A “Glorified Softball Field”, that’s what many are calling the City of Greensboro’s renovation plan at WMS

Posted by Andy Durham on June 22, 2010 at 11:24 am under Amateur, College | 2 Comments to Read

The COG…..The City of Greensboro has a plan for War Memorial Stadium and it calls for No Press Box, No Overhang behind home plate, No Dressing Rooms and a field…..

It is almost like the only thing that you have left is, four calling birds, three french hens, two turtledoves and a field………

A “Glorified Softball Field”, is how one local baseball official described it to me last night, and I agree with the youth baseball leader and others do too……

The “Glorified Softball Field”, at the new War Memorial Stadium, on Yanceyville and Lindsey Streets and here is what others are already saying about this “Mess at Memorial”…..

We have the “Glorified Softball Field” approach…..Plus other comments are starting to come in:

*It’s pretty sad. A stadium the Babe Ruth and Derk Jeter shared will turn into a field and a backstop?*

**The City has some money for War Memorial Stadium. All it will do, however, is leave a field, the memorial in front and add new aluminum bleachers.
What can we do to perhaps save the overhang and press box behind home plate
or to do something better than this weak alternative?

My 15 yr old son just played his first game at WMS last week. It was an honor and a privilege for him to play in a park with such rich history. His grandparents
watched in the shade – now that may be taken away and not replaced – terrible. I am
with you to change the plans.

****I wish Jim Melvin and the Bryan Foundation would step up and help us turn this project back around where it could still be a benefit to youth and college baseball.

The current plan for War Memorial Stadium looks like a future Farmer’s Market and they may as well go ahead and start growing vegetables on the field and sell the produce in the lobby.

This is a BP-type Plan if you ask me!(See Gulf Coast for more details.)****

*****I’m with you Andy. Let me know what you need me to do.*****

Andy says:
We need to attack hard and be deliberate…….

We are currently collecting comments and E-mails and PLEASE, and I again, I say PLEASE, get on board and work with us to try and right the wrongs that have been proposed in the City of Greensboro’s Plan for War Memorial Stadium……E-mail me at andy@greensborosports.com or leave comments in the comment box…..

  • ziggy@yahoo.com said,

    Where are our city leaders?

    Do they just throw their hands in the air and say “that’s the best we can do?”

    Where is the sports commission or council? Certainly it helps their bottom line to have a “Stadium” instead of a “backstop.”

    Where’s the War Memorial Preservation Group?

    What about the Veterans? Can they help raise money to build something that would make the WWI vets proud?

  • Gary S. said,

    I agree with Ziggy. This town is going down the tubes and it is a shame. Won’t one of these groups that he has mentioned step up and help us?

    This Greensboro Sports group is about the only hope we have left since all the other leaders have kicked us out while we were down.