2.0 could be a big blow to Guilford County Schools’ Athletic Programs

Posted by Andy Durham on June 17, 2010 at 11:21 am under High School | 21 Comments to Read

The new 2.0 GPA will be in place when school cranks back up in August, in Guilford County, and this might eliminate a number of football players from the 2010 season….

I have to believe that the coaches, AD’s, parents and players will be watching the mailboxes very closely in anticipation of those last 9 week results from the Spring of 2010…The Spring of 2010 will determine who plays and who doesn’t play in the Fall of 2010….Anticipation of Participation or No-Participation, that is the Situation………

The 2.0 could be a Big Blow and who will stay and who will go as falll football gets shakin’. There might be some real shakin’ going on, right before a few families open up their mailbox, next week……

Will the 2.0 be a big blow, or will many say that all in all, it just blows…….

We’ll let you know, as we learn more, on the 2.0………..

  • WildManStan said,

    If you can’t manage a 2.0 in the Guilford County Public School System then you need not be doing anything else in the afternoons but studying. Absurd.

  • tom said,

    Is that weighted or unweighted GPA? Regardless, if you don’t have a 2.0 you should be concentrating on your academics and not worrying about athletics. This is a good thing.

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    I guess it’s time to start hitting the books. Any clown off the street can make a 2.0. Let’s be real.

  • GCS Coach said,

    As a coach I would not have a problem if the 2.0 requirement was an NCHSAA rule for all NC schools.
    It puts GCS sports at a competitive disadvantage with schools from other counties that are in the same conference.

  • Jughead Jones said,

    Glad I got out of Guilford County before this rule took effect.

  • Come ON! said,

    If you cannot get a 2.0 you have no business playing sports. If you coach and have a problem with this rule you should look for another career. You are in the wrong business if you don’t expect your athletes to carry a 2.0. You are supposed to be there for the kids and to help them prepare for life after high school. If all you are worried about is your ‘competitive disadvantage’ because other districts don’t have a 2.0 rule then you should take some time out of practice and have a study hall or EXPECT MORE OUT OF YOUR ATHLETES.

    and I coach so don’t blame it on some ‘idiot’ community member or someone who doesn’t support athletics.

  • FAN said,


  • Sports Fan said,

    Absolutely – this is a great thing….and it should be in the state laws EVERYWHERE! This is what is wrong with our society right now…….NO ONE WANTS TO TEACH, they just want to manage the situation. But of course, they want the rewards of being paid better. As a coach, you should want your kids to be educated and if you educate them, that should be your reward. The problem is we base decisions on wins and losses…..not who graduates the most kids, etc……

    Do you know that a kid in college (superstar) playing basketball and knows he is going pro doesn’t even have to go to class basiscally to be eligible to play in the NCAA tournament and after the tournament, most will just quit because they are going to go PRO!

  • HS FOOTBALL said,

    It is weighted GPA…If a kid takes AP classes and makes a B it still counts as an A on his GPA. That’s how we now have kids graduating with 6.0 GPA’s now a days. So kids that are taking college level classes are given a little slack in this area.

    I just wish there was some kind of rule in place to help kids that are struggling to make the marks. Don’t just tell them “you didn’t make the grades no sports for you”. Put the kid on some kind a probation. (let the county set the rules for this) Remember people some kids need sports. If they’re with the team for 3 hrs plus per day then studying for 2 hrs a night it doesn’t give them much time to get in trouble. Don’t go on here saying the “kids need to spend there time studying”…..Come on……How many kids a going home to study? Maybe a few but most of them will be out partying with friends.

  • eddie willis said,

    Get real gentlemen!!! Anyone who is taking classes that entail “weighting” is not worried about a 2.0. There will now be lots of transfers into IB programs, so they can make straight “Ds” and still qualify. Just kidding!!!!
    You guys are right, if a coach has a problem with this rule, then he’s nothing but a phony!!!! That will probably earn a promotion to the main office. LOL

  • Drew said,

    Forsyth County has had the 2.0 QPA (same as weighted) for a long time now. So you cannot say that it puts Guilford County at an athletic disadvantage when you had quite a few school from Forsyth County go to state finals in the last few years. Just my thoughts though. If you can’t get a 2.0 in high school then you do not belong out there. Yes I know some kids struggle in the classroom, but they are STUDENT-ATHLETES where student has always and will always come first. If you can’t be a student and get a 2.0 then you can’t be an athlete, plain and simple.

  • Tom said,

    O my! That argument is ridiculous. If you put in a minimal effort, you can get a 2.0. It is not unusual for kids to study. Some study a little, some study a lot. You have to be doing nothing to be under a 2.0. Kids need to be held accountable instead of giving them a free pass.

  • HS FOOTBALL said,

    Sounds great Tom…..But what about the kids that might get into maybe drugs,sex or alcohol and could care less about school? The only reason they’re at school is to play sports. Are we just suppose to write these kids off? Maybe if that kid is playing sports he’s around something positive and it might keep him from going down the wrong path.

  • Arnold S. said,

    Can weightlifting count as a weighted class and can you get credit for it?

    Arnold S.
    California State Employee with family moving to Guilford County in the Fall of 2010

  • Tom said,

    I am in no way saying that we should abandon this kid. Quite the opposite, we should have some mechanism in place to try and help this kid succeed. Tutors, mentors, parent involvement and coaches involvement should be part of the team that tries to guide the individual down the right path. The sad truth is that some of these kids are discarded when they can no longer play on the team. If enough people show they care, this individual may be given a second chance. I do not think allowing them play sports is the answer because you are not instilling the right values by allowing to disregard the academic component of the term student-athlete.

  • GCS Coach said,

    Obviousley Come ON did not pay close attention to my post. I am in favor of a 2.0 but I feel like it should be STATE WIDE NOT JUST IN OUR COUNTY. Also if you are a coach as well you probably coach at one of the more affluent high schools. School population demographics can determine which schools would have a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of kids coming from 2 parent homes. These kids are more likely to have better academics. Most likely the 2.0 rule would probably have little or no effect on athletes at Northwest but may pose a major problem to several other Guilford Co. High Schools.
    You probably never bother to monitor the progress of your athletes since you are not at a school that has a large percentage of those that tend to struggle with grades. I target my kids that are prone to struggle and get an email each week from their teachers. I wish I had it made and did not have to work as hard at this and could just focus on coaching like you do.

  • Come ON! said,

    GCS Coach

    you are quite wrong about the affluent part. I work in GCS at a school far from affluent. BUT I EXPECT my kids to do right in the classroom and do their work. Are they perfect? NO But we haven’t lost a varsity player to grades since I have been the head coach.

    you should worry about YOUR KIDS and what THEY are doing in the classroom, NOT what other schools in the state have for GPA requirements. A 2.0 isn’t hard to get and if they aren’t getting a 2.0 they aren’t going to college to play sports more than likely anyway AND they aren’t being prepared to be successful AFTER high school.

    and HS FOOTBALL if a kid is so wrapped up in sex, drugs and alcohol they don’t have any business playing sports anyway. Sorry but that is the truth.

    and if you cannot go to class and pay enough attention to get a 2.0 in today’s society you have NO BUSINESS participating in extra curricular activities until you HAVE the required 2.0.

    sorry to say but those are the cold hard FACTS.

  • Sports Fan said,

    A kid that is not making a 2.0 in school, should not be playing sports in High School, period. If sports is there only outlet, and you have their best interest, then put them in study groups, etc…get them where they need to be….if you are a coach – you know 95 percent of who your team will be prior to the start of your season – so get involved now – don’t wait until it is to late. Find out what they are doing in their classes…

    Again – that is always the excuse – well, they will get involved with drugs, sex, etc…..well, they are going to do that anyway, I don’t care if they have a 4.0 GPA. If that is what they want to do, they are going to do it.

    I graduated from a Guilford Country School, played a fall sport and spring sport, work two jobs, and only did the bare minimum in school…..but was able to maintain a higher than 2.o……educate the kids first, then let them play sports – doesn’t matter anyway – it’s not High School Sports that get you noticed anymore anyway – it’s showcase ball and AAU summer teams….

  • A parent said,

    It’s all about accountability – by both the teachers, coaches, parents and kids. Getting a 2.0 is unacceptable for any reason. If a kid is only in school to play sports then play at the YMCA. Go to school to learn. I truly feel the reason we have so many issues in our schools is because so many of these kids are not interested in learning, just playing sports, so they stir up trouble and are disruptive during school hours. That is not conducive to other kids who want to learn and who are in school for the right reasons. In closing, it comes down to this: If you want to learn, go to school. If you are just there to be disruptive to others and JUST to play sports, stay home and let others have a peaceful day learning.

  • HS FOOTBALL said,

    COME ON!!!!,

    This is whats wrong with people now a days…No one wants to take any kind of responsibility. If a kid is into Drugs, alcohol etc. who is going to step up and make a difference? Is it the parents? Doubt it! Someone else said send the kid to the YMCA if all he wants to do is play sports….please give me a break. Now I’m not saying give the kid a free ride so he can act up and do whatever he wants. You have to set some kind of standard. I’m saying if a kid slips don’t just kick them out. Maybe something where the kid has to attended a Saturday school and log so many hours of study hall. Remember this coaches…..If a problem kid is hanging out with the team and you coaches 20+ hours a week he/or she is not being influenced by the wrong crowd!

  • Come ON! said,


    if a kid is not carrying a 2.0 and he isn’t doing what he SHOULD be doing ON and OFF the field then you are doing your entire team an injustice by allowing him to be a part of what you SHOULD be teaching your kids anyway.

    you SHOULD be teaching them that academics are very important. they are THE most important thing they should be doing at school.

    your 20 hours a week may be keeping them from getting in trouble at that moment but, if they are involved in drugs, alcohol, sex and cannot carry a measley 2.0 they aren’t learning what they need to do to be successful in LIFE…and, like it or not, a coach’s job is to try to prepare them for LIFE…not just Friday nights. Part of being a STUDENT-athlete is learning how to balance everything along with your grades. The point of sports was NEVER to be the sole thing to keep a kid off the streets or to keep them from doing drugs. It is SUPPOSED to teach them competitive spirit, SELF-discipline, work ethic, and how to be a TEAM player. Part of being a team player is giving up a part of YOURSELF for the good of the whole. If you cannot carry a 2.0 when you KNOW if is expected and REUIRED you have no business being involved because you let down your TEAM, your COACHES, your SCHOOL, and YOURSELF. You are right about one thing….noone wants to take responsibiltiy these days…they want everything GIVEN to them, including their grades. Unfortunately you have to WORK to EARN anything you get in life and if you, as a coach, cannot emphasize that to a high school kid then you aren’t doing your job and if a kid wisn’t willing to go to class, sit in a seat and LISTEN, if they aren’t willing to do homework and if the aren’t willing to STUDY from time to time then they aren’t willing to COMMIT themselves. If you don’t have commitment you cannot have true success.

    You were also right about having to set some kind of standard and that standard HAS been set for GCS. That standard is a 2.0. Just like having standards and rules for your team, if a student-athlete cannot follow those standards there SHOULD be consequences. If you set standards for your team and they aren’t followed and you don’t follow through on those consequences then you are doing those kids a serious injustice. When setting standards your expectations should be set HIGHER than average in my opinion. Kids will put forth the effort they NEED to put forth most of the time. Most kids will adhere to the 2.0 rules and if they don’t then they let you down, your team down, and themselves down. It isn’t like this rule is ALL of a SUDDEN put in. The kids and coaches in GCS have known about it for quite some time and KNEW what needed to be done. If they dind’t put in the work they should face the consequences.

    in the end your team will be stronger for it anyway because you are going to have more committed kids.