High Point Christian meets Greensboro Day School on Thursday at Proehlific Park

Posted by Andy Durham on June 16, 2010 at 9:35 pm under Amateur, High School | 32 Comments to Read

Summer Basketball Scrimmage at 6 on Thursday……

High Point Christian Academy scrimmages Greensboro Day School on Thursday at 6pm at Proehlific Park on Horsepen Creek Road at Jessup Grove Road….

Cougars versus Bengals, with HPCA’s Mitch Oates, Jordan Weethe, Brandon Earnhardt, Bryce Fain, Ryan Dula and company and GDS with Quayshad Williams, Robert Kleinnman, John Terry, Luke Thomas, Jalen Ross, Reed Lucas, Jordan Robertson, Jaleel Roberts, and others……

Sounds like a fun mid-summer classic at Proehlific Park on Thursday at 6pm…..

  • GDS Fan said,

    Some others include Trey Chapman, Jake White, and Nolan Morganstern.

  • where is he? said,

    where did brandon dorsett go to school from GDS? ( JUST ASKING)

  • where is he? said,

    where did Brandon Dorsett go to college? just asking not trying to start anything.

  • dale fulton said,

    This should be a great game, especially for the summer. This will be the top two hs teams in the area with Quincy Miller leaving Westchester. See you there!

  • Andy said,

    Brandon Dorsett is on his way to Pfeiffer University in Meisenheimer, N.C., not too far from Charlotte….They are known as the Pfeiffer Falcons and I do believe he is going to play basketball there….

    Quincy Miller leaving Westchester? I thought he just go there…..I heard he made one of the US travel teams, but that was just for the summer…….

  • Andy said,

    I think the new kid coming to GDS, Jalen Ross, could be a Brandon Dorsett-type player with the ability to get to the basket quickly….Maybe Ross, a smaller version of Dorsett early on and Dorsett developed a very strong and quick move to the bucket from the left side….

    Dorsett was as quick as anybody around on the left-side take…..

    Mitchell(MItch) Oates will be as tough as any of the point guards around here for next season….I still remember him from his early days at Page, when he was developing his guard skills and this kid has come a long way in the past couple of years…….Defenses will have their hands full staying with and keeping an eye out for Weethe in the corners at the same time……

  • hm said,

    This is just what I am hearing, I don’t know for sure. But HP Christian is supposed to be loaded next year. I have heard they have a 6’4″ Lithuanian and a 6’11” Nigerian coming in July. The Nigerian is supposedly in the National Team program for his country.The Lithuanian is supposed to be a shooter tat is very athletic. You never know with foreign kids, but if this is true then with Oates and Weethee HP Christian will have a very good team if those kids can play. Clifford has been very quiet about it all.

    As far as tonight it will be interesting. You know GDS will be well prepared and well coached. HPCA plays really fast and shoots a lot of 3s. Wethee coming off his knee injury should be a lot better than he was at the end of last year. The question with GDS is who is going to run the show? I say GDS wins, but I don’t know how big of a statement it will be as far as the season goes.

  • dale fulton said,

    I can tell you who’s going to run the show @ GDS—–Coach Johnson!!!!!!

  • dale is a idiot said,

    Dale, you might be the biggest idiot in the world… Gds has no point guard and no hope against Weethee and Oates . So just keep your uneducated comments about basketball to yourself

  • BBFan said,

    As usual DALE you are WRONG. Quincy Miller is NOT leaving Westchester and Westchester or ORMA would both DESTROY either GDS or High Point Christian. Dale you better get used to it. GDS is even weaker than last year and will play a VERY weak schedule in order to have a winning record. I understand there are several Home Schooling teams looking the schedule opponents. Dale, maybe you should let Coach Johnson know.

  • where is the kid from said,

    where did the Jalen Ross kid play last year? is he the same kid that played at Mendenhall Middle last year? also, does anyone know where the kid that played at Southeast Middle is going to school this year? i think his name was Theo or something like that.

  • Andy said,

    Jalen Ross was at Northern Guilford in 2009/2010 and split time at the point backing up Patrick Chandler….When Ross runs the point, he likes to get the ball moving up and down the court and he should eventually be the starter for GDS at the point guard position…..

    Theo Pinson from SEG Middle School is registered at Oak Ridge Military Academy for the fall of 2010, according to our sources…..

  • To: Dale is an idiot said,

    Actually, you are an idiot with no sense of humor. The point guard @ GDS is not going to run the show, Coach Johnson is.
    Get yourself a life, a sense of humor, etc.. Did you ever see the “Wizard of Oz”? Do you remember the Scarecrow?

  • Mustang said,

    Regarding the pg from Mendenhall, Jalen Gavin: He is going to Westchester. The best two athletes from Mendenhall will not be at Page this year. Carter Parham, athlete of the year at Mendenhall, will be playing football for McCallie in Chattanooga.

  • Mustang said,

    Regarding the Mendenhall PG: Jalen Gavin will be going to Westchester, rather than Page. He was also Mendenhall’s QB.
    The two top athletes from Mendenhall are not going on to Page. In addition to Gavin, Mendenhall’s Athlete of the Year, Carter Parham, will be going to McCallie in Chattanooga to play football.

  • hm said,

    Saw the scrimmage. GDS won as I predicted but it certainly wasn’t easy. HPCA dominated the early part of the game building a double-digit lead. GDS hung around just close enough to stay in the game. There were a lot of fouls for HPCA and with it being a regulation game that hurt them since they don’t have the same depth as GDS. GDS was able to get stuff around the rim in the second half as HPCA wore down and were able to hold off a few late runs for the win. Both teams will be really good this year, GDS is just a bit better and certainly bigger right now.

    If HPCA gets their foreigners and they are good they could be really really good. Westchester isn’t guaranteed being the best in HP by any means. They add one really good player certainly but they had their hands full last year with HPCA and I don’t think it will be any different now. Guess we will have to wait until the winter time to find out.

  • bbfan said,

    Jalen Gavin is working out with Page this summer, he is a very small and slow point guard and his jumper needs alot of work. if he goes to westchester he will not get any playing time this year so stay @ Page. He can be very good later in his career but right now he needs to sit on the bench and learn the game….and work hard.



  • Andy said,

    I would say Pfeiffer is not that bad of a deal….They are not that much different than a team like Presbyterian, that is DI…

    Brandon Dorsett was a fine player at GDS, but in the Bengal system there are going to be many complimentary players and not many stars, since they play so many people….

    Look at all the guards that they used there last year…..And I know guards….I have talked to several NBA players over the years and they all said they like the way I see and break down the game….

    You had Christian Pulliam, Lucas Weavl, Jimbo Brumley, Luke Thomas, and Dorsett and you have to be complimentary players in that type of system….

    If any part of the game has passed Coach Freddy Johnson by, he as his assistants Steve Shelton, Jeff Smith, Robert Johnson and others to bring him up to stuff….

    The coaches also call me on occasion if they need help with the guards and I offer advice at No Charge during the off-season, during the season I charge by the half-hour….

    This will be a fun season in 2010/2011 and we will need one of those Rand McNally road maps/atlases to keep up with the players and teams……

    Contact me at andy@greensborosports.com if you need any help with the guards…..I can work them out and in one hour, I can tell what they need to be working on…..

    Good topic for a warm basketball day in the Summer….

  • GDS said,

    Andy, Why didn’t GDS go after the point gurard at NWG? He would have been a great fit. I think he was way up the charts on assists last year.

  • Andy said,

    If we are talking about the Matt Pawlowski kid, he is also the top football quarterback at Northwest and he is among the Top 25 QB’s in the state….

    Pawlowski is a solid basektball player, but I would say his future is in football, unless he chooses to go to a smaller school like an Elon, Wofford, etc…Then he might get the chance to pursue both, but his best chance at the current time would be to shoot for DI football and go out and have a great senior season at NWG….

    Pretty sure he will be a senior at NWG this fall and their should be some real good battles for QB supremacy on the West side of town/the county, with Matt P. and Josh T. at WG……

  • NWG said,

    Incorrect Mr. A, Pawloski is going into his junior year and should be the talk of the town by his senior year. Nice kid, will go far.

  • Andy said,

    Hard to believe Matt P. is just a junior. It seems like we have been talking about him forever.

    I think he will be among the talk of the town this coming year too and I will stick to everything I said above and push it back one year….

  • BBFan said,

    Andy I made 2 comments about the GDS/HPC game that you chose not to post, what’s going on??? I see many other comments both positive and negative.

  • bbfan said,

    Andy one of your former classmates in high school told me you were the security guard for the HS team when you were in school, they said you would guard the locker room while team was at practice I think that is the only kind od guards you know about.

  • Andy said,


    There have been many comments over the past 24 hours, so to be honest, I don’t remember them in particular, or why they didn’t make the cut….

    If the comments were cracking on or cutting down a kid, that might be why they didn’t make it up here…..Other than that, I’m not sure…..We are trying to keep a positive flow going on here and that is a key point….

    For bbfan,

    I am one of the top 6 feet and under guards in the nation for my age and can take many competitors that might be younger than me….

    In high school I was condsidered one of the best in my field……I do not want to give too many more details, my objective here, is not to create jealousy……

  • BBFan said,


    BBFan and bbfan is not the same person. BBFan has posted many comments. I really enjoy your blog. I would not take personal shots at you.

  • klobrown said,


    I read your comment you wrote on Jalen Gavin on June 18. I’m not sure if this was written for jealousy or what???? But I can tell you that he can play with anybody on any given day! No matter what size he is. It sounds like that you have been at alot of the page workouts and if you have you must have been DRUNK!!! In the drills you have Sr and Jr still dribble the ball with their heads down as well as off their feet!! And as far as Jalen being slow that is a joke!!!!! Jalen court vision is KRAZY!!! And he can shoot!!! So if this was written out of jealousy keep it coming because this just makes hem work that much harder!!!! Also come out on football field he would love to have your comments on that as well or are you just a 1 sport athlete !!!!

  • dharr said,

    Devante Harrington the 5’11 freshman guard that attends ben.l.smith is 1 of the best players i seen in the triad….he’s just a freshman dunking he has alot of potential to be 1 of the best players in the class of 2011

  • dharr said,

    oh im one of Devante harrington coach and i made a mistake class of 2014

  • Toby williams said,

    I Was at Cp3 workouts and practice and there was this kid name Devante Harrington!!!and i talked to his coaches for carolina crossover and greensboro warriors and they said he will most likely be a d-1 college prospect in the class of 2014 !he goes to Ben.l.smith high school and he met with First light academy last week kid gets up!has great potential

  • Don Woodberry said,

    Devante Harrington 2014 meets with Vandailia Christian