No field, no superstars, no problem: High Point Wesleyan wins another State Championship

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from and you will need to go there to read it all or pick up a copy of the June/July edition at your local news/sports stands……

I have known the one HP Wesleyan Trojans’ family for many years…..

Nathan Midkiff comes from a family with a deep baseball heritage with his dad Jerry Midkiff, a catcher back in his day, his uncles; Barry, Mark and Benny were all youth and high school players and dad Jerry experienced some college play, but those Midkiffs with their dad Herman, were all Guilford College Yankees, through and through….Their dad Herman, coached the team, along with GC legend Charlie King and they were some of the best baseball players to ever come down Guilford College Road…..The Midkiffs owned the team along with Charlie King and they were considered some of the best to ever to wear the Green and White….

Now High Point Wesleyan, with Nathan Midkiff, Bennett Hixon and others have won another State Championship and Johnny O from SCM are here to tell us about it…..

The superstars from the past ( Wil Myers, Tyler Hickernell, Michael Dimock, and Logan Self) are gone but the championships continue as Head Coach Scott Davis keeps the High Point Wesleyan Christian high school baseball program running at a high level.

The 2010 squad won another state championship without a true superstar and most of all without a true field to play and practice on.

This championship was a special one for Coach Davis and his Trojans as this team came to together and worked as hard as they could to prove everyone wrong. This
team was not picked by their peers to be all that good. This team was programmed to
do what ever it took to win and they cametogether as one unit and came home with
the gold.

They lost 5 seniors from last years squad (lost in state finals ’09, won it in ’08) that
included Myers who signed with the Kansas City Royals. Most high school programs would rebuild but Coach Davis made this team believe in themselves and told them to work hard all year and good things would happen.

Well he was right.

It all started back on January 3 as the team would have workouts before classes started in the morning. This dedication from the team helped them perform incredibly well mentally and physically.

The team used the verse Colossians 3:23 to keep the kids focused on pleasing the
Lord in their efforts. This was able to keep the team focused on each other and not
on individual successes. This began to bring the team together for one goal: to
win a championship as a team.

The spring trip to Baseball Country ( in Tuscaloosa Alabama was a very important way of getting these kids to know one another and also spend some
time together outside of baseball by skeet shooting, fishing, and other activities that
they really enjoyed.

The trip included playing against highly ranked teams to compete against to give this team the experience they needed.

The biggest problem Coach Davis had besides filling the gaps of the departing 5
seniors was they really don’t have a field they can call their own.

Wesleyan has been renting fields from the city of High Point to practice and play their games since Davis arrived 8 years ago.

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  • DH said,

    This is a really good article. Definitely worth clicking the link and reading the whole thing….
    Earlier there was discussion about good coaches in the area. This article is a testament to what makes a good high school coach—and Coach Davis is a great coach.
    He knows the game of baseball and can impart a lot of knowledge to his players. His expectations of the players on and off the field are very high. But more importantly, he knows how to motivate the kids to believe in themselves because he believes in them.

    I don’t know whether any of the players on this team will ever play beyond high school. What I do know is that they have learned valuable lessons from their baseball coach that will benefit them in college and beyond.