Monday it was:
Rain 1
SEG and Kernersville 0……..

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