7 on 7 HS football today

Posted by Andy Durham on June 24, 2010 at 10:53 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

Western Guilford at Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford vs. Page

SG and Page get together this afternoon and not sure where this one is being held, my guess would be at Page, but maybe not, but we know Page has Summers as QB, Rogers at RB and Tuc Phan in motion ready to catch anything that comes his way….Page at Eastern Guilford for the 7 on 7’s Saturday……(I wonder how our main man Austen Thompson, is doing down at Southern Guilford…..He ought to be into his senior year, for Coach Daryl Brown and AT should be a DB/WR or some kind of Wildcat kid……)

WG at NEG will probably get rolling at around 6pm and NEG will have some new blood in the backfield and we should see the return of Sean Ples to the football field for NEG after a one-year absence….Ples started out as a freshman at Northwest and did real well as a RB and now, after a year’s layoff, he will be a TE/FB/LB for NEG….

WG will go with Josh Thompson at QB and the lineman don’t factor into these 7 on 7’s, so you probably won’t see much, if any at all, of the Stadnik brothers and Tyler Stutts up front….Western Guilford does have a new RB that can line up in the slot or at TB or even move out to the WR spot for a catch and go route, and that is Eric Davidson….Davidson moves over to Western from Grimsley and Western lost a WR, Junior Hatfield, who moved over to Page, from what we have been hearing….(Davidson has done very well at several camps and combines this spring/summer, taking top-back honors, on more than one occasion and right now he needs touches and game action, to strengthen his game, for the fall.)

Page has Jemelle Lewis, who transferred in from Greensboro Day School and he is playing Colt League baseball with the Page Pirates this summer and he is big and Lewis might fit in well along the offensive or defensive lines for Page….Not sure, just speculating…..(He might be a basketball player too….)

Eastern Guilford has a kid playing Colt League baseball and his last name is Hedrick and you know what that means…..He might be part of the Bobby Hedrick family….Bobby Hedrick was a star back at EG, back when the school was just getting started and went on to become an All-American runningback at Elon, where his team won two NAIA National Championships, when Jerry Tolley was coaching the then-Fighting Christians……This Hedrick kid, might have some of that Bobby Hedrick blood in him and if he does, you can bet EG Wildcat football coach Scott Loosemore, will have him in the RB rotation…..

Southeast Guilford has a couple of summer baseball players that will also play football, in Will Greene(QB), Austin Bain(QB), Cam Gardner(OL/DL), Brent Frazier(TE/DL/LB) and others……..

*****The Smith Golden Eagles finished second at the 7 on 7 down in Fayetteville last week…..Jeff Sims, Eric Ebron, Cody Davis, the new Pratt kid, and a transfer in from Shelby were among the standouts……Smith ends up #2 among 14 teams at the 7 on 7….Smith will have their own Football Jamboree, the first Saturday in August, at the Claude Manzi Stadium on the Smith campus, with at least 8 eight teams due in town for the festivities…..*****

  • mark said,

    Ragsdale played a 7 on 7 at Eastern Guilford Wednesday night but I haven’t heard any results or details.

  • henry said,

    Ragsdale has had two 7 on 7 so far. Last week they traveled to Lee County. Ragsdale look very good on the offensive side of the ball; however the competition was not as good as they will face. Heavner and company looked poised and confident. They hit some nice long balls to Roberts and their young receivers looked good. Yesterday, on Wed., they were at Eastern Guilford. I think the other school there was Southern. Again, Luke Heavner looked sharp as did the other QBs. Although they have new faces, the defense held its on in both scimmages. I do not think that Ragsdale looks like they will miss a beat on the offensive side.

  • henry said,

    Andy, Also while you watch and hear about these 7 on 7s, keep in mind there is no rushing the quarterback. WOW, what if that were reality. There are tons on quarterbacks out there that can stand back and throw with no pressure. The test comes when there is a rush and little time to make decisions. How quick are you to adjust and do you have the speed and quickness to scramble when necessary. I think thats what you see in the good quarterbacks in the area. Luke Heavner is one of those that has those tools. Along with some very good receivers. That is what is going to make Ragsdale a contender.

  • Andy said,

    Ragsdale will be a contender……

  • Wondering??? said,

    How did Eastern Guilford look in the 7on7?

  • 77 Hornet said,

    What about the new GCS rule of having to sit out a year after transfering? Did it go away too?

  • Andy said,

    With all the passes that the quarterbacks will be throwing at the 7 on 7’s, it sounds like the County(GCS) is throwing around a few of their own…..