7 on 7’s set for this week and next…

Posted by Andy Durham on June 17, 2010 at 11:01 am under Uncategorized | 3 Comments to Read

At least three 7 on 7 HS football scrimmages are set for the next week, with the next one or the first I guess, coming up on Friday(tomorrow), with the Dudley Panthers traveling to Martinsville, Virginia……

Next Thursday, the Western Guilford Hornets will take their Josh Thompson wide-open offense, out to Northeast Guilford, to face the Rams……This will be a good opportunity to see who NEG will have in place to replace Darius White and many of their backs, from last season’s squad…..Western has some big and talented linemen, but they have to come up with a solution as they seek to find replacements for Aaron Jones and Jabri Ridenhour and fill in some holes in the skill positions…..Jones and Ridenhour were like the pistons that drove last year’s Hornet offense and Thompson, always seemed to have the right set of keys, when the QB got that offense cranked up……

The Big One locallly is still set for next Saturday, June 26, at Eastern Guilford…..Page, Dudley, High Point Central and two of the Burlington schools will be on hand, along with host the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, in what should be a good early determiner of what we will see this fall on the football fields in Guilford County……

I know that in the past Southeast Guilford has gone down to Pittsboro, at Northwood HS, each year and I’m not sure if the Falcons will fly that way again this summer…….

If you know of other 7 on 7’s that are coming up soon, send them our way and I’m sure that the readers will highly appreciative of this news and info….

  • Brian said,

    what time is the Western/NE scrimmage next thursday?

  • Andy said,

    I would say they will start at around 6pm on the practice field at NEG…That is where they had the NEG Ram 7 on 7’s last year…..They will start at 6, so they can be done before dark and they don’t want to have to use any lights with school being out of session….

    They will start at around 6pm or maybe just a bit earlier if they decided to bring in more teams than just NEG and WG….

    I was out there for it last year or the year before and they had NEG, WG, SEG, and maybe one more team….SEG was hitting too hard and they made them ease up…..

  • Adam said,

    Anybody have a solid time for Eastern Guilford next Sat.