Is the NBA starting to make sense?

Posted by Andy Durham on June 17, 2010 at 10:42 am under Professional | Comments are off for this article

They played game six of the best-of-seven back on Tuesday, and now the game seven finale is set for tonight, just two days later and what’s up with the NBA?????

The series with the Lakers and Celtics is tied at 3-3 and they will decide it all this evening in LA….The way these series have gone in recent years, the game seven, after a game six on Tuesday, wouldn’t run again until about 4-5 days later….

Has the NBA finally wised up and realized you can’t drag this thing out, but for so long? They have tried to stretch these games out until what seems like the 4th of July, when they used to finish up, at least by Memorial Day Weekend and now we are right at the 17th of June….

This time, I think it may have been a good idea to re-set this one at least one day later, on Friday, or even move it to Sunday and make Game Seven like a Super Bowl game…..The problem is you still don’t have enough time to hype the BIG GAMES….

Game Five was back on Sunday, and many of us didn’t even realize that they were playing game six on Tuesday…..

It is all over for another year, after tonight, and at least with Boston and LA, you had some names teams, and the only thing that the NBA could have hoped for instead, would have been LeBron James on the main stage, with Kobe Bryant……

At least in the end, they are moving the games along, and in the end, the end is in sight and we can start pushing for Stephen Strasburg, to be a late addition to the NL roster for the MLB All-Star Game…..

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