Greensborosports people are talking and they’re saying City of Greensboro plans for WMS will not cut the mustard

Posted by Andy Durham on June 24, 2010 at 1:52 pm under Amateur, College | 5 Comments to Read

The readers are talking and this is what they are saying about the City of Greensboro’s plans to destroy War Memorial Stadium and replace it with limited aluminum bleachers and a field that will make this landmark a, “Glorified Softball Field”….(No overhang, No Press Box and No Dressing Rooms…)

Here is one of our most recent responses to the COG Plan for WMS:

This is crazy, the City of Greensboro has done a lot of stupid things in the past but why mess with history. With the money these people spend on stupid things, you’d think they could spare a little bit to renovate the old stadium. Do proper repairs and rent it out for tournaments. They need to give the baseball players of Greensboro whether they be young or old a chance to play at nice facilities. It’s obvious whoever the idiot was that came up with this plan doesn’t know anything about baseball. My son has played baseball for 12 years in Greensboro and it kept him out of trouble and focused on doing something through the years instead of sitting on his behind at home and complaining. If Greensboro takes this away, where will the kids go to play and what will happen to them. I guess Greensboro doesn’t think it’s profitable enough for them, cut what is in their minds. I say people should remember why this stadium was built in the first place, to honor the veterans. It’s a shame this is the way Greensboro wants to remember their fallen heros. As usual it’s the same old crap from Greensboro.

  • Ziggy said,

    People are talking but what about:

    City Council?

    War Memorial Preservation group?

    Local veterans groups?

    Sports commission?

  • Andy said,

    I think this would fall under the Greensboro Parks and Recreation….

    I can’t for the life of me, get anyone to tell me who is in charge of this plan, as for the Central Leader……(Who is it?) Step up and step out….Come out, come out, where ever you are…….

    Who is the current Parks and Recreation director….I never see any of their people at the games unless it is opening night of a tournament……

    Where are these people hiding???????

  • All I know right know said,

    Look they not gonna tear the field up are they?? There still is going to be a field right??? So there are only gonna be aluminum bleachers big deal as long as there is a field to play on for the kids…..Have you seen that stadium?? Or been in those locker rooms??? Rats live in those locker rooms it is terrible. It is a danger zone to anyone who sits in those bleachers or under the roof.

  • Andy said,

    The field will still be there pretty much as is, but with no Overhang out in that sun, if you are a fan on a day like today, you better have a barrell of BULLFROG(sun blocker) and what about our college teams that play there, when say a Duke or a North Carolina were to come in to play N.C. A&T and we have no Dressing Rooms and No Press Box, we may as well have the new ballpark across the street at the Playground near the apartments…

    To be real, the new plan gives you nothing more than a recreation field/playground field and it will not be fit for play as a college facility/stadium….

    Are we really set to go the playground route, if so why don’t we move the games to somebody’s backyard…..

  • Ziggy said,

    All I Need to Know, appreciate your sentiment, however, this is not a sandlot or neighborhood field.

    It’s a stadium used by univeristies, colleges and top-level youth teams. You need basic amenities for such a venue.

    Keep the overhang and redo the stands underneath.

    Dismantle the other stands.

    Refurbish press box behind home plate at top of stands.

    Refurbish and/or add locker rooms.