Moving through a steam bath: On The Morning Run

Posted by Andy Durham on June 16, 2010 at 10:10 am under Amateur, High School, Professional, Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

There was steam rising up from the road out there this morning on The Morning Run and it was like moving through a steam bath…..

The steam was literally rising up from the road, after that early mroning rain, and when are you going to mow your yard?

It is too wet to mow the yard in the morning and then it rains every afternoon. This has been an uncommon season for rain, here early in the spring/summer and summer doesn’t officially begin until next week….

Can you imagine those young HS football players, trying to go at it in this heat and humidity, in full pads with full contact for 2-3 hours?????

This is going to be a very tough pre-season for the high schoolers if this current weather trend continues………..

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