7 on 7’s tonight in Martinsville, Virginia

Posted by Andy Durham on June 18, 2010 at 12:33 pm under High School | 5 Comments to Read

The Dudley Panthers are on the road tonight/today for the 7 on 7’s football scrimmage up in Martinsville, Virginia…..

Highway 220 North will take you right into Martinsville and you probably will want to call a Panther fan or booster, to get the exact start time for the festivities….First chance to see how Demetrious Dick will do at QB, after missing almost all of last season in 2009…

I have to tip my cap or hat or just give one more plain old BIG SHOUTOUT to Alex Moore, for the fine job he did at quarterback last year, after he took over, when Dick got sick…..

Alex Moore, we won’t see you any more, but good things are in store, as you walk out the door, for the last time as a Dudley Panther, in football and in baseball….

Don’t forget the good things that Coach Davis, Kirkpatrick, Coach Farrer and Ray Crawford Sr. have taught and be sure to listen to your mom and dad and nothing will turn out bad…..(And remember that Deon was there for you too, when the baseball wouldn’t bounce the right way, on those throws in from the outfield……)

Good kid and good people over there on Lincoln Street…..

*****Lest we forget, be sure to always remember the ole’:
One up-ONE DOWN….
Two up-TWO DOWN….
Three up-…..


  • s. moore said,

    Andy, thank you on behalf of my family. I am sure Alex appreciates your Shout Out. It feels great to know someone enjoyed watching you perform on the fields. Thank you and everyone who has and continues to support him. We look forward to coming out and supporting Demetrious and the Panther Family. Go Panthers!!!

  • APMIII#17 said,

    Thanks 4 The shoutout Andy..! I really appreciate it……….

  • witness said,

    I heard that dudley one this 7 on 7 tournament in VA. which is a good news for the panthers… their passing game is going to be key for them this season … gotta keep the playbook open..!!! GREAT JOB PANTHERS

  • 2010 football said,

    How did the 7 on 7 go?

  • Andy said,

    From what we heard Dudley played very well and they won the 7 on 7, but we don’t have any details and if anyone does, feel free to share and again, good luck to Alex Moore as he goes down the road….