HS Football Today: Catching and Conditioning are the keys, as workouts get serious this week!

Posted by Andy Durham on June 15, 2010 at 1:52 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

The big 7 on 7 down at Eastern Guilford is only a little over a week away and this is the week when the high school football workouts are starting to get serious….

Players have their helmets now and if you don’t have a helmet on, don’t step on the field at EG next Saturday.

This week many teams are going to start picking up the pace as the 7 on 7’s draw nearer and by Wednesday you will see many teams beginning to assemble at their respective schools for set/scheduled workouts in the afternoon or in the morning….This will not be as detailed as what you will see come August 1, but the time is now, to start working on the catching and conditioning in preparation for the 7 on 7’s…..

The heat will be a factor and you will have to get used to it, because it’s not going anywhere and it may get worse as we approach August. Players need to start getting into practice-type shape and the receivers must start working on having their hands ready to haul in those footballs and that is what the 7 on 7’s will be all about….

Catching and conditioning are the keys, with the season coming on, and the workouts are getting more serious…

If you can catch and then you can run after the catch, you can contribute and you can be a key component to your team.

We talked about Page, Dudley, Eastern Guilford and others that will be at the EG 7 on 7 and High Point Central will be there too…

HPC has one of the top-rated receivers in the state, in Derek Grant…Grant is a big-play kid and he has a veteran QB to get him the ball, in Drew Adams…..Grant and Adams, both seniors, combined for numerous TD’s last season and we should see them hook up for even more scores in 2010…..Grant could get looks from in-state DI schools and he might even get a letter or two from some of the Big 10 schools….Grant has speed, size and hands and he is also a very talented basketball player and those skills he has found inside the gym, allow him to go up and get the ball, when he lines up at WR….

I would like to see Grant line up wide and run some end-around plays this season, to utilize his speed and his ability to avoid on-coming tacklers….

Grant and Adams are a combinaton to watch this season and in the past Adams wore #12 and Grant was maybe #7….

Keep a close eye on these two kids and their HPC Bison teammate, RB LaShaun Monk……

All those that are reading this today, need to get out on the field or in the parking lot and work at least two hours today, on your Catching and Conditioning……

  • HS FOOTBALL said,

    Can’t wait….Whats the date and time for the Eastern Guilford 7-on-7 Andy???

  • Andy said,

    Saturday June 26 and it starts in the morning…..I thinking around 9am….We should have an update from Coach Scott Loosemore coming in before then…..

  • Former Player said,

    Adams wore number 6 last year and year Grant is #7…they are both good and I have high expectations for Lashuarn Monk he recently ran a 4.5 at an ECU camp he is a very talented player

  • Andy said,

    I picked up Adams as #12 off of a MaxPreps roster from ’08 and the ’09 had been taken down for some reason…..Thanks for the update….

  • LoveHighSchoolFb said,

    Has anyone heard anything about a kid from ORMA running a 4.27 forty yard dash at Duke on Saturday.I over heard some guys from work saying that they had 4 or 5 guys running 4.3 4.4 forties .

  • Valeria said,

    I picked up Adams as #12 off of a MaxPreps roster from ’08 and the ’09 had been taken down for some reason…..Thanks for the update….

  • Andy said,

    Had a question about a kid that ran a 4.2 40 at the Duke camp last Saturday….

    Heard the same thing, but not sure if it was an established time….

    Could be talk and we’re steering clear of the ORMA talk until they hit the field for real in the fall….

  • mark said,

    so where will ORMA be playing their football games this fall? I see that field there on 68 but thats nothing more than a practice field.

    Same for baseball – do they have a place to play?

  • Andy said,

    I was out at Oak Ridge for their homecoming football game a few years back and they were playing the game on that field that you can see from Highway 68…..Probably will do a re-do and head that way again or maybe they will go in a different direction….They were using that on-campus field for games back in the mid-90’s maybe it was and I believe they were playing Charlotte Christian the day that I was there and Charlotte Christian has become a private school powerhouse since then…..

    Not sure about the baseball….There used to be a backstop out on campus and it might be time to revive it again for 2011…..They had an alumni game with former Oak Ridge players coming back to play again, and that was back in the spring and I’m not sure where that game was played. I would think on-campus somewhere……

    There is some history in the baseball at Oak Ridge…..Wes and Ric Ferrell played at ORMA back in the day……Hall of Famers from Guilford County….

  • Andy said,

    I was hearing today that Southeast Guilford will have a very good offensive line this upcoming season….

    Anyone else catching that drift?????