7 on 7’s HS Football from Thursday

Posted by Andy Durham on June 25, 2010 at 11:40 am under High School | 18 Comments to Read

They had four teams out at Northeast Guilford yesterday, with NEG, Western Guilford, Southeast Guilford and Eastern Alamance…..

Reports coming in say all were looking good, but we won’t know for real, how our teams will be able to deal, until they hit the field, with all of their key players and people, including the linemen…..

Many local football followers, still feel Page has an inside shot, at the City/Metro title and that the Smith Golden Eagles, are a team that everyone needs to be watching out for, this season and Smith might be ready to make some moves, like we haven’t seen in many years, over on Holden Road….

TE/WR Eric Ebron is one name, that many fans say that you need to watch out for and he is already receiving, double and triple coverage in the 7 on 7’s…..

The Dudley Panthers are quietly rebuilding their fort and they don’t plan to do anything but, make some noise, before this season is over…..

Don’t forget, tomorrow(Saturday) and the 7 on 7’s at Eastern Guilford, made possible in part, by the help from the brothers “T”, Torry and Terrence Holt, from Eastern Guilford, N.C. State and the NFL……

Eastern Guilford, Page, Dudley, High Point Central, Burlington Williams, Burlington Cummings and others will be on hand. Registration starts at 8am and the games will commence at around, 9 or 9:30……

  • justafan said,

    Andy can someone help me understand the purpose of 7 on 7. There are no linemen and the QB gets about 7 seconds to pass the ball. If I want to see a flag football game I’d go down to my local YMCA and watch the 5 and 6 year olds.
    Oh and Page will be good so will Smith and Dudley but don’t be surprised if Western Guilford wins the Metro 4A. They will have the best OLine, best passing QB, and a break away threat at RB If Western develops a solid Defense they will shock some people

  • Andy said,

    The 7 on 7’s give the quarterbacks and receivers a chance to work on their game with routes, etc.

    They also allow the defensive backs the opportunity to work on their pass coverage with some zones and man defenses….

    QB’s, WR’s, TE’s and RB’s benefit the most from the 7 on 7’s since they are all about the passing game….You get to work on the hook-ups, the timing, spot routes, and more….

  • Asking justafan said,


    Curious who the QB at Western has to throw to though. He did throw for a lot of yards last season, but he had some really good receivers last year. The two best receivers are no longer there with one graduating and the other transferring to Page. I didn’t see anyone on the JV team who stood out, so maybe there were others who were sitting the bench. They will have a good o-line though, which is a very good thing. As for the RB, is this another transfer? Because again, I didn’t see this RB standout last season during the varsity game nor on the jv team.

  • justafan said,

    Thanks for explaining. My next question is why is it 7 on 7 when u add 5 lineman isn’t that 12 men on the field. That’s a penalty isn’t it (LoL just joking)

  • Football Fan said,

    Any comments or news on the 7 on 7 from Wed between SEHS, Eastern HS, and Ragsdale??

  • Football Fan said,

    Any news on Wednesday’s 7 on 7 between Eastern, Ragsdale, and Southeast?

  • justafan said,

    The rb is a transfer from Grimsley. Basically never given a chance but he has 4.5 speed. As for recievers it shouldn’t be to hard to find some kids who can catch and run. Tom Knotts used basketball players as recievers when he was at West Charlotte. But like I said a solid D will be the key to westerns. seasonm

  • Andy said,

    With the 7 on 7, you can go with the QB and 2 RB’s out of the backfield for receiving with the QB and split backs and then you can have three wideouts and some teams even have a center snap the ball and go out in a short route and that would give you seven players and one of the LB’s would have to cover the center if he goes out….

    I could also line up twins left and right and that would give me four men up front and then with the QB and two backs I would have my 7….

    When you add in the linemen later, you will have to cut out a receive….

  • Henry said,

    Regarding Ragsdale. Ragsdale definitely got the better of both Eastern and SE on Wednesday. Luke Heavner looked confident and poised in the pocket and has Roberts and some other good young receivers to hook up with. Look for Ragsdale to be a force again on offense this year. Heavner and company should be able to move the ball offensively

  • notAguru said,

    Andy, I am not a football guru or anything, but i am fairly sure you can’t send the center out for a pass. Nor can you play with 4 recievers, 2 backs, and a quarterback.

    I don’t think the rules change from the regular season for summer 7 on 7 games. That would defeat the purpose of getting ready for the regular season.

  • Andy said,

    Seven on Seven is nothing like regular season football if you have seven players, six of them can go out for a pass on offense cause all the players are pass eligible except for the QB…….

    7 on 7 is a pass happy drill and they let it rip….No blocking and the QB has seven seconds to get the ball off or the play is dead and there is a loss of the down….

    It is good to develop your offensive passing schemes, but that is all that seven on seven is doing on offense….

  • Brian said,

    While I agree that 7 on 7 is nothing like the regular season football, it would seem to be counter productive to ever use a center and send him out on a pass route. The purpose is to work on the passing game with those players that will actually catch the ball during the season. If you are practicing sending the center out on a receiving route then you are making a mistake.

  • not true said,

    Andy, the QB has 4 seconds to throw the ball. This is to try and similate the total time that a QB has to throw the ball. Now, if you have some good d-lineman then 4 seconds is a stretch. Anyways, I wanted to clear that up.

  • HSFB said,

    Here is the deal with 7 on 7.

    7 on 7 is designed to get your skill players somewhat ready for the start of the season. There are no new rules. Sending a center out for a pass is equivalent to flag football. This is not what 7 on 7 is for. Also you can not align with 4 WR’s and 2 RB’s. You must align with formations that you would use in a normal 11 on 11 football game. Never in the course of a 7 on 7 game will you have more than 5 receivers on a route, just like in an 11 on 11 game.

    7 on 7 can definitely have its benefits, but for the most part it is overrated and overhyped!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Patrick Nusdeo will be back at receiver for Western. He broke his wrist his freshman year 2 years ago and didn’t play last year because of complications.

  • Andy said,

    7 on 7 is like tag football….If you only have 5 receivers in route what are the other two defenders doing since there is no rush…..Are they in double coverage? That makes it tough to get open if you are going 5 vs. 7…..

    Flood the routes and rush the QB, and we have a Thanksgiving Day game….

    These kids are good and they have to able to hit quick passes and find holes in the D at the HS 7 on 7’s…..

  • notAguru said,


    Maybe you can help me understand better, but I just don’t understand why the center would be able to go out for a pass. You can not do this in a real game of football, why would you be able to do it during summer 7 on 7 drills?

    Just because only 5 of the offensive players go out for a pass, doesn’t mean 2 defenders are doing nothing. At the 7 on 7’s I have been to (years ago), most teams play zone defenses (everyone is responsible for an area).

    If the center can go out for a ‘center streak’ or a ‘snapper curl’ or a ‘snap and go’, do teams use their regular center or do they insert a wide reciever type player to snap the ball?

    This is getting interesting now. I will have to go check out some upcomming 7 on 7 games.

    Do you know of any scheduled for this week?



  • Andy said,

    I don’t understand the role of the center…Why even have him there….I have seen 7 on 7’s where he just turns and hands the ball to the QB and others where there will be an actual center-snap….

    Why not just have the QB pick the ball up off of the ground, drop back and fling it/throw the ball…..

    For this week no new 7 on 7 listings yet…..If you have some, send them our way….If wonder if there are any big ones up in Virginia?????