Chuck Norris looks ridiculous

Posted by Andy Durham on June 20, 2010 at 5:49 pm under Amateur, Professional, Uncategorized | 5 Comments to Read

I saw Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley on TV this morning with their infomercial for the “Total Gym”, and while I have no problem with the Total Gym, because it can help those who need to knock off a few pounds, spokesman Chuck Norris looked ridiculous….

Chuck was great as Walker Texas Ranger and in the early days of the Total Gym informercials, he maintained his Walker Texas Ranger look, with the full beard and light hair….

Chuck is now sporting a look that gives him darker hair and a mustache…..The brown hair and the dark brown mustache, are not Chuck Norris.

Chuck needs to go back to the older look and not go with his new 2010 Baboon Brown appearance. Change Chuck, change….We have always had your back man and now you are a totally different looking sort of character….

The Total Gym is OK. I lost a pound just watching Christie this morning and then Chuck hits the set with his Brown Bomber Look…..

Christie OK, Chuck go away and bring back our old Chuck Norris from Walker Texas Ranger and from Breaker-Breaker and from the days gone by….

Why, why Chuck, WHY?????

  • Chuck Norris said,


    Remember who your dissing here! It’s Chuck Freakin Norris! He’s one bad dude….Remember if you can see Chuck Norris, Chuck can see you….If you can’t see Chuck Norris you maybe seconds away from death!


  • chuckyd said,

    chuck is the man he will kick your butt what were you doing when you lost that pound?

  • Andy said,

    When he throws a pucnh, I’ll duck Chuck and Death Be Not Proud.

    We are here on this earth but for three score and ten years, the clock is ticking and I’m still kicking and as for Chuck Norris, time has passed him by….

    Whatever happened to his old buddies CB, and Clarence Gilyard? And what was that lady DA’s name(Cahill), Sherri Davis/Wilson?????

  • chuckyd said,

    why do you ask?m0ney do re me the the better chuck is rolling in it

  • Andy said,

    I broke out into a sweat when I saw Christie and started thinking back to one of the all-time great movie scenes, when Chevy Chase went down by the pool, in the “Vacation” movie and guess who shows up at the pool to take a dip?

    Christie Brinkley and Chevy decides to jump in too….

    Chevy had an earlier encounter with Christie when he was driving down the highway on the way to Wally World……