A “Call to Arms”: The troops are responding!

Posted by Andy Durham on June 22, 2010 at 11:38 am under Amateur, College | Comments are off for this article

Something similar to a small, but growing War, has been declared against the City of Greensboro here at the site and with this, “Call to Arms”, the troops are responding…For now we are saving the names, but if you would like us to good ahead and print your name we will….Our most recent warrior on the City’s plans for War Memorial Stadium says this:

I just read your article forwarded to me by my son-in-law. I have followed some of the past articles and save War Memorial conversations. I had not heard the latest about which your article speaks. I agree whole heartedly with your article. I stand ready to help in this project to get some common sense interjected to preserve what we do have left at this site. Preservation and honoring our Veterans does not mean dismantling the stadium. A stadium consists of all the amenities that go with it and not just a playing field. This is the only baseball playing facility left where we have covered seats for the elderly to sit and watch the grandchildren play as well as keep the babies and young ones out of the heat. This is an enjoyable event that will be gone if the demolition happens as you describe. I was on the Greensboro Jaycee Board of Directors when Jay Brame was President and a Director of Youth and Sports that made the motion to pledge the seed money to acquire the property for Jaycee Park and apply for a matching Federal Grant to build Jaycee Park and consequently the baseball field was later named Stoner-White Field to honor Bill Stoner and Bill White with whom I worked in Youth Baseball. Bob Doss also a friend of mine carried the torch in youth baseball after Bill White’s death. The main reason Jaycee Park was built was to give the kids a place to play because we could not get enough dates at Memorial Stadium. We had to schedule around the out of town dates for the pro team. We could not develop a program with these few dates. Just a little history for your benefit. There is a lot more but that is not the issue here. Who are the ring leaders in this effort todismantle the stadium?

I stand ready to help in any way. Just let me know.

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