Hey Greensboro Colt, N.C. A&T and Greensboro College baseball, with new renovation plans at WMS you might be dressing in your car….These plans must be stopped!!!!![For any citizen of this city, this is a MUST READ!]

Posted by Andy Durham on June 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm under Amateur, College, High School | 3 Comments to Read

The word we are receiving from very reliable sources is that the City of Greensboro has money available to renovate War Memorial Stadium and with the City’s Plans, the old War Memorial Stadium will be torn down and all that will be left is a field, the memorial in front and some new aluminum bleachers…..

The old stands, the overhang behind home plate, even the dressing rooms will be gone and if the bathrooms are crowded, the teams may have to change clothes in their cars…..

This time the City of Greensboro has messed up… This is a big mistake and this plan must be stopped……

On a hot day in June or July, if you go to the ballpark to watch a Colt or Palomino game, there will be no shade, unless you want to pass out near a tree, out by the street, two block away from the stadium….

The overhang is gone son….The old bleachers are gone son….The dressing rooms are gone son…..Our City Recreation leaders have gone crazy son…..

What have they done?????

They have killed the old War Memorial Stadium and anything positive that it stood for!!!!!(Alas, there will still be a field.)

The City of Greensboro renovation plans call for total elimination of the Press Box. If we have a large out of town tournament, like for instance, the COLT World Series qualifier, then there can be no coverage of this event by local outlets or out-of-town outlets, because the new City of Greensboro Plan calls for no Press Box….

This is like telling the newspapers and internet reporters to cover the games from the bleachers and the City of Greensboro is telling you the taxpayer, that these games don’t mean a hill of beans to anyone, so we don’t want the coverage by newspaper, internet, radio or TV…..

Bring your cell phones with you and call it in from the parking lot….

I have never heard of a stadium, in a major city with no Press Box or Dressing Rooms….

If N.C. A&T is playing Duke or North Carolina, or even N.C. State or Wake Forset; I guess you tell those guys to dress in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh or Winston-Salem or take turns dressing in the bathroom stalls, when you get over to the new stadium……

This is a mess with a capital “M”…..

The City of Greensboro must be stopped before this plan can be put in place…..What would our old founding baseball fathers like Charlie Harville, Bob Doss, Charlie Teague, or Smith Barrier say about this plan??????

We need to find out who is in charge of this plan and that person needs to be called out on to the carpet and they need to explain themselves and this plan must be stopped and a new plan needs to be erected before, the old stadium is torn down and a new, sub-par structure is built….

No dressing rooms, no Press Box, no overhang to block off the sun on July 4th at the Greensboro Colt Baseball Annual Tournament…..

Nothing but a field, aluminum bleachers, and the concrete edifice out front of the stadium, will remain….

The person who is heading up this plan must change the plan, or we are calling for them to resign…..Step down and let someone with some common sense run this project…..Man or woman, you must either change this plan, or you must resign from your post of leadership….

No dressing rooms, no overhang behind home plate and no Press Box…….And guess what, no crowds to deal with….Plenty of parking, because no one will show up to watch the games……That might be the real basis of the City of Greensboro Plan. To de-emphasize college and youth baseball in our city, because they don’t care if it thrives or dies….

With this plan in place, college and youth baseball for Greensboro Colt Baseball, N.C. A&T Baseball and Greensboro College Baseball will surely die, and it will be a very quick death…..

This plan must be stopped and how many of you are with me here????? Can I speak on behalf of Charlie Harville, Bob Doss, Charlie Teague and Smith Barrier in saying, that we need to “Stop This City of Greensboro Plan”?????

Even Stoner-White Stadium at Jaycee Park has a Press Box and they host youth baseball, but they don’t even host college ball….

What is the Public Address Announcer supposed to do at the new stadium, where the Old War Memorial Stadium used to stand????? Does the PA man just stand out in the crowd and yell out the players names, at the top of his lungs??????

Have these City of Greensboro people lost their minds or what???????

The plan must be changed and I am calling for a change and I need your help….If you will stand with me in this effort to Stop the City of Greensboro Plan, then please let me know at andy&greensborosports.com…….

Our founding sports fathers are gone in Charlie Harville, Bob Doss, Charlie Teague, Smith Barrier and others and I think they would be a very disappointed in us today, if we didn’t stand up and tell the City of Greensboro to put a stop this nonsense……

Let’s don’t take a breath or look back now…..Contact me soon at andy@greensborosports.com, so we can formulate our own plan to attack and stop the City of Greensboro, before they bury baseball once and for all…..

Help us or be run over by the City of Greensboro and their power players, that expect all of us to roll over and play dumb…..

Again that number is andy@greensborosports.com…….

  • ziggy said,

    It’s pretty sad. A stadium the Babe Ruth and Derk Jeter shared will turn into a field and a backstop?

    Perhaps they can raise some money and save this place that offered so many great memories.

    With the stuff we’ve wasted money on (Friendly Ave. widening with no bike lanes), you’d think we could do it right.

    Don’t the WWI veterans deserve that?

  • Frank Lee said,

    I wish Jim Melvin and the Bryan Foundation would step up and help us turn this project back around where it could still be a benefit to youth and college baseball.

    The current plan for War Memorial Stadium looks like a future Farmer’s Market and they may as well go ahead and start growing vegetables on the field and sell the produce in the lobby.

    This is a BP-type Plan if you ask me!(See Gulf Coast for more details.)

  • BASEBALL FAN said,

    This is crazy, the City of Greensboro has done a lot of stupid things in the past but why mess with history. With the money these people spend on stupid things, you’d think they could spare a little bit to renovate the old stadium. Do proper repairs and rent it out for tournaments. They need to give the baseball players of Greensboro whether they be young or old a chance to play at nice facilities. It’s obvious whoever the idiot was that came up with this plan doesn’t know anything about baseball. My son has played baseball for 12 years in Greensboro and it kept him out of trouble and focused on doing something through the years instead of sitting on his behind at home and complaining. If Greensboro takes this away, where will the kids go to play and what will happen to them. I guess Greensboro doesn’t think it’s profitable enough for them, cut what is in their minds. I say people should remember why this stadium was built in the first place, to honor the veterans. It’s a shame this is the way Greensboro wants to remember their fallen heros. As usual it’s the same old crap from Greensboro.